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  1. Would you trade Plekanec for him straight up?
  2. Richards is superb? Brad Richards? I think he's pretty overrated.
  3. My gut feeling is that Koivu and Jokinen would not get along. I think Jokinen would try to take right over before long, and Koivu would resent it. Finns are a hard-headed proud bunch. This would be 2 alpha dogs going at it.
  4. maybe, but I wouldn't mind that group playing a relatively non-physical team like Carolina, just to see the result.
  5. Yeah, Dandenault's -12 has no place on this team. -12 on a first place team... you are doing something wrong. Imagine for a second if we landed Hossa (for Ryder and other players), and gave Grabovsky a call-up. Imagine something like this: A.Kost - Plex - Kovy Higgins - Koivu - Hossa Latendresse - Grabovski - S.Kost Streit - Lapierre - Begin ... Maybe a little on the small/soft side, but that's some pile of skill. Checking line? Who needs it. Let the other team worry about checking US. I know I'D like to see it, just to see.
  6. This is incredible. What has gotten into this guy? Is he finally NHL-ready?
  7. I've never seen Kovalev so content and happy in a Habs jersey. Big smiles and hugs for his teammates after each goal he's on the ice for. Last year, he'd hardly crack a smile - just skate back to the bench. It's great to see. This man is finding his niche. At 34 years old he's finally becoming a leader and mentor. He's also playing much smarter and more economical - before he'd try to stickhandle through everybody else on the ice, now he's using his teammates and the points are starting to accumulate. I think this is finally starting to dawn on him.
  8. Well that didn't work. Carbo, turn the Line Blender off... put back together the proper lines and LEAVE THEM TOGETHER for a few games to get some flow and rhythm going. KoKoPlex line ... untouchable Higgins - Koivu - Ryder Kid Line of S.Kost - Laps - Gui ... this line does good work, the kids like playing with each other Begin - Smoke - Kostopoulous/Dandenault/Streit
  9. Truthmonger, hahaha I like those pylons.
  10. KoKoPlex is absolutely DOMINATING tonight. Love it.
  11. Holik hasn't done anything since NJ. Please no.
  12. hey Johnnyhasbeen... come on, you're not supposed to argue with me here! ;-)
  13. If too much partying is indeed the problem with Higgins and Ryder then they have to smarten up. And you can't just let them off the hook like that by saying "they're in their early 20's, rich, and in Montreal! Come on, it's natural!". Then how come Plekanec' game hasn't fallen apart too? He's young, he's rich, he's in Montreal. I don't subscribe to that way of thinking at all. These guys are getting millions of dollars to perform and produce, not to party. As soon as it starts affecting their performance, they better straighten it out - early 20's or not. And for those who say "They should be able to do what they want, the Habs don't OWN them". OK.... if you insist on partying nights before games all the time, then let's just terminate your contract and you get the hell out of here.... then hey, feel free to party all you want! These guys play roughly 3 games a week - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. They can do their partying on Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday night with a day to "recuperate" - that should be enough partying for anyone. Then there's no need to come in on game day with a hangover.
  14. I'm not 100% sure, but wasn't it Ovechkin a few years ago who spit in the face of another player during the World Juniors? Do you think a Canadian would ever do something like that?
  15. "1) Kost-Plex-Kost" KoKoPlex - breakfast cereal of champions
  16. looks like Samsonite might have found a home....
  17. Dandenault is not very good defensively - whether he is playing forward or defense.
  18. Where is it written that the bottom 2 lines *have* to be defensive/checking? Three offensive lines - let the other teams worry about checking US for a change. Buffalo last year had 3 offensive lines (nearly 4)... it *can* be done.
  19. Where did you hear Tanguay is a locker room cancer? I'd love to get him for Ryder. And like BTH says I'd put him at centre too. I'd make one switch to the lines BTH suggested though - I'd put Koivu between Latendresse and Lapierre instead. Tanguay is too much of a point producer to put him on a "3rd" line. Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Kovalev Higgins-Tanguay-Kostitsyn Latendresse-Koivu-Lapierre Begin-Smolinski-Dandenault I'd love to see THAT.
  20. Scoresheet says Grabovski wasn't even in the lineup.
  21. I think we're seeing this team come together. I honestly think the turning point was adding Sergei Kostitsyn... this allowed us to have 3 scoring lines... extremely important. Our offense has come alive since then. All we need now to contend with the front-runners is: (1) Another top 4 defenseman to pair with Hamrlik. Doesn't need to be an offensive whiz - just someone solid like Hamrlik. (2) I always liked ol' Ryder, but I think it's time to trade him... I doubt he'll be coming back next year anyway. Rumor has it we're looking at Jarret Stoll of the Oilers. Ryder for Stoll... I'd take that trade. Then our top 3 lines would look like: Andrei K - Plekanec - Kovalev Latendresse - Koivu - Sergei K Higgins - Stoll - Lapierre ... Lapierre could move to the wing. I think he'd be a better fit there as I find he doesn't have enough playmaking abilities for centre. I think Stoll would fit in very nicely... a gritty 2-way guy who can put points on the board (he had 68 a few seasons ago). Higgins and Latendresse could be swapped if need be.... Latendresse loves to play with his best buddy Lapierre so it would be a natural fit. Those are 3 nice lines. (3) And finally, a REAL goon.... seriously. No joking aside - I'd wait till Chris Simon gets out of the nuthouse and then seriously inquire about him. With someone like that, our skill guys would feel a LOT more comfortable and not worried about getting ran at everytime we're up by 3+ goals. (4) We've got too many fringe 4th liners... Kostopoulos, Begin and Dandenault could all go (keep one of them until Chipchura is ready to return however). 4th line I'd like to see is Streit - Chipchura - Simon.
  22. I'm hoping for a trade with the Blackhawks: Ryder, Dandenault and (...if necessary) a pick for Tuomo Ruutuu. That's just what Saku needs.
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