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  1. My baad, if it wasn't for this great memory that doesn't last very long, I would have gotten' that right
  2. I think that getting rid of dead wood such as zednik would be GREAT, but Shanny in a Habs uniform is still to me a SUPER SOLDIER with the teamof my heart
  3. A. Kostisyn may be the next one to watch for, they say that his dev. at his age is more advanced then his older bros. and I think it has been unanimous in other forum boards that we all want to see what he does this year, so my GUESS (not to get killed) would be to watch out for the little brother of Kosty.
  4. I hope we didn't loose out on some of the guys on UFA list because BG didn't offer the MONEY cuz that would suck as hard as est end hooker trying to get her next fix.
  5. I think that Ribs can still do the job if he (sigh!) skates, my bias towards him is the fact that he has made me look stupid while playing against him. that being sayed: TRUE DAT when everybody who sayz: Plekanec deserves the 2nd line center job, TRUE DAT when it is sayed: the other teams don't really think about stopping the second year player, but if BG can get Shanny (wishfully hoping) does anyone think he may still have a spot on the 1st/2nd line since Koivu seems to be playing hurt or hurt half the season??? I'm just saying that Koivu may be better off for the next season anyway to play the 3rd line, we still don't know about his eye anyway.
  6. I was thinking that Jovo. didn't sign here because of THe GREzt. in phoenix? But I would LOVE to see SHANNY in a :hlogo: uni. it would be just as great as seeing DOUGGY in the"blue blanc et rouge".
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    London England, Knights
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