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  1. Thanks... that issue has been bugging me for a while.
  2. Does anyone know why the team hasn't placed Andrei Kostitsyn on injured reserve yet? He's had surgery and is gone for 6 weeks, so if he was placed on long term injured reserve (LTIR) wouldn't this save cap space? I don't get why teams wait weeks before placing injured players on the IR... There must be a reason... help!... Don't GMs know that waiting a week or two can cost us fantasy GMs valuable points!
  3. Trading Plekanec is a bad idea... but we do need to trade a goalie Everyone who wants to trade Plekanec and/or Halak for Carter or just wants to trade these players for assets is forgetting a crucial detail - THE SALARY CAP!!! If we get Carter, he only has one year left at $5M. If Carter performs like he did last year, he'll be due for a big raise. Even if he continues at this current year's pace, he'll still likely get at least $5M a year. Assuming Carter would even want to play in Montreal, we'll have the same problem next year as we do now - the Habs can't afford to add another big contract. In fact, we can only trade these players for similar salaries. In other words, the Habs would likely only receive prospects and picks by trading Plekanec and Halak. In my opinion, the best strategy is for BG and Company to decide which goalie to keep and trade the other goalie for picks and/or prospects. After that, wait until the offseason (before July 1) and clear cap space (Mara, Laraque, Laps, etc or maybe even Hamrlik) and sign Plekanec. Trading Plekanec for picks and/or prospects is a huge risk. The odds of having a prospect or pick turn into a 0.75-1 point per game player (plus one of the best defensive centres in the league) is very slim (i.e., see the Habs’ past 15 year draft history). If I were BG, I would try to sign Plekanec to a Marc Savard type of contract as soon as the Habs’ season is over. Savard got $28.5M over 7 years and it was heavily front loaded. Given Plekanec's age, I’m thinking a heavily front loaded $35M over 9 years ($3.89M per year). This would be a fantastic contract for both sides.
  4. Thanks. I forgot to put in Price and Halak when I added up my 23. In that case, here's my forward lines: A. Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Cammalleri S. Kostitsyn - Gomez - Gionta Pouilot - Metropolit - Pacioretty Moen - Lapierre - White Markov - Spacek Hamrlik - O'Byrne Gill - Gorges Scratches - Bergeron, Mara, D'Agostini Waive/Trade - Laraque, Chipchura Hamilton - Pyatt, Leach
  5. It's going to be interesting to see what Gainey and Martin do. Here's what I would do: A. Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Cammalleri S. Kostitsyn - Gomez - Gionta Moen - Metropolit - Pacioretty White - Lapierre - Pyatt Markov - Spacek Hamrlik - O'Byrne Gill - Gorges Scratches - Pouliot, D'Agostini, Chipchura, Bergeron, Mara Waive - Laraque Hamilton - Leach
  6. Source? Where did you hear/read that Dandenault was taded to Detroit for a 5th?
  7. It's actually not that bad... The 2nd rounder we traded for Lang was acquired in the Grabovski trade and if I'm not mistaken I believe we had 2 3rd rounder this year from a previous trade. So it's not like we don't have draft picks next year - we still have a first round pick and rounds 3 through 7. As well, everything has to be looked at relatively - The Tangauy trade was a good trade (it wasn't a deep draft last year and Montreal wasn't crazy about the possible 25th overall pick). Tangauy will greatly improve our team when he comes back. Furthermore, Schneider is still a good defenceman who was playing on a bad team - his numbers are low because he played on Atlanta and I bet you that another GM would've paid an equal price to grab Schneider at the deadline. Everyone take a deep breath - Schneider greatly improves our defence (because the D has been so bad defensively and offensively over the last 15 games) and we could afford to trade a 2nd and 3rd because we have so many propsects and enough draft picks. As a final note, I like the trade because it is wake up call for the players. Gainey's hands were tied - he could only send a few players down to Hamilton (and those were the young guys playing well) and he couldn't call anymore players up because of the roster limit. So, he either had to give up on young guys and trade them (because no one will take our aging shitty veterans) or sacrifice some draft picks to improve the team and shake the players out of the worst funk I have seen from such a talented team So everyone chill... and prey that it works!
  8. You have to consider more than his value on the ice - You have to take into account what it will take for Tampa to move him. They won't trade him for fair value; Tampa will only move him if they get an incredible offer. Add in the fact that Montreal plays in the East, the Habs play in Tampa twice a year and the that Montreal appears desperate to get him and it is a gaurantee that Montreal will be overpaying if they land him. That being said, we can afford to over pay because our depth is insane. As much as I love Plekanec and Higgins and want to see what Subban will do, we have players in the system that can replace their production, not to mention what Lecavalier will bring.
  9. Al Strachan on the Score reported the "Markov, Subban and draft picks for Lecavalier"... First of all, it doesn't make sense for Tampa Bay to trade the face of the franchise - he is the only reason why there may be a future for the Lightning in Tampa. The only way they trade him is because of financial reasons and an incredible offer. Second, Strachan is delusional if he thinks that that's what the Habs offered - it would likely take Higgins/Plekanec, Markov/Komisarek, a prospect (Subban/Mcdounagh(sp?)) and draft picks. Third, I wouldn't include Komisarek or Markov in a trade for Lecalvier - how would we replace that on our D? If we want to win the cup this, with or without Vinny, we need a shutdown defence.
  10. I'll ignore the fact that my comments made perfect sense, even if you disagreed with them, and ask you what defencemen would Montreal trade to get Carter? You say that Philly is DESPERATE for a solid defenceman, and so I take that to mean they need an NHL-ready player. The only reason Philly is trading Carter is b/c they need to make room under the cap and thus, Markov and Hamrlik are out of the equation. That leaves Bouillon, Dandy, O'Byrne, Komi and Georges. Komi makes $1.7M, loves Mtl and is developing into one of the best defenceman in the league, so I don't see Montreal even wanting to part with him. Of the remaining defencemen, none fit into a trade for Carter. If Philly is so DESPERATE for a defenceman, they are not going to trade a player of Carter's calibre and potential for a defenceman who is going to play in the fourth, fifth or sixth spot. Yes, O'Byrne and Georges are developing into reliable and solid NHL defencemen but they are no where worth the value of Carter. Oh, and why is Philly so DESPERATE for a defenceman? Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't look all that bad: Timmonen, Hatcher, Jones, Cobourn, Eminger, Vaananen and Kukkonen. While not the greatest defence in the league, it is no where close to being the worst. Probably middle of the road at worst. I'd take Timmonen and Cobourn on the Habs any day. And another thing, according to nhlscap.com the Flyers are only $1.003M over the cap. So why do they need to shed $5M in salary by trading one of their best prospects to the conference rival Habs? Rhetorical question, don't worry. This trade makes little to no sense and is EA NHL 2006 worthy at best. Thoughts?
  11. I agree that Selanne is no option. I disagree with you however in regards to Shanahan. Shanny had 23 goals and 46 points in 73 games on a low scoring Rangers team (24th in the NHL). Older players have proven that they can play and do more than just contribute and I don't see anything to support your claim that he is washed up. I also think you play too many video games. Why on earth would Philly trade Carter to a conference rival and possible cup contender for only a defensive prospect? Carter would contribute now and for many years, while the prospect (Weber, McDonough, Fischer, etc.) may or may not develop into a solid NHL player. This trade doesn't make sense unless Philly was a team looking to develop for the future.
  12. If there is no quality centre available then it may not be a centre that Gainey brings in. Remember, Carbo has stated that Sergie K could be moved to centre. If that happens then there would be a spot on the wing. That means we could bring in one of the top tier players available, such as Selanne, Shanahan or another winger via trade. Now, I know Selanne is a long shot at best but Shanahan may be more realistic with his expressed interest to play in Mtl two seasons ago. I personally would love to see Shanahan in a Habs jersey: amazing shot, great on the PP, invaluable veteran leadership, and 3 Stanley Cup rings.
  13. This was just posted on Eklunds site... I hate this guy, he has no credibility whatsoever... I am like one of those people that listen to Howard Stern just to hear the next outrageous thing he'll say... I vist Eklund's website just so I can read him regurgitate a rumour from a newspaper or website and say that he got it from an inside source and then throw in a few names that makes sense.... or he'll look at what some teams need and what others have and make a rumour saying a source said a trade is possible.... god i hate him... much respect for spector... http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=13189 : "Another Opinion on Hossa to Montreal Talking to another source very close to Hossa has led to a completely different side of this story....WELCOME TO THE TRADE DEADLINE ROLLER COASTER According to this source although there is a definite fit with Atlanta trading Hossa to Montreal, as of now the two sides have had zero discussions. I tend to believe that this is the case, but as is my job, I report RUMOURS. This is fascinating and another example of how the lack of movement has gotten even some of the greatest sources off track. It is hard to get a rumour to e4 status, and it is extremely rare to see it have NO truth. That means a whole lot of folks around the situation are hearing and spreading the wrong information. BUT it happens. And it may have happened with Hossa and the Habs. I will just continue to post all that I am hearing on this situation and attempt to do my best to give you my opinions. At the end of the day I am not involved in the actual deals, so all I can do is tell you what I hear. Remember RUMOURS are RUMOURS. I only bring this up because this time of year we get a ton of new people to the site. I recommend all new readers read the FAQ section of the site for explanation of the e-system and what we do around here."
  14. Bob McKenzie has just reconfirmed this Tangauy for Ryder rumour on TSN's website: http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists/bo...nzie/?id=227556
  15. I can see them scouting Huselius to sign in the off season but I can't see them making an offer for Phaneuf. He will be an RFA and the Habs would have to give up too many picks for a position they don't need. Sure he's a great player and one of the best yound dman but we have a good and young defence as it is and we still have to sign Komisarek in the near future. We already have Markov at over $5M for the next 3 years, Hamrlik at over $5M for the next 4 years, and then we'll have to resign Komisarek and he'll likely get a lot of money too. In other words, we can't have 4 blue liners making that much money.
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