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  1. Calgary won it. Calgary gets rid of Monahan and Lucic contract after this year, 11.5 m this is more than enough for Huberdeau contract. They have 9.3 available this year for Kadri, plus Zary and Pelletier will most likely make the team. Add to this a 1st round and Weegar. Calgary is now great shape for a long stretch.
  2. Good news but far from NHL i hope they give him 1 year in Sweden and one year with AHL. Only 10 pts and minus 9. Seider a real prospect had 28 points and +14. Eric Gelinas had 34 points and + 22 do you want him back ? Romanov his not Bobby Orr and Norlinder is not Lidstrom. Both will probably be regulars in the NHL but this tendancy to see habs prospect as saviors or future all star is dumb.
  3. Wow Romanov still out....Kulak has not played right side for a while. Gustafson plays right ?
  4. Primeau weakness is rebound control so they say since he was up from university. What did the goalie coach and player development did to take care of that is mind blowing. Toronto read the report shot and went for the juicy rebounds. Need Price back in 2020 summer mode.
  5. I wish him well too, no matter what people said about him i think he is doing the best he can out there. He has not deserved some hateful comments, he is a good human, get well.
  6. I see him in a 7 defensemen line up to play PP and if we have more than 3 goal lead sit Weber.
  7. To beat the Leafs Danault needs to be way better than that on faceoffs being our best option there, would promote Lekhonen to Danault line instead of Tatar.
  8. Depth will come handy, give the guys some time. Would dress up taxi squad team saturday and still beat those nucks.
  9. PLDubois wants out of Colombus. What could be a fair return ? Colombus would be looking for a young center, KK, and since Dubois is more proven you have to add lets say Arnia, wich would not hurt because of RW depth. You were Kekalainen, would you do it ?
  10. Colombus was poor at c it did not help productivity. I am ok with it, i see him with Drouin and Suzuki.
  11. The need was a puck moving left defenseman. Edmunson is not it, I see him as a expensive 5th d.
  12. Domi should play with Lekhonen and Byron. Evans to replace Weise. Hudon KK Evans
  13. With Julien ? Tatar Danault Gallagher Drouin Domi Arnia Lekhonen Suzuki Byron Weise Weal Hudon Weber Chariot Petry Kulak Folin Mete Me Drouin Danault Arnia Tatar Suzuki Gallagher Lekhonen Kotkaniemi Domi Poehling Evans Byron Weber Mete Petry Chiarot Fleury Kulak
  14. ByChris Chelios, Dale Hunter, Mark Messier, Theo Fleury and Patrick Roy Put these 5 in the same line up in a playoff game would be a winner for sure. Add some depth, I like character. Second goalie : Reggie Lemelin 5d: Al Iafrate, Kostantinov, Shea Weber, Brian Boyle and Hall Gill 🤪 2c Peter Forsberg, Saku Koivu 11 w Rick Middleton, Stephane Richer, Mike Foligno, Mats Naslund, Esa Tikkanen, Mike Krushelnyski , Craig MacTavish, Pepe Lemieux, Gallagher, Willi Plett, Dino Ciccarelli. 😋 Will try this line up with fight mode on a old version of 2k ! EA stinks.
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