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  1. Why Sergei ? Let himwalk cut him loose but if nobody wants him they have offered him a contract. I highly doubt anybody wants him.
  2. Ok first moves are made, so know where is the beef ? Plenty of offensive minded small players to trade in exchange of NHL ready beef, no smurf. Offensive Trade baits for minor trades : Desharnais, Trotter, Weber, Sergei K, Andrei K and Maxwell. Trotter and Desharnais will have no chance to make the team considered the small top 9 in hand. But they had a great season in Hamilton, Boucher has Yzerman hear and Tampa will built for offense. Weber is still considered in our top 5 prospect but i do not see where he'll fit considered Subban blossom. K bro are interesting trade baits and
  3. Good news, i was looking at the 1st july countdown, and considereing other options. He would have got the same maybe more money elsewhere. There is one year too many on the contract, and he got signed one year too late.
  4. Here's the UFA center with last years price tag. Yes i would take back Koivu with a price tag of 1.8 a year for two years. Patrick Marleau 29 SJ $6,300,000 Olli Jokinen 30 CAL $5,500,000 Marc Savard 31 BOS $5,000,000 Re-signed with the Bruins. 7 years, $28.05 million. Saku Koivu 34 ANA $3,250,000 Matt Cullen 32 OTT $2,800,000 John Madden 36 CHI $2,750,000 Tomas Plekanec 26 MON $2,750,000 Matthew Lombardi 27 PHO $2,350,000 Mike Modano 39 DAL $2,250,000 Chris Higgins 26 NYR $2,250,000 Doug Weight 38 NYI $2,000,000 Jeff Halpern 33 LA $2,00
  5. Did i miss something ? Price agreed for 1.5 million, multi year contract. Or it's just 1.5 until he get UFA and we lose him for nothing. This is how we are use to see our players come and go. Plekanek will not sign in MTL, we're gonna lose Price when he will start to be a very good goalie, Markov will walk away next year, same old song bla bla bla...
  6. Last time i wished for Eller was then in 2007 12 Mtl. Canadiens Ryan McDonagh D Cretin Derham Hall H.S. (Minn.) 13 St. Louis Lars Eller F Frolunda Jrs (Sweden) 7 2 0 2 4 He was considered the best Euro propect. I thought he was still in Europe.
  7. I just heard Halak was traded to St-Louis ??
  8. Off season. Taylor Hall for Price, Markov, Pouliot, AK and Gorges.
  9. Would tou prefer him in the role he played all year ? He stinked all year long trying to find a role of position on the ice. He is now an effective 3th line winger an 4 fourth C. Don't be annoyed by him, be annoyed if you play against him. Or campaingn to kick him out of town AFTER the playoffs !! Support your local.HA
  10. Flyers think they have some ghost on their side with their God bless America phantom and we have to reverse that curse. - First bring back the Vietnamese girl behind near the Molson seat. - Buy back Carbo lucky tie and tie it to JM turtle neck. - Oh Canada by Montreal symphonic brass Ken Nagano. - Mister BĂ©liveau presence of course Suggestions ?
  11. Philly is on fire. Emotion was there not on our side, what Gomez shown on that PP was a momentum killer. Instead if cooling them down it gave Philly a PP and a goal. And even then, after one period that game was pretty even with a big save from Halak to keep them in the game. What they do, they play weak under Philly pressure with 30 seconds in the second. And the wall fell down...they will rebound by cooling this fire.
  12. Philly's fan are happy to face habs, a small team and not ny any means as talented as Washington who they would have face if Habs did't beat them. They are even more happy not to meet the Stanley cup holders, and even happyer that they think they could get rid off this small team by hitting them. And of course they have more talented players than the Habs. ... We've heard that and the only to shut them up is to win first game. They are still high from their comeback, getting back in a serie is tough right after a challenging one is tough, but Habs had more time. It should help
  13. I think Habs payer don't care much of who they prefer to face in a Conference final. It's the Flyers, so what ? Lucic and the Bruins would have not been any easier on Halak. The only difference there is that the Bruins have average playersand a system and the Flyers have very good individual players, no system. Habs can face that, and don't ask hockey intellegiancia to favour us in any serie. Fact is Habs finished 19th overall in the season, but this season as ended... and they are still there in playoffs.
  14. Halak has two wins in game 7 in two series, after winning both game 6 at home facing elimination. I never seen that happen before. History will be made, well it's in the making. I want the Bruins, i want revenge of the sweep last year. I just love the pic of Staal crying like a baby and Crosby head between his legs. Great days to be a habs fan, a short time off to rest the warriors, heal the wounded and back to war.
  15. I would be very surprise not to see Gill play. The are very effective painkillers on the market. Markov over Bergeron anytime if Andrei wants to play, better 7th defensemen and PP specialist.
  16. Now who is Canada's team ? Please CBC join the boat and say a couple of positive things about the Habs team even if it means a change of heart. After all how's paying your wages ? All the nation behind it will be a great party.
  17. Home game, big noisy crowd, every sports bar packed, friends at home celebrating every goal, every saves by our miraculous goalie, nobody here wants a stop of this. It's a playoff run and the run is not over until it's over. So keep on running, growing beer bellies, stained habs shirt, grow your playoff beard it is not over. Go :hlogo: Go
  18. Media coverage just make me sick. This morning it sounds in the papers and everywhere that they are out and cannot be back. CBC is covering Pittsburg as their canadian team, you can almost heat them high five when Pens score. Habs are not dead they just smell funny and with Halk they can win Monday, yesterday the bounces were not there. And Letang is a hot dog i just hate this guy.
  19. Look at Flyers line up and you will see why they doesn't match Boston. Philly awfullly need Gagné and Carter scoring touch to win games Even more so Boston sophomore players are getting in the playoff groove. Wheeler, Lucic and Krejci are playing good hockey right now. Right until this serie this team was relying on "sign a pact with Swann" Mark Recchi. A Stanley cup finale with San Jose and Boston would hurt so much i wouln't watch. But this morning it smells like this, unless it's the farmer across the field dropping cow sh*t on the ground. Go Habs Go, Go Hawks Go. This would be
  20. One of the wonderous part of this win is that they have done it without using three players. We win with the best players and that is a very good thing. But having passengers on board doesn't help at all. Some players will get very tired if 4th line players don't cut some slack by giving at least 8 good minutes of hockey. Sergei and Andrei should take a walk with Pierre Gauthier. It did some good to others before. Hey K's step up!! Need you soulja boy
  21. Spacek not able to play again tomorrow ? Is it me or it's really strange? He must be pretty d** sick to not consider laces skate with teamamtes in need. We shall all hope for a Markov return tusday. And a miracle afternoon tomorrow, usually i don't like daytime games but this time the strange things that happens on afternoon could help us. Sergei K. for two goals.
  22. All the arrogance the Caps have shown just me made me hate them, seeing Boudreau face despared looking for answer, seeing Green have NOTHING, Ovechkin and Semin as individualist in a team sport is just satisfying enough. The flip side is to hear comments on who is the better fan, the most loyal, the purest, the cleaner than clean. That's just b.s..
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