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  1. Shaw speed was very good in that game. After Boston game pretty much everyone was ok to leave him as 13th player. Now 13 92 and 64 looks goood. If he can keep it up it rises his trade value. And he wins face off. Thumbs up
  2. This team sucked last year when they were caught in their zone. Same this year. Only thing i can see there is Price either freeze the puck or pass the puck. He is good at deflecting shots but his defense is not able to recover the puck effectively. Other teams are playing the deflection against him now with a good shot and go after the defense before he can even react. So i think if he freezes the puck more it slows down the game more energy to his players and less goals against.
  3. Mete needs more ice. Laval needs a PP quaterback. Schlemko is back and soon Weber. What i would like to see is Mete getting back on the scoresheet and back in Montreal with a new level of confidence.
  4. Not that much depth at center this year to release Plek, they could have convince him to stick around. Fake reason to say kids needs place to grow. Nobody is knocking at the door at c. If any of the current centers gets injured what are the options ? Vedjemo ? Good start but needs a full year, Evans produce but still lacks skating ? Chaput ? Froese ? Mcarron ? Or stuff we saw last year Byron or Shaw. So does it clear cap space ? No this is 2 250 000 $ against the cap space.
  5. One good move does not change it all. Alzner, Shaw are still 7th and 12th forward.For a bargain deal of 8.5 million,till 2022. Price at 10.5 vs Rinne at 5.5. These will hurt the reset.
  6. Someone forgot to take his Flinstones vitamins again ? Today it's the flu tomorrow treatment day and after that exhaustion...
  7. I would prefer a meaningful 5 games, no obligations to season ticket holders and halft price tickets.
  8. Another meanless preseason game for Molson to cash in from season holders tickets. Way too many games with crappy players like Agostino, Theasdale or Grenier. Opposing low market teams cannot bring in 500 people to a game. And sometime like last game we have half of an opposing team playing the same night. I don't get why fans eat that crap, Fan experience enhancement is bull and everyone knows it. A DJ and so call better food.
  9. Good destination for Max, a great coach who knows in a good offensive system. 30 goals next year Montreal will look bad short term but this is quality depth at center and one of these kids will turn out to be good, less pressure on Kotkaniemi.
  10. I like this line... Domi Drouin Gallagher. Domi likes to pass. Gallagher drives the net. I can see Drouin having success with them. Move on .
  11. How about Pacioretty for Mcdonagh ? Ld to pair Weber...temporary fix but helps both teams.
  12. I tried tankothon lottery simulator this morning 3 times. Mtl got a 2 then 1 then 6.
  13. Why does Juulsen has no PP time with Taormina ? Nothing to win playing Gelinas all the time.
  14. Ryan Murray @ Alex Galchenyuk ? Same draft year. Both underachieving. Colombus need offensive winger Mtl needs first pass defense.
  15. Now would be a good time to start dealing Plekanek. First because teams like Anaheim per exemple have injured players players and they need to fill these spots with NHLERS to stay on top of a very competitive division. Second to prevent habs coaches to use him. And waste the kids offensive potential with a shutdown center. Not deal him now but start to listen to best offers.
  16. Not injured at trade deadline. Played through 03 30 and then hip injury comes again and out for season.
  17. Hemsky was available for not much at the Trade deadline. King, Martinsen and Ott were brought in to beef up offense when scoring was needed. Now they think he can help ? I would have like to see him in first in the playoff and then signed.
  18. Roy saw what was going to happen with the line up Sakic managed to deliver. With a correct line up, he is about the only one with Mueller tout make these players and that goalie play with emotion and desire to compete. Julien system could help this team of course, but for a miracle better ask someone who made some before.
  19. When ? February 10th MT gets fired after the lost against the yotes. Roy to coach Saturday in Montreal... Source none, just a wishful post.
  20. Colombus GM always been high on Eller, he drafted him back in St-Louis days. Tortorella likes defense that hit and block shots = Emelin. My christmast wish goes to shred those cap space eaters. If it could bring a decent comeback, like Johansen who never really fitted there...i know, impossible...but imagine Johansen and Galchenyuk, top two centers...
  21. Discipline ? I have seen worst cross checks in many p o game this year. Sens were generous with the stick. No it's Lee trying to dictate his way.
  22. Still kicking tire at Edmonton. I like Eberle,cuz he is what i believe a big occasion game maker, To get him Habs would need to give a lot. If Edmonton would ask for our best forward,center, they would probable ask 27. Way to much to give, except if we add Draisaitl to the mix... They ask for a D and a élite prospect goalie. Impossible, maybe, but i thune Eberle would give a better chance for the cup this yearling than Gally. Draisaitl is an élite prospect built for habs mode. Yes it Will hurt to see Galchenyuk highlight but ...25...
  23. Right wing is weak. Concern was lw behind Patch, no more with Galchenyuk and Sekac on the LW. Before outside help i would try Sekac on LW, with Plek and Patch. Gallaguer,Galchenyuk and Eller for a while. If Sekac does more than ok no need for a trade. Just ok , neeed for a RW top 6 is evident.
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