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  1. Patience and opportunity, no rush rught now to give up anything even 1 point in the standings. Has long as they keep winning, Bergevin can have a better hand. Players mentionned above have all trade values at a low level = no reward. A team desperate to have PP points can look at Kaberle in 10 games, a team out of conention with a free agent to unload can look at Eller much differently before trade deadline.
  2. The only reason why Subban is not paid as he think his worth is not what his ice time was or his level of play. It's a an attitude problem, you don't invest long term on a hot chick, you ride it on a short term base and if, i said if, the chick is not messing around with all the other chickens around than it's safe to put her the ring. PK has no ring to show. And obviously, his team thinks he is Ocho Cinco. so must the little chick fly to other sky ? Hoping to bring a piece of the puzzle that would keep a united crew on a team first attitude like Therrien wants ?
  3. Then i prefer seeing him at center. Hope he develops on the third and move is way to the top line at C.
  4. Question to the people who followed Sarnia this year, how often did Galchenyuk played Center ? Thanks
  5. Team USA against Canada next game...cool ! Galchenyuk had some ice time but it just doesn't work like he could just have the feeling he could do much more but it's not. I know he plays wing at Sarnia too but i think his hockey IQ would be better used at C than wing, Anyway i hope Habs will be patient with him, develop him as a center.
  6. It's pretty much on the do or die line this wek. Question is if we get back to hockey, how will they compete ?? Not bad on a 50 games season i'd say, why ? Not because i am 100% sure Habs would be in the playoffs but the intensity of a season when every game mean something is thrilling. not like in these vintage games on TSN or RDS Habs under Bergevin and Therrien, will be much more like a warrior team. Cole, Paccioretty, Prust, Moen, Emelin and Gorges are all heart and soul players solid hockey players i would take on my team anytime. It looks to good not to be watched. With the othe
  7. Geoffrion finally signed for one year 2 way deal. This is still good to have him as depth. Problem with him is that he gives away the puck to easily. At 24 nobody is dreaming for a breakthrought NHL season but could be a steady force in the AHL.
  8. I'd like number 23 being dropped from the roof and give it to Gomez as a reminder. Number 15 is cursed, any sweater number Richard played with should not be available. "20" ehhh.Zednik never been called crapped here, many other things but Kozed was here back then and nobody could say anything about KO or ZED.
  9. Dallas now has way too much veteran wingers and no centers. They are not done trading, with Jagr and Whitney, less pp time for Erikkson, Morrow, Ryder, Benn. Talking of Ryder...Kaberle could be moved and we have some scoring piunch and one liability less. One year less of contract too.
  10. I think D we're getting to expensive. But man we're getting grittier. Bouillon at 1.5 million is a insurance policy not ot rush any of our prospects. But he is very injury prone as Armstrong but both with some upside. Gorges and bouillon will have to play right D, I would be surprise to see the swiss cheese duo back. But what a D corp for Hamilton. Nash, Tinordi, Weber, Ellis etc.
  11. 1 million/ 1 year is nothing. To fill a third line. Right shooting winger, could play the puck hard, tall enough to reach the puck and can trash the talks. Moen-Eller-Armstrong.
  12. Need a right D, hopefully Rozsival. I would see him with Emelin.
  13. As i understand it Bettman want the NHL to take over New-Jersey because of their 77 million debt to refinance. So Mister Molson and his group are paying for another team that was good enough on the ice to compete to the Stanley cup final but that are not able to bring money in from their market, no sponsors, not enought season tickets holder, not enough people to buy merchandising and no corporative help. No banks would finance them, no government would put more money into it, why NHL owners would have to finance 2 teams that are gonna beat them on the ice regularly. Phoenix and Devils
  14. The guy played 27 games in the two last years, He had a major concussion last year and a major groin injury the year before. At the weight is carrying the speed is not there and groin didn't help Cannot expect him to play tough, he rarely did and with the concussion he will be careful. Defensively he is not bad but not good enough for a third liner. I'd pass, i would take Bernier instead, he prooved he can play tough, has better and than TK and plays more like a bottom six what Montreal needs.
  15. I like that 2013 secound rounder more and more. Respect to Trotz for his guts to pull out Andrei K and Radulov. Whatever the level of talent of a player, women, bottle or any other thing that keep you out until 4am before a playoff game is not something you want in your team. Nor as a teammate. I wish Andrei K. nothing but the best in the KHL.
  16. I saw Beaulieu play against Chicoutimi and couldn't help thinking he was only a good player in a very good team. His +/- and come from the domination the team have but they never really been presssure yet and to say he is not being challenged enought. I though he looked lazy out there, relying on others. This is probably what pulled him back from other teams down to 17. He will need to learn to work under pressure at least 2 years in the AHL.
  17. Just a thought here but Tampa has 10 and 23. For me there too much doubt around the russians and Forsberg could go as soon as number 2 so if this happen. Still a very good D to draft first, Reinhart or Ceci. The other guy there would beTom Wilson, huge in playoffs this year, point a game and huge in size, 6.4f 204p. The way playoffs are played, Habs need a guy like this, a warrior, not afraid to scrap and score. Still with pick 33 Stefan Matteau, son of his dad. huge too. Decent numbers. Tanner Pearson loved the way he start the year and at the world junior, deceiving end of season but
  18. Remparts are out . Means Roy is available. By the way No to Grigorenko ! in MTL, please hell no.
  19. Very good report on Grigo, i went ot the Remparts last night + 5 home games this year. Thingd about him to consider, he is still very young and raw. He does have the smarts yet and will grow into it. His lack of passion and competiveness would scare a lot of team away from him. Just to give an example he soon, lost something like 15 faceoffs last night. Forcing Roy to play others with more hunger. Not exactly what Habs need, he is Eller with a better shot. Thought one thing to consider, he makes his team win by his play reading.
  20. P So what, are they playing against each other ? DD has some chem with Paccioretty and Cole is best mentor we could have for Paccioretty. Could these wingers do more with any Plek, i don't think so, best scenario would have been for some other wingers to show up this year. It did not happen. Still Plek did fairly well in PK, got some lazy wingers draggin him down in +/-.
  21. First determine a role for him. He is lost, frustrated and is frustrating,i even called him names lately, sorry for that, undeserved he has been their band aid and never found a role and a line... Two-way hockey player, shut down center maybe, 1st offense line center no way Jose. Good linemates for him would be experienced defensive specialist. UFA that fits the bill Chris Kelly and aging Mikael Samuellson. Kelly is a center, he played wing before,4th line solution too. Both could find the net sometime and are very good in zone coverage Leaves Eller, Gionta and Gallager, 1 and two half
  22. Markov , i didn't expect so soon. Enough to bring me back for a full game. I would play him and Gorges. PK with Emelin, emelin looked bad lately because of Weber. Plekanek had real wingers all year long. As long as he will play like a rat, 5-5, PP he stinks. I am not at all sold to the idea that Max PAC and Cole should play with a wuss.
  23. Desharnais at wing, come on man !. Why not Plekky on the wing ?
  24. Not such a disgrace, not a huge difference between losing and winning in the East. What if players sticked to JM style and played good defense, pass zone coverage, blocking shots and be very good in special teams . One big thing missed there, power play, Pearn was blamed for it, JM after. In fact nobody found the solution for the PP and then the team went down. If PP worked, this team would be near playoff contention and no one would talk about disgrace. I see some positive . - Price attitude has nearly been perfect, tough time he still stands tall and shows maturity. - Cole is the b
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