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  1. What is coming right around the corner is depth and Geoffrion brings that. Lots of quality juniors and hopefully US college will graduate to AHL next year. Brings up to 6 rookies to pro hockey next year. + One top 8, 1st rounder. And more to come, cool.
  2. I do not see much into this. White is all right. Schultz is called up for confidence. Moen is hurt, or he would play. Why would they trade him before ? For what use should they trade him ? Wait and see.
  3. I didn't watch the game but. Louis Leblanc if he played so geat... 9:08 TOI , 0 shots in goal. AK46 had 5 shots on net. Lars Eller was playing wing... Plek is not good,not bad , doesn't worth 1/2 of his paycheck. Budaj maybe the best trade bait out there.
  4. Fact is that he still doesn't produce with 3 different coach for him. Nobody else will take him and his contract. Calgary is still in the fight for playoffs but they use this " Winner" on the fourth line, he is not a positive factor in his team, neither he was in it's previous team. Do you really think that we could havbe more than Bourque and a second rounder next year for 13 ? Next year draft is gonna ne better than this year and with "13"in Calgary line up this is a top 35 choice..
  5. Last night Cammalleri was on the 4th line with Jones and Kolanos. He is -5.
  6. Commandant has good points for Habs to get back to a respectable franchise. I have some difference of opinion but the main idea is alike. However Pierre Lacroix has health issues and is no capacity or willing to come back as an active president. 1Best choice i have to admit is Pierre Boivin, why ?he didn't interfere with hockey operations or if he did he was doing it behind close doors. He had HUGE respect in the business community in Montreal, government contacts and as a $$ sense for marketing. 2 Roy, first days with the Remparts was GM and he is a much better GM than he is a coach. H
  7. Plekanek got it all wrong again he starts the year by fighting against a teammates. Yeah PK is annoying so what ? Plek should first start to work harder and be creative not as technical with no emotion.
  8. Stat wise this one is painful, Isles are closer to the habs 5pts than habs are to Leafs at 8th, 6 pts. Positive Diaz is really good out there, he is playing most of his time with Gill and still loooks good. Emelin booms St-Louis...cool. Negative Gorges is -8 in last 8 games. He is trying to do too much.
  9. No lazy play. Bolts may have a bad year, but they have the star players to make you regret any softie. Intense hockey, not much to ask.
  10. Wow this is not not a fan base, this is bandwagoners. Dec 27 Mtl against Sens, Mtl line up Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Moen Cole-Eller-Pacioretty Cammalleri-Desharnais-Leblanc Nokelainen-Darche-Blunden Subban-Gorges Emelin-Kaberle Diaz-Gill Campoli-Weber This means, stop the bleeding. This means, AK has to spark with Plekanek. This means no more lazy plays from PK. This means no stupid penalties by Eller. This means number 13 has to lead a line and contribute. This means Campoli off the line up. Did this tema ever won with him in the line up ? One win and the bad streak off and this b
  11. Smith-Pelly out for tournament with broken foot. Domino effect brings 12 forwards to step up. Bournival up with more ice time. He can surprise a lot of people. He never ever gives up on a play.
  12. A 75 points centermen with size and a Stanley Cup ring. Any time but not at the price tag up there. Canes regret their long term deal but they need bodies everywhere. No problem in giving away Subban when Beaulieu is on it's way. A high salary centermen all we could give is Plekanek, still for Staal return i would do it. Any first round pick this year is where i back off because we have a chance of having a top 5 this year. .
  13. Bring some emotion and get the bad seeds off the dressing room. What is bad in the dressing room, we see it on the ice. 2 players clearly went after JM, and they had both way too much rope and what they did with it is hang the coach. Another coach will take place and then some puss will sit on their contract. Causing 5-10 less goals and mostgames setttles with 1 goal difference this means 5-10 game loss. I really wish these stupid guaranteed contracst in the NHL will stop. NFL way is the way to go. I didn't like JM style, but i hate the players not performing and having 0 consequence.
  14. In that system, the shooters are the problem. Subban and Cammelleri for instance. Subban takes way too long to deliver, a high swing and shoots too high. Cammelleri is 10 feet too far and doesn't change position, the goalie knows exactly where the shot will come from. What would be a solution is what Kaberle is trying to do righ now. Install himself right in the middle and further in the zone, one player as to cover him, meanwhile players must play hard near the goaltender. Look for rebound and PK can rush in and surprise the defense with his fast skating. Forwards except Cammelleri wi
  15. Kaberle best attribute is passing. We do not have that and it's not to Kaberle to give a life to what they call power play in Montreal and most of the players ahead will have a better confidence witk Kaberle at the point. So it's all to the forwards now to take responsability of creating chances near the net. Good move, in my opinion.
  16. I like the chances of winning when Carey Price is in the net. Give the guy a real defense and we're in the top 5.
  17. Woupss. Just the ponit that they are doing good for what was expected of them. And one word for football fans around quebec city GO ROUGE & OR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Tempers high after an afternoon game...Thanksgiving feast was yesterday people and most of the players did get a night off yesterday. Probably the " rookie party". Good thing is that Price is still a freakin good goalie. Just off a two shutouts. With low drafted or free signings we dress 7 guys all defensemen. Highest rated was round 3, 3 of them have never been drafted. They do a very good job considering their paychecks and the rank they were picked. Meanwhile Timmins did draft Hainsey, Komisarek, Fisher, Mcdonough....Tinordi. I bring this and most of my comment is positive. I just wa
  19. Bergfors would be a cheap bargin. I saw no source on the net but CBS broke it on tv bottom line. But there must be something wrong with him. Three teams already gave up on him. Could fit the bill for a week or two until we get some healthy players.
  20. Cole is the rock that helps Pacioretty being a lone power forward skater. They communicate this is the key, look at them, they always talk to each other. Desharnais does a fairly good job between them. Good enough not combo Plek with small wingers and still add points on the score sheet. Bu the way Diaz is really impressive in these kind of games.
  21. When AK is back i'd keep Gomez on Eller wing. This sounds a little weird but AK and Eller works well and Gomez has the ability to change speed to enter the zone and has some passing skills.
  22. 5.11 182 pounds...ok Carolina and Isles are not heavyweight teams but what can he do with no reach, no weight-strenght experience... Good luck.
  23. Plek is playing with the injury that took him off the Phoenix game if i am not mistaken i remember the hit but more so the concern that he is playing with the injury. Question there is should he play when a simple collision with a referee put's him in pain. I see less speed and slower pivot. Long term injury to Plek would not be good, not good at all. Other options ? Nothing really great but they are playing without lots of key players one more one less...
  24. Palushaj will get playing time again with Cammelleri and AK out, showcase him and trade him back for whatever. Point wise Avtsin is doing worse than last year. We've been sold a scoring machine or is broken harm early in his career made him a bust. Leblanc is pretty quiet, shoots but doesn't have a shooting weapon, more a passer he is good at a lot of things but not really good at most of things .
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