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  1. Back to the game, Does Edmonton really plays good defense or there is nobody there to make a tape to tape pass. I will take option 2. Sadly if he doesn't score Eller will play wing next game.
  2. I meant never seen from him. I am an old basta seen lot's of 30 goals scorers my favourite 30goal scorer was Muller because he could do much more than just scoring and still score 30 goals.
  3. No goal for Subban in 13 games. Cammalleri will have to clutch some time if he is a 30 goal scorer. Wich i never seen in a habs uniform.
  4. I would not like lose AK for nothing but i would send him to Nashville with his brother for let's say...Jonathon Blum.
  5. Claude Julien was not a happy camper. I would like to send him a message if i could. Mister Julien, you are sitting in JM spot right now. Last place of the conference after 10 games is not looking good, just like you. Nobody really likes you, you are very near to be fired, you represent the old generation of coaches, maybe Chiarelli should fire your friend Jarvis. Have a bad day.
  6. This must feel good cuz he had quite a time to think about his game. We will see with time and hopefully he will play different of what i've seen last year in junior hockey. Again a center was drafted but most probably a winger will be developed. He had low FO% and couldn't use his speed. A lot of ice time and no more injuries is what i hope for him.
  7. The power play system was not geared from day 1 of the season. The whole coaching staff missed the camp because of the so said injuries. If the camp had always regular line 1 PP and line 2 PP the players would have more cohesion on the ice. But it's the players who are missing the scoring chances, not the coach.
  8. It's a HUGE upgrade for Vancouver, Booth brings speed and size to Kesler, Booth always winged diminutive centers, while skating the zone, Weiss never wins or even goes in the front of the net for the rebounds. Reinprecht will not unstabilise bottom 9 but reinforce it, when he plays of course. Samuellson is a t the end of the line, so does Sturm overrated and very much more a third line winger. Vancouver needed a seconfd line winger with speed and got it. Whatever is % shooting he creates chances. Kesler will finish them. Knowing Booth was on the market for so cheap i don't know why Gaut
  9. Muller is doing good in Milwaukee. Not to late never too late. Rank Midwest Division GP W L OTL SL PTS PCT GF GA STK P10 S/O PIM 1 Milwaukee Admirals 4 3 0 0 1 7 0.875 12 7 3-0-0-1 3-0-0-1 1-1 36
  10. I'd be happy if Eller was playing Center. It's all start with strong C and a good goalie and you don't mess it up. Hopefully Desharnais will be converted in a winger ro we do not have to plut Moen on top 9 f. And i'll repeat even if Cole inly scored 2 goals out of 26 last year he had freakin Staal and Skinner to score the goals while he was making room.
  11. Cole had one bad shift, and he should get benched? Doesn't he get benched every power play opportunity Montreal get ? to play Darche or Desharnais. Gauthier spent 4.5 million on a player and the coach doens't know how to use him. Half season, people will bum Cole for not scoring. If only AK46 and Cole started the game with Plek it would have change the dynamic. I would accept AK46 to play with Eller, but with Desharnais it's a waste. I'll take a break i am sick of this.
  12. Weber, Darche and Engvist is not what we can cal a force in PK. Weber doesn'T take his amn or stick, Darche couln't read a play in the making, Emelin, Gomez, Gionta. could make more sense. Even then play Gorges with Gill for two minutes.
  13. Finally a big save for Price. Could be a tonic. 2PP goals i know, but nothing unstoppable. If the habs hopes to win the goalie have to stand on his head, all the time.
  14. Finally we have two role players for heavier forechecking yet not goons with defensive abilities. Moen and and Betts. I think we will see the best of Moen with less expectation of him being the lone big guy up front. If some players get abused, 5 forwards in that line up can give opponents big checks and three of them can score goals, + two big guys with reach and defense.
  15. Campoli is ok. Well the ok that he will last with heads down. This is more what it will lool like thursday from this morning line up Pacioretty-Gomez-Gionta Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Cammalleri Darche-Desharnais-Cole Moen-Engqvist-Weber Gill-Subban Gorges-Campoli Spacek-Diaz I am surprise to see Cole on the third line but as soon as AK46 will slow down Cole is with Plek. Diaz over Weber and Yemelin, gotta give it to Diaz he himproved throught the camp. What does Engqvist does to stay there ? Can he play good penalty killing ? Can he win faceoffs ? Hopefully Eller is back soon but even t
  16. With Campoli possible concussion, my guess is two weeks waiting for no trauma, Markov still out, Gorges had already two tough hits at his knee. It is more than important to keep bodies in Montreal. Having a tough nail aroud like Yemelin who won't back down is a must keep here. Weber's a keeper too starts slows and somehow gets geared in november. Great to have around for his point boom shot too. Diaz has some moves, he can work them as being the number one guy in Hamilton. If sky falls down Woywitka could play a couple of games, AHL bound. So it's not good but looks like this to start
  17. Campoli can skate, Gill is and always be slow and Spacek rejuvanated legs won't hold long if overplayed. Could log + 22 minutes, play some second wave PP and will make a good pair with Gorges.
  18. Dumont at the right place, hard worker. Archambeault has wheels tonight, he wants the puck and has the moves. Beaulieu was a steal, near future top 4. I like this small guy too, Gionta Not much more to say except that Schultz looks slower than Hall Gill. Palushaj is invisible again.
  19. From what i think. Pearn will do special team. Cunneyworth mostly Muller job, link between the coach to the players and life on the bench. Ladouceur is the first real defensemen to coach D since Lappy i think. Has a lot of young D to work with. Not bad. Not flashy either.
  20. The number 1 and 2 PK fefense killing units in the league is signed. This looks good. PK Gill-Subban Markov- Gorges Emelin PP Markov- Subban Spacek- Weber Pacioretty and Gorges for Craig Rivet... Cross fngers for no bad injuries for him.
  21. With all the hometown players the Jets signed today i could not help to point there that Trotter has more offensive upside than any of these players, Rypien, Jones. Trotter only reason to come back in America is to try out there. He knows they will make no room for him even if he has a fantastic camp. So a trade for a 4th round pick or loose him for nothing after the demotion to AHL.
  22. Forwards with size are the biggest need. I like Biggs but i would like a trade down to get him and have a second round player. I don'T know but between top 10 and 60 i do not see much a convincing top 6 forward. Althought Arnia is interesting if still available at 17th.
  23. 1 year too many if you ask me but Gauthier had no other real option, Meehan knew the habs could not go without him. Have to admit he is the only star player we could sign. And a great teacher for Emelin.
  24. Good if we can sign him and trade him to his hometown, Manitoba. If we throw a round pick with him and land Patrice Cormier i would be glad. Every team needs a Torres, Eager or a player that kind. Enough of these good small players. Let's had some weight.
  25. Good term, one year. Tradable if things get bad, and still the only habs forward able to pound Chara.
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