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  1. This means see ya Hammer. The choice was hard to make but the main point there is that only one year contract was the key. One year to judge if Weber and Emelin could take full NHL duties. Anyway great to have Skillsie back for PK purpose. But a big thank you to Hammer, hoping he lands somewhere to have a chance to earn a Stanley Cup.
  2. A cheap contract entry level for one year, one way or a release clause for a guy who can play at international level no other Montreal D(except Markov) can do that. Low risk high reward for Habs. If he crack the line up they save millions. Hope they lock him. And then sign Jagr for one year . Gauthier should stop by Finland and convince Ramo to sign. He's been a beast out there, of course we have a Price but how many good trade value we have.
  3. Next season i would say habs goalie will make it last until rank between 6-14th. Drafting has been poor in the late five years. Habs will pay for that. And there is no UFA signing or miracle trades that could fix that long term. As much as i like Price, Subban, Eller, Max Pac and PK. thru are not enough core to build a contender team. It takes a franchise center and that cannot fall from the sky unless the scouts find something that the others didn't see.
  4. I really hope PMAC does wash his habs boxers between winning games. Andrei K should be there to take care of Chara if he put his yellow dress on. I am pretty sure i saw him hit him in the ribs third period first game. That would be logic with him having trouble to breath. Dont't underestimate how heavy Andrei is, he can hurt if he wants to and he seems to enjoy hitting Chara. Somebody should take care of Bok choi too, i would like to see Pouliot do that.
  5. Louis Leblanc team is out for the playoffs. Montreal Jumior lost last night and it went all silent in the media, much like all year. Leblanc was not bad but not excellent either, he stills has a good vision of the ice but should have been a factor much more than he had with a good coach and a strong team. 9 points in 10 games in playoffs seems good, but people need to know that bottom teams in the Q make the playoffs so offensive players record lots of points in the first round. On the so so side he is very poor at the face circle 45% in playoffs,51% in the season. Leblanc should join t
  6. Another positive Jack Todd thinks the habs playoff will be a washout. It's a great thread for him, a glass that remains half full would have serve him very well. Anyway thanks Jack ! now i believe.
  7. I would be really surprise to see Wiz back next year. As much is i would like him lock for 3 years under 4 million this will not happen. A team will go for his stats, not for his whole game wich his average. Overpaying average would not be good for habs. Good news there is PK can take the 1st RD for pennies. Markov is the only player that could make each player of this team a little better. Taking this gamble is not that risky, when can you add a player of this caliber for only money ? Scrap Gomez contract and add as many risk like that i am able to live with it. Go habs Go for tonigh
  8. Eller didn't do any worse than Desharnais, why did he get to bench ? Way too soft there on defense and offense from everybody. One thing i heard on my trip on planet Montreal, i heard a Georges Laraque quote saying that there was no system on that team that JM never talks to players and some players doesn't "believe" in the putting the puck behind the d and winning battles. First what the @£¢ Georges Laraque is doing around this team, the organisation paid him his million to keep him away, the money shortage hurt the team for a depth player and this moron has the nerve to stay around
  9. Looking ahead this week, tuesday Atlanta at home and Wednesday facing the Canes in Carolina. This should be to streak to get their head above water, battling a slump just before playoffs is not a bad thing. Having a 4 games slump in the playoffs would be worse. So the key game is Atlanta there, winning this one serves the table for the next day, if Carolina goes dry against Washington and Montreal wins both they will secure their spot in playoffs this wednesday. Saving a playoff spot 11 days before season end would be a great achievement for this team.
  10. Enggvist recall means one of the day to day center is longer than expected. Tt took time to know what was really going on with Gorges and Spacek and i really hope both are able to come back for the playoffs. Althought the risk of aggravate an injury to long term is not necessary with the current standings. And the fact that the Great Dane is playing really good gives a break too, but come on we need a injury free luck streak.
  11. The Great Dane is coming out of his shell, and everything confidence gives to a talented player is a big + for this team. At some point i wished he would find a scoring stride in the minors but he learned a lot, on the how to play in the NHL in these 50 games. I wish they keep this line with AK and Moen. His success is around the net AND it'S the biggest line i have seen in a long while. Keep it up kid.
  12. That 4 minutes penalty was again stupid, the game could have stopped there, especially when Weber is playing his wrong side on penalty killing The only thing he does really good is carrying the puck in full speed, it seems liek everybody knows how to play him to shut him down. Not only him but all his line mates, he took down AK with him, AK without him does really good with Eller. Now it's MaxPac and Gionta turn to go down with him. What needs to be done with him is a three games on the press gallery. Obviously, after the trade deadline, miracles do happen. Three games out of the li
  13. Watching RDS this morning i almost strangled myself hearing them rambling on Rivet cak to CH. Ruff sidelined him since jan 11 for a good reason, he stinks. Only talk habs should have with Buffalo is Connelly. To replace Gomez on top 6 and confine him to a third line.
  14. Gomez found a way not to get a - in that game. He is frozen at -18, -9 in his last 9 games. AK dropped from +13 to +4 since paired with Gomez.
  15. I thought Nash could hold his own better than he did last night. He was clearly afraid of Edmonton 4th line. Job to to on his backward skating and mental toughness. So, i didn't like Mara for most of his abilities but he is not intimidated and he has a beard, thing that most young Oilers will not have before 10 years.
  16. I could smell it this time. There was some rumblings about a O'brien. Mara cost pennies and he is a appreciated by a lot of players in habs locker room. I just don't like him on the ice. Too bad for Nash, i like defensemen that can pass the puck. He will still be there next year.
  17. I would not consider trading Nash, left D, accurate pass and his shots hit the net. work to do on his positionning and skating but sill very good. Trading this asset would not be a logical move, they are too hard to find. Even if they all get wounded, i do not want any other 6-7 defensemen from other team. Valuable experience has been gain by PK and Weber. Only one thing i wish for his another player that could help Moen on the physical side.
  18. Does someone else gave up completely on the Great Dane(Eller) ?? I never had high expectation on him but he achieve to deceive my low expectations, Bulis type. I think he should be offered as trade bait.
  19. Gomez cannot buy or even touch the net. Gomez cannot win a face off. I am so fed up of him.
  20. Looks like a line shake up at this morning skate. Source CKAC. Max Pacioretty - Tomas Plekanec - Brian Gionta Andrei Kostitsyn - Scott Gomez - Lars Eller Benoit Pouliot - David Desharnais - Mathieu Darche Travis Moen - Jeff Halpern - Tom Pyatt If it's true i like this. Gionta needs to rack points.
  21. Wiz played over 30 minutes in that game. That is a lot of ice time. Ok for the PP but in the penalty killing he is losing a lot of energy there. Spacek and Weber didm't average 15 minutes, of course nobody wants to see Weber in PK but if he cannot hold is own there. then Picard alternate with him or Spacek who clearly lost JM confidence with his ups and downs. This would go on the rumors usually but i see a hole in the line up for 3th right D. Both Wiz and PK can hold on in PP. Weber role is blocked there. I would see à big 6.4 foot right D who can fight and stop that bump in Price game
  22. You say you would rather meet Philly with all the Hamilton call ups, take it as an exhibition game. Relax, chill out, we have lots of time. We're not winning the Stanley Cup on the first exhibition game.
  23. The one that i am surprise to see as line up possibility to play tonight is MaxPac he looked like Wiz lethal shot went thought his foreharm,broke two ribs to go inside, perforate the spleen and went down his legs, leaving doctor Mulder no choice to open his leg to take the puck out. Far from a pain freak, Gorges, Ciccarelli or any rugby player. This is the POWER forward that you talk about ? Maybe tall, fast and average strong but in no way a tough nail.
  24. What's the need to worry about depth there must be plenty of depth the GM gave two NHL'ers this year for nothing. Losing a sniper who net 13 goals in half a season, ouf it hurts, and especially his shoulders the most useful part of his body with all the checks he made this year 13.
  25. Picard had a similar injury than MaxPac, there is absolutely no protection there. But i dunno his painmeter, he was shaking and had trouble walking to the lcoker room. Could be a fractured foreharm.. Cammelleri i feel was just a shove and he did not protect himself. PK inside foot will hurt tomorrow expect him back in the second. Halpern, probably the flu bug.
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