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  1. 44-30-4-4 (96 pts) 2nd Atlantic 5th in East 13th in NHL 222 goals
  2. Not sure of the exact number but I think the president's trophy winner has won the cup eight times. These particular Rangers did it in '94, I think. Sportsnet tweeted it today (last night) sometime.
  3. I think MTL's biggest weakness is the potency of their offense. They can score, but only at an average rate. If they run into a goalie like Lundqvist who gets in the skater's heads, it would put all the pressure on the defence and Price, and even then they might have difficulty overcoming a lack of scoring. Anyway, we'll see. I'm just excited, and every other team in the east should be worried about facing the best goaltender in the league.
  4. No reason for the Habs to be afraid of anyone. They're the top team in the conference and they act like it. They don't care who they get: they're going to handle their business knowing they're a good team that can skate with anyone in the league. That's what I'm excited for. Swagger.
  5. well this thread took a turn.
  6. Of the eight years on PKe's contract, I think you could reasonably expect at least fair market value in at least five years, likely more. He's gonna score what, 240 goals in those eight years? That's production at a fixed cost. It all depends on the purchase price.
  7. i gave this thread a five star rating only because i couldn't give it more.
  8. For the Habs, no. But at what point does a team like Edmonton, who have struggled mightily in recent years, seriously look at picking him up. Yes, 5.75 for 5 more years isn't pretty, but frankly that's an average contract for a middle tier player on July 1st. Middle tier players already won't go to Edmonton willingly, and to a team of youngsters and underperformers, there's got to be some additional value added that a grumpy, mean, over-the-hill player like Richards might bring aside from goals and assists. Yes, he's over the hill, but he has some serious experience for a 29 year old and just the residual stench of a cup-contending team would improve the tire fire going on in Edmonton. He isn't who he used to be but he has won and that has value to a team like Edmonton.
  9. I thought he said the opposite on twitter today? Might have read it wrong, I was slacking at work and may have rushed through it.
  11. There may be just a tiny bit of doom and gloom in here based on the Nashville loss and a few injuries. The team is deep, give them a chance to see what they can do. If Price continues playing out of his mind, there's no reason this team can't continue to accumulate points.
  12. Perfect. Staubitz AND Parros. The bash bros. The refs will cower in fear and never call weak penalties on us again!!!!
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