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  1. That's exactly what happened. They added a bunch of forwards, registered only minimum number of D-men. And ended up playing with four D-men. That's poor management in my opinion.
  2. I doubt they will be able to sign all their UFAs in 2024: Not only Aho, but Teravainen, Skjei and Pesce as well.
  3. That Mysak kid might yet amount to something.
  4. The point is that he would have been ranked much higher after his +1 year.
  5. Two playoff series wins is a great experience for the boys in Laval. Now they have a bit of a break to see whether Springfield also does a sweep.
  6. The shot counts in OT seem encouraging, in spite of a minor to Niku for tripping. 5-on-5, they are outshooting the Murks 11-2 with three minutes remaining in OT1.
  7. The Oilers certainly won't win the back of their goaltending. If they do, it'll be all McDavid and Draisatl.
  8. For those of you watching ... how has Primeau been tonight? He hasn't stonewalled the Murks like in the previous two games, but the shots and goals don't tell the whole story.
  9. Ylonen has been a bit quiet in this series but scores a super timely PPG. OT it is!
  10. ... and now Rochester is back in the lead. 😮
  11. After Rocket led in shots 31-18 in the first two periods, it's now the Murks 7-1 in the third.
  12. He could still move up (from 25 or so, wherever the Calgary pick lands) but likely not to top 10. Maybe something in the 15-20 range is possible. But that might be a last-minute move if they see someone still being available that they are particularly keen on.
  13. What Brian explained is that sending him to Laval would have required waivers and would have risked losing him altogether (and still required Laval to send another forward back up). So, not sending him to the Rocket is actually protecting him as an asset.
  14. I think (almost?) everyone here is expecting the Habs to make him a qualifying offer.
  15. I'm pretty sure an NHL team could buy him out of that contract. Buying and selling of contracted players is very common in top-level European sports, more so than trading.
  16. Top scorers in preliminary round: 1. Denis Malgin (SUI) 5g+7a 2. Roman Cervenka (CZE) 3g+8a 3. PLD (CAN) 6g+4a 4. Peter Schneider (AUT) 3g+6a 5. Juraj Slafkovsky (SLO) 3g+6a 6. Drake Batherson (CAN) 2g+7a Goalies: 1. Jussi Olkinuora (FIN) 0.990 2. Jeremy Swayman (USA) 0.953 3. Arturs Silovs (LAT) 0.952 4. Magnus Hellberg (SWE) 0.932 5. Henri Buysse (FRA) 0.931 Habs players or prospects didn't fit into the top 30. I wonder whether Malgin might be generating some interest from NHL teams again for a second try. He's only 25, scoring about a point/game in the Swiss league and very impressive in the WC.
  17. Alfredo, there is no need to mute. The observation that they are watching from a box is fine, but you wrote: And that turns it into an implication that they are not doing combines, just lounging about in the corporate box. It may not be how you meant it, but many people will read it that way. In general, my view is that Hugo like to keep their cards close to the vest, and not let the other GMs know what they are thinking (and, by extension, us fans don't know, either). This is, I think, significantly different from Bergevin, who liked to talk to the media more, and gave them more, whether it was facts, or spin for the benefit of the other GMs.
  18. I really don't think the combine is going to make a big difference for first-rounders (such as Pastrnak). Rather, it might help them spot a diamond in the rough in the later rounds. What you're trying to do is shorten the odds on those late-round picks.
  19. The cap is doing what the cap does best: reduce the gaps between teams. That said, anything can happen in the playoffs, and often does happen. I think this loss will be more painful for the Panthers than the previous series was for the Leafs -- even if they did make it to the second round. First overall, and then swept by a combined 15-3 score. Oof.
  20. An early 1-0 lead (Gignac from Dello and Belzile), with shots 17-7 for Laval in the first period.
  21. We'd be overpaying if we have a good pick next year ... but a top-three pick is far from guaranteed.
  22. After a day away from civilization, I see that Florida is on the cusp of being swept. They’ve only scored one goal per game and Bobrovsky has allowed 11 over the three games.
  23. It's nice to see that the Canes have enough cap space to pay $5M/year for a 10-minute/game forward!
  24. Armia 1g+0a, 14:17 TOI in Finland 6-0 win over Great Britain (yesterday) Armia 0g+0a, 12:43 TOI in Finland 3-0 win over Austria (today) Anderson 0g+0a, 13:59 TOI in Canada 3-6 loss to Switzerland Farrell 0g+0a, 17:20 TOI in USA 2-3 OT loss to Sweden Dichow on the bench in Denmark 3-0 win over France
  25. Hoffman + 3rd would be great. But much more than that? Maybe 2nd? He will be a UFA in two years, which is not so far away.
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