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  1. How much would you pay the Kraken for a deal where they accept to draft Weber and trade him back to the Habs + retain part of his salary ? But Bergevin will never even think about exposing Weber.
  2. Literally asking for Parro’s head in public. Shit’s going down.
  3. Where is Kulak now ? Is he out of the lineup because of cap reasons ?
  4. Don't want to be the party pooper, but let's not go over hyped about Anderson yet. Yes he scores, but he's also on pace for a 82 games season of only 48 points. Domi had 44 in 71 games last season and we all felt he was terrible.
  5. Maybe Weber can pull a Giordano and win a Norris at 35yo with a 74pts season after some 39-38 points seasons... Who knows ?
  6. Yes exactly. This should be Plan A. Losing a player like Shea Weber without any return should be the very last resort. And just to be clear, cuz I just read myself and I thing I didn't say this : I don't mind his leadership gone if we have something good in return. A good return for Weber > Weber at 8M$ declining but with leadership on the team but Weber at 8M$ declining but with good leadership > Losing him for nothing Addition with substraction is only good with POS who #### your locker room up. Not with Weber's kind of players.
  7. Bringing old farts with 1-2 years left will provide some leadership, sure, but it's not the same as a true leader who's been there from the beginning of their careers, who spent several seasons with the kids, watching them grow up as players and as men. If the goal is to set up a team that will be contender for a decade, you need several of them in a long span. Gallagher is one of them, Weber is one of them. Is Price one of them ? Now we added Perry and Staal, definitely the good kind of players for this, but they are near the end. The extra 2M$ for what, 10-12 less points is easily compensated by having your kids growing up as real pros instead of becoming Galchenyuk or Domi.
  8. lol. if you feel Allen has more chance to be picked than Weber ?!?!? which Dmen are you so afraid of losing instead of Weber ? Let me guess... Kulak ? I wouldn't mind one second if they chose Edmunson or Chiarot. They're redondant and suck most of the time.
  9. Sure. Now who's your RD pick to replace Weber as a whole on the ice and off the ice ? Dougie Hamilton ? (will probably not hit UFA market) Adam Larsson ? Zach Bogosian ? Brandon Montour ? Michael Stone ? Ian Cole ? David Savard ? Alex Goligoski ? Jason Demers ? Erik Gustafsson ? Samuel Morin ? Kevan Miller ? Steven Kampfer ? Alex Biega ? Brandon Smith ? Erik Gudbranson ? Sami Vatanen ? Tony DeAngelo ????
  10. Thank you. I'm all for trading Weber, even adding to Weber for a potential upgrade and cover up for his cap hit. But the idea of losing your team captain to Seattle without any form of return, without any guarantee that we'll fetch another top 4 RD on the market or in our system. Throwing away one of the few leaders in the locker room for nothing, one of the few players that can help the young Suzuki, Ghule, Caufield and KK growing into team oriented pros instead of Kassian/Galchenyuk/Domi type of players. For nothing in return ?!? Just to get rid of his cap hit ? It's bullshit. Let's just become the new Sabres or Oilers then. Lot of talent, no leadership, no direction. No playoffs, no Cup.
  11. Because his job is not done off the ice, leading the kids, teaching them how to become pros and positive leaders themselves. That's the real value of Shea Weber, not his slapshot or his declining mobility. Unless Bergevin brings in Crosby/Toews/Bergeron...
  12. LOL stop that non sense. Weber should be and will be protected.
  13. It would not be THAT foolish. DeBrincat made it. Caufield might just make it as well.
  14. I'm more than willing to ride Ducharme and even for him to be the next coach. Anyway, what was the list ? Bouchard Vincent Groux Ducharme Roy
  15. Exactly why I don't want Hall. Cuz he'd be our best forward.
  16. I didn't mean he's a "cancer", but more like a player that doesn't put the team first. À la Subban. As much as he's good and gives his 100%, what he does on the ice and in the locker room is not team oriented. They do their best, they're good at what they do, but what they do is for their own success as part of the team success instead of the opposite. That's what we read on HFBoards, Twitter, etc. Not that he is a bad teammate or fights with coaches. Edit : now, I believe it's up to the coaching staff tu use psychology and get these players on board with teams' concept. But at one point, it's more difficult with some than some others. Hall seems to be one of them. Like Subban. Personnaly, I love the skills these guys have and what they bring to the game. But they better not be in your leadership group, and when these guys have great skills (like Hall and PK for instance) they end up being paid and receiving lot of icetime. If we have to end up with such players in our lineup, I'd prefer if they would have a less important role on the team, like Athanasiou or Del Zotto.
  17. They also have the equivalent of Weber-Petry ahead of him on LD in Hedman and McDonagh. (even better if you ask me) My point being : if he was RH, he would probably play with Hedman over Rutta and Cernak.
  18. That's what happens when 3 dmen are not in the right chair. None of the LD has anything to do in their respective spot. Even with Chiarot healthy it is so. Everyone of them is 1 step higher than he's supposed to. Bergevin hasn't done shit to get a #1 LD since Markov is gone. Oh, my bad, he drafted one. And traded him to Tampa Bay.
  19. Thinking that MB would bring Taylor Hall in his locker room after parting with Subban for "off ice reasons" is lunacy. As much as he's skilled, Taylor Hall is a team killer. Let other teams kill themselves.
  20. Danault : Yeah I just scored my first of the season, knew it was coming. Petry : That's cute. I juste scored my 10th. Danault : Yeah, but I have all the big defensive missions. Petry : You mean, like a defenseman ?
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