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  1. You the guy has 12 points in the last 18 games? That's since November 1st, a timeframe where he played 14 games with a broken foot. Moreover, he has played 90% of those games with 51 or 14, not with 27. I say Pac is doing pretty good.
  2. I wonder if the decision to play Emelin with Weber was mostly based on Therrien's intention to have him against Simmonds? I think Beaulieu is often poorly positioned in the D-zone and he appears vulnerable to bodychecks. Emelin is more prone to sustain pressure from heavy hitting right wingers.
  3. I feel like I'm on fire. It shall be: 49-26-5-2 2nd in Atlantic 5th in league 241 goals for
  4. Christian Thomas is having quite an interesting camp. He has a couple of goals I think in the scrimmage games and he played a good game against the Bruins. I think he is establishing himself higher than Ghetto & DLR in the depth chart. I could see him as a good replacement for Gallagher if he gets hurt during the season. Sekac is a good player too. Good to see him compete and be effective against Bruins veterans. The guy has good vision.
  5. Great post. I remember seeing Beaulieu perform in Saint John during the 2012 QMJHL playoffs. He clearly saw himself above the rest during games (which he actually probably was, talent wise). This translated in arrogance towards the opposing team (he was yapping like an a$$ at players between faceoffs) and also on bad decision making while on the ice (too many incredibly long shifts, too many worthless rushes in the offensive zone, etc.). The guy is not focused on making small and simple plays with intensity and good judgment. He seems to be focused on showing the world how great his skating and hands are. I don't like him but I still hope he can turn things around and become an effective player.
  6. Beaulieu is really playing terrible hockey. Guy is soft, so soft. Argh. He created at least 5 major turnovers, including the one on the Pacioretty goal.
  7. you guys saying "this person" or "this man interviewing" don't seem to know about Ron Ron Ron Fournier... man, you guys should really tune in CKAC after Canadiens game on week days... yes he talks to sergei has if he were a kid. He did the same to kovalev a couple of weeks ago when interviewing him about the DVD. Ron is mad
  8. I watched an interview with Emelin on radiocanada and he mentioned that the only reason he didn't come to North America this year was because he received a contract offer from the canadiens AFTER signing with a Russian club. It had to do with his agent not expecting a contract from the canadiens or somethine like that. this guy will be playing in Hamilton (or montreal?) real soon.
  9. I wonder if anyone knows the salaray Selanne will be making this year and if it has Burke obliged to make some more room to stay under the cap? Is there another trade expected from the Ducks?
  10. I can't find some categories of stats on the nhl website. Anyone know where to find body checks, blocked shots, etc data???
  11. well, how about Carbo ruining a guy's self esteem? Samsonov's confidence has been mashed & destroyed, and he hasn't got it back. Do you think that Samsonov was playing worst hockey last year than Ryder these days? Samsonov created much more things on the ice in a single game than what Ryder has been doing for the last month. Why all the patience with Ryder and the pression on Samsonov, who had just arrived in town and playing with a guy in a bad streak (Kovalev) and a guy stressed as hell (Plekanec) ????????????????????????? Read it here: Carboneau destroyed Samsonov's carreer in the NHL. But you learn from your mistakes. So it's a good thing he learned patience and I like the way he deals with Ryder and Latendresse this year.
  12. Where the hell is he when we need him. I really don't like the way Carbonneau misused some players last year (i.e. Perez, kovalez, and yes, Samsonov). If Perez wouldn't have been pissed by the coach, he might have stayed around. He would be the perfect fit to replace ryder on the first line. Where is he now? How is he doing? Do the habs still pocess any rights on him? He could add some punch to the smolinski and Latendresse line...and eventually i could see a s. kost - grabs - perez line!
  13. That's right, Danis and the rest are still with us! http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/237376.html A bad news for every single one of them but a good news for the habs who keep a certain "depth".
  14. What’s the formality explaining that these two need to clear waivers? This is bad news for us – if we loose Danis there is no way we can trade Halak as part of a package.
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