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  1. I'm going to say he is a part of the team's integral future due to the following reasons. #1. He is still young #2. He is very disciplined and is a JM type player #3. He can easily fill an aging defenceman's role (Ex: hamrlik asks for too much next season).
  2. So far this season, my hat is off to 1) Price 2) Pleks 3) Halpern 4) Gorges/Gill/Subban/PICARD 5) Kostitsyn/Cammy In my doghouse: 1) Gomez 2) Moen 3) Spacek
  3. 3 games in 4 nights is a pretty big workload for any goalie. IMO: start Price tonight vs LA, Auld in Atlanta on Friday, then return to Price for Buffalo.
  4. Andrei Coliacovo?..the guy's apparently the new team band aid...always injured!
  5. I've been waiting for this matchup for so long. It's going to be a chess match; more than likely a low scoring game :hlogo:
  6. farewell Ryan, I will always remember you for scoring on our own net and your countless number of delay of game penalties habs win this trade
  7. A very structured and solid first period. Lines were moving the puck around very well..pass completions were crisp and on the tape. Unfortunately, the inability to capitalize on all of those powerplay opportunities may prove to be the difference maker. Let's hope that the guys can step it up and pot a few in the next 40
  8. they looked flat all night long and don't deserve a point in this game. New Jersey simply outworked us and it shows on the scoreboard. Despite the amount of saves price has had to make, a majority of them were "Quality" shots and not Quantity shots AKA shots that we took tonight that had minimal chance of going in. Did anybody else notice that a majority of our shots were along the ice? Why didn't anybody shoot high on Brodeur tonight in conclusion..I hate NJ, games against them are always a snore and the OWN us
  9. it looks like they're handling this game as if its insignificant, and to make things worse.. playing it at an NHL preseason speed! cmon guys! 3-2-1 doesnt sound like an impressive start. I don't know what's wrong with Gomez and Gionta but since the first game they haven't been themselves. We are in big trouble if that line doesn't get clicking soon; as well as Pouliot and Eller.
  10. i dont understand these guys haven't played since Saturday and they are skating like there are bricks in their boots. Just a poor effort all around for 40 minutes (minus price..who has been great). The way to solve new jersey is to cycle the puck low and hope to get some calls. Gionta's first penalty was legit, however on the second one..Brodeur deserved a Oscar. They better hope to pot one early because being down 2-0 to new jersey is like being down 5-0 to any other team.
  11. That was a stinker of a period :puke:
  12. I like this signing a lot! An experienced vet who has a solid slapshot and is not afraid to go to the net! Like Gauthier's thinking on this one my only concern about losing Moore is how much it will affect our PK abilities, but overall a good replacement for a very reasonable cost!
  13. I had you mistaken for Colin for a second because normally he is the one who posts things like this
  14. I think Cammalleri or Gionta are prime Candidates. Gorges deserves an A though
  15. It sucks that the Blues/Habs only meet once this upcoming season and that will be March 10th (in STL)...I would love to have seen the reaction in Montreal when Halak returns
  16. not trying to burst anybody's bubble here but Guerin is supposedly working out with the Philadelphia Flyers according to Eklund (who I must say is much more realistic in his posts these days)
  17. Unfortunately, Price came off a so-so season and it really isn't within his control anymore...short term I'll be content with.
  18. I am somewhat puzzled from fans reaction on the board Re: that article. If it weren't for the shootout, Montreal would more than likely NOT have made the post-season last year? The real talent lies in the shootout, and it should remain that way. If they went to IIHF rules for the shootout (after 3 shooters you can recycle the same guys), then I would be pissed off...but they made it right putting the proper restrictions on. Also, the fact is ongoing overtime is meant to stay with playoff hockey and if it became like that for regular season games, players would be way too tired...(especially on back to back nights). I have been to multiple games since the shootout has been introduced, and the fans are on the tip of their seats or STANDING in anticipation. My only suggestion would be to make the shootout out of 5 shooters instead of 3. Otherwise, sorry guys.. the article was an interesting read, but the shootout is here to stay. I don't mind the points system and I think the NHL has done a spectacular job giving the fans what they want.
  19. this move makes no sense to me...the EV out of Auld might be ok if you have a proven goalie, but c'mon!...Price has had one solid year so far. Not only that; the guy is going up a 82 day frozen creek without a paddle if he starts to struggle, the media will pick on him like vultures. IMO, I don't think this was a wise move by any means unless JM intends on going back to a firewagon hockey system, which I do NOT foresee coming in the near future. So with that being said, GL Price, your going to need it with all the rubber you face next season.
  20. I know this sounds insane, but I just heard something about Luongo and Price being involved in some sort of blockbuster trade not even from Eklund
  21. Plekanek to Calgary (e4) according to Eklund lol
  22. Since Emelin is not coming...I think Weber could crack the lineup and develop. I am not a fan of Hamrlik whatsoever...his lack of speed cost us a ton of shorthanded goals against and blown PP opportunities in the games leading up to the post-season and in it. Up front, you have to admit it does look pretty spiffy, one can only hope that our lineup looks relatively close to this.
  23. NO NO NO NO NO....and just in case you disregarded the previous 5.....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Buy out Hamrlik!!! and as somebody previously mentioned the logical move would have been to resign price first then see where Halak stands... Unless this sets up some sort of blockbuster trade, I do not like the logic behind this more for various reasons 1) Halak proved himself on an NHL/International/Playoff stage 2) I'd like to know the names of some prospects the Habs have gotten in previous trades that ever panned out to be something? (minus Gorges..he is a blessing) 3) I could have mistaken Gauthier the GM of the Bulldogs instead of the Habs... is he setting the Dogs up for a Calder Cup run next year 4) This is one of those trades that can only be analyzed after 82 games are played next season..but I think St. Louis won 5) Inevitably, somebody who is NHL experienced would have been a much better return (Backes or Perron+pick) 6) there's still TWO weeks before Halak hit the market..the closer the Canadiens got to July 1st, the more they would have been likely to return I wish Halak all the best in St. Louis, he really was a franchise player and never turned his back on the Habs with partying shenanigans (unlike some players); worked his butt off from training camp right through to game 5 of the eastern semifinals, and stole the spotlight rightfully so. If this isn't a wake up call to Carey, nothing ever will be. A move of this magnitude is make or break. I firmly believe the Canadiens got the shorter end of the stick on this one. jmo, but I think it's a pretty valid one.
  24. Just a thought..don't take this TOO seriously.. bring Tanguay back to the Habs (he was not even bad for us), sign Matthew Lombardi (who is versatile), and possibly steal Kris Versteeg..... let Pleks walk and bring Emelin over....sign ONE goalie...I'm not ready to give up on Price yet; however Halak just stole the spotlight last season, respectfully and proved he can take this team far if they play in front of him. this lineup would certainly look much improved as opposed to last season Gionta-Gomez-Versteeg Tanguay-Lombardi-Cammy (the flame ghost line) Moen-Lapierre-Pouliot (grit and scoring) Pyatt-Moore/Metro-? (shut down) Markov-Subban O'byrne-Gorges Emelin-Spacek (Gill as 7th) (buy out hammer) Halak/Price-Desjardins
  25. IMHO, I think if Plex doesn't resign as a habs, we are going to see the habs persuade Matthew Lombardi, who just came off a pretty solid season with Phoenix. I think he could find instant chemistry with Cammy; as they are ex-team mates
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