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  1. 48 minutes ago, Toronthab said:

    "When events coincide with aspirations ..they call it good "luck".. When events do not correspond with aspirations.. the call it bad "luck" --- Socrates


    Nature does not proceed by chance   -- Aristotle


    When you breed horses .. you get horses... -- Aristotle.


    Greek philosopher quotes and hockey...:surrender:  seasons gotta be done right?

  2. On 1/12/2018 at 8:19 PM, DON said:

    Recycling the two coaches may show how shallow French coaching pool is, or Bergevin's lack of will to go with a more inexperienced young guy.

    Why would Boston want to get rid of Julien if he was such an elite coach? I don't think it's a coincidence that they're lighting it up with Cassidy behind the bench with virtually a similar roster. This whole "french coach" BS needs to stop;  why can't the coach have siri translating the whole time during the English portion of press conferences? 

  3. 21 hours ago, Meller93 said:

    Pacioretty continues to take massive heat from media, and takes it away from his teammates, often placing blame squarely on his shoulders.


    He’s clearly trying his best when it comes to giving back to the community, for example his captain’s tournament raises hundreds of thousands a year.


    It’s also clear that he’s trying to lead by example in terms of being a good guy in the locker room, and keeping the right mind set (at least to the onlookers). I’m not saying he says the right thing every time, but it’s pretty clear that he’s trying, which is pretty damn important.







    Heres to hoping that he turns it around so his player value rises; because if Bergevin were to send him out of town, his price would be at an all time low. The off-season makes more sense if a trade were to occur. Taking responsibility for everything that is going wrong is not necessarily a good thing, especially to the wolves of media in Montreal; secondly I don't think his personality fits the mold of captain characteristics. It was a mistake nominating him captain, he already had high expectations to be a consistent 30+ goal scorer, the added responsibility likely plays a factor in the regression of his production.   

  4. FYI: I started the first thread that generated a lot of interest, so now it is up for debate again. Pax is the focal point amongst a lacklustre season; cannot say he is a scapegoat due to the fact that he floats, and his comments to media proves that a trade is pretty much writing on the wall should Bergevin not be fired before. Thoughts? 

  5. 4 minutes ago, THE Bobby Orr said:

    so what does MB do with Flynn, Martinsen, King, Mitchell, Ott (the latter was ok...but)...?? throw them back in the bargain bin?  Might as well throw in Plex and Danault in there as well.  i swear sometimes i can't help but think the other GMs are laughing at us.   The commentators had us losing the game tonight when there was still more than 5 minutes left !!!  No respect from SN, TSN commentators all season long...Its like we need to get our MOJO back and fast.         

    I actually think Pierre Mcguire wouldn't be a bad GM. A hell of an upgrade in the interim for dumpster diver. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, THE Bobby Orr said:

    repeating myself...the Radulov signing was blind luck on MBs part...it was just more bargain hunting, sometimes you find a gem in the bargain bin...

    you're likely bang on with this comment, it was Weber influencing Radu knowing how hopeless of a team he had surrounding him hoping he could boost the team, which he did. Imagine the Canadiens without Radulov this season? But at the same point, it's hindsight 20/20. You get rid of Subban who could have been an all star D man for several more seasons than #6, Weber has maximum 2 good seasons left in him. 

  7. one thing we can all mutually agree on is that Marc Bergevin has let us down as a General Manager. PK Subban is laughing somewhere tonight and I am so happy that he is. He was NOT the problem. He was a real LEADER and embraced CHARACTER in the dressing room. I am not sitting here bashing Shea Weber but that could be one of the worst trades in franchise history. Bergevin must have been using an analytics algorithm hoping these players would pan out. Flynn, Mitchell, Danault (not his fault for being put in a role he wasn't meant to play), Davidson, Ott, Martinsen. The only plus side is Radulov but who knows what he's going to do after having the season he did. I would say this team needs to implode and build from the ground up. Players like Bryon and Lehkonen are terrific positives for the future but we have to figure out what to do with Gallagher and Chucky before they regress. Major decisions need to happen this offseason. 

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