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  1. This belongs in trade PROPOSAL, not trade rumour thread.
  2. How do you put Pekka Rinne in? He hasn't gone deep in the post-season once. Holtby is still unproven in the 2nd season but looks like he is panning out to be a top 5 goalie. He could break that category, but I'd still take Jonathan Quick over him. The offence up front eclipses and pads his stats (Just like Corey Crawford).
  3. 2 goalies currently match Carey Price's echelon. Quick and Lundqvist. Unless the team is a legitimate 4 lines deep one like a Chicago or Dallas, don't even pose the idea!
  4. I agree but an extra time loss wouldn't have hurt either. Sadly, I found myself enthusiastically cheering on the Philly players to finish them like in a Mortal Kombat video game.
  5. Markov to Washington seems to be buzzing more and more as the deadline approaches. I salute Andrei with his service to the Habs for years, but draft picks help us and him in his quest for the cup! Make it happen MB!
  6. Philadelphia handed the Canadiens that game on a silver platter in the shootout...and im pissed that they did. Putting a guy who is 1 for 8 out there to try and equalize? P.S. way to show LEADERSHIP out there when it doesn't matter anymore #67 lets at least TRY and get a top 5 pick in 2016 draft
  7. Why should the Habs experiment and F up the ONLY bright spot in lineup chemistry recently? The Lars Eller experiment is over! RE: your suggestion; if Eller flops playing with Chucky and Gally, his trade deadline value could depreciate even further then they're REALLY up shit creek without a paddle.
  8. are you suggesting that you don't like to get Scrivey with it?
  9. If this is in fact the case, shut him down like Carey.
  10. He couldn't score on a 'Banker' last night. This thread is more alive than ever before!
  11. The only person ill go out to bat for is Dale Weise on your trade list. This team would be SO pathetic if he wasn't the co-MVP through the first quarter of the season.
  12. the first shot on Louis Domingue should be from at least center ice. Get that mental game running in his head. In case you don't know, he's let in multiple softies past the blue line/red line. I'm hoping for an exciting game and a Canadiens regulation loss.
  13. Anything is up for debate on this forum. If you don't like what you see, then don't participate in the thread "if ya ask me" [i started this thread FYI and have zero regrets in doing so]
  14. The old saying is if it ain't broken don't try and fix it. Chucky Plex Gally look good as a line. See how it pans out.
  15. I need to ask you a personal question...do you really think this team can win the Stanley Cup? whether it be on goaltending or O or D presence?
  16. I mentioned to Brian in another thread that this team needs to stop the push shove in standings and find an identity fast suggesting that Bergevin gives up a couple of 1st rd picks for Drouin....being bipolar in the standings helps nothing by any means of the imagination. Just tank already! I can name 4 Eastern conference teams that whoop our ass in a 7 gm series off the top of my head instantly.
  17. Oh dear god Brian you make the linesman seem so innocent? They don't get paid to prop their ass up on a board they get paid to skate and move out of the way...he had plenty of time to do so if you watch the play again.
  18. Subban should have pulled a Dennis Wideman on that linesman, just sayin
  19. Pacioretty wishes he could hit a one timer with the velocity stammer can. They look like the same player on paper this season, but over the long term, Stamkos will take off in point production, thus making him worth the pricetag associated.
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