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  1. No? I look at it from the perspective that the 4 A system was working and he likely won't hit 30 snipes this season. A drop in production is concerning and I still think he F***s the dog some nights. I wish we had a Captain like Toews or Jamie Benn.
  2. Our team is in a cap mess. I dont even know how either?
  3. How about Eller buyout, and DD deadline for bag of late round picks on trade deadline day when the playoffs are out of sight. ON that note? does anybody on this forum own a Larry Eller jersey? I'll give you a bag of pucks for it.
  4. This is a complete contradiction of your one year tank/rebuild article, just saying.
  5. Why? Plex has better production than Ladd over the course of his career. That would not be an upgrade whatsoever. It's been stated so many times it's almost like beating a dead horse at this point; Plex is in the wrong role and until that big name Center comes (or if he ever does), he will continue to be under the microscope.
  6. I saw this off twitter and had to repost it RE: Leafs/Sens trade (@50_MissionCap): My favourite exercise in cognitive dissonance is watching all the Sens fans who called Phaneuf a pylon for years suddenly love him.
  7. I'm just here because I want to re-express my support for tanking. golf habs golf
  8. Not everyone is on Carolina? According to a site I use which tracks wagering activity on 5 of the major offshore sportsbooks, almost 63% of public money is going in on denver moneyline at the moment. A slight edge for spread however with 53% of the publics money siding with Carolina at -5 or -5.5 points. IMO Carolina runs away with it and wins by 15+
  9. Kinda good news: Habs have a .579 win % on Super Bowl Sunday with a record of 20-14-4
  10. I wonder how long until we see a fan pop up with a Numbonepick 16 jersey in the stands at the Bell Center?
  11. This thread was about whether Pacioretty was a leader or not, how did it transpire into some rubbish debate about who is going to be the next Habs coach?
  12. Canada's currency is borderline 3rd world now. Putting a team in Quebec is less likely to happen than Donald Trump shaving his head bald for charity. The only expansion team that makes sense right now is Las Vegas; mainly because the casinos can eat up a lot of seats and give tickets away as comps. Bettman would be stupid not to place a team there.
  13. what would it take for the Habs to land Yakupov? I was looking back to the 2010-2011 season where him and Chucky played on Sarnia Sting in the OHL. Maybe he is exactly the player Chucky needs to play with? It also helps that they have previous chemistry already. For Yak: 65 GP 49 G 52 A For Chucky: 68 GP 31 G 52 A just some food for thought, especially with Yak underachieving on the Oil
  14. Your sarcasm is relentless LOL, but in all honesty, at least Kovalev would give the team a chance to score MORE than 2 effin goals a night.
  15. I decided to watch the 3rd period only tonight and silently enjoyed watching them blow the lead. tank habs tank! Cue the prospect talk of who they can potentially yield? Here's to hoping for a talented draft class
  16. Sorry but not sorry? That's how I deal with trolls that are overly outspoken. This isn't your first rodeo and it sure won't be your last.
  17. You are acting like the HabsWorld version of Don Cherry. This isn't commandantworld.net! If it was, this forum would have 0 followers. I can't take anything you write as valid from this point forth considering you just shared an article on a one year turnaround (complete bullshit)
  18. LOL I was just about to reply that the edit button is a helluva thing
  19. And Marc Bergevin looks like a genius...again
  20. LOL at least somebody still has a sense of humour when we're down in the dumps
  21. down goes Lessio to the wrath of Gudas. And this is why having someone who can actually throw a bomb or two in the lineup wouldn't hurt
  22. I assume you mean assists
  23. Definitely not the matchup the Canadiens need coming out of the ASB; going on the road to face a surging flyers squad that is 6-3-1 L10 and Shayne Gostisbehere is all of a sudden in Calder talks. Here's to hoping.
  24. You are missing the point. I am not questioning any of the above players mentioned skills or the fact that the Canadiens finally have a deeper roster; sometime a team requires a BOOST. Not like anyone has answered the bell during this slide? Maybe if they watched Scott get in a tilly or two they will get a much spirited lift. I don't care if it's a one game stint or he finishes the season in Montreal. Also, since the rest of the lineup isn't doing 'shit', why not substitute one of those players out for him to put in perspective how SHIT they are really playing?
  25. 1) Most fans care about what their Captain has to say on matters and situations. That's a fact. 2) The fact is Max hasn't been Max this season and maybe getting rid of the C and going back to 4 A's would be beneficial, kind of what I was hinting at in the first place. Some leaders embrace it, others see dents in production because of it. 3) That's great and all but it's outdated by several years. It's about what he has done for the team lately as a LEADER. 4) Where are his 3rd period snipes this season? 5) You have a very polarized perception of leadership. We will agree to disagree
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