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  1. Well, for everyone who was cheering for habs to lose. The MTL slot would be where nashville ball was placed. ( alphabetic order ). So there you have it. Just a guess, unless the balls fell differently, all things equal, unless Nashville ball was out, MTL wouldnt have won the draft lottery. A 12.5% chance or into playoffs we go. You always go for the win and keep team going. There you have it, lets now all get behind our team! ( have a positive feeling about it..) very similar to the 1993 run in a different way!! Let get after it!!!
  2. Would be more fun if was just 1 for 9 PP in series!! Penguins are there to be had! Even a mediocre PP would give habs the win!
  3. Habs should just reject the PP! The PP had to end to tie the game.
  4. Well, that is the reality now at 3 to 1. At 1 to 0, a pp to take it 2 to 0 lead Habs. Instead its 2 to 1 , Penguins. At start of period, another pp , to tie it.. Its 0 for 7 pp .. All that is required is a 1 for 7 ( 14.2% , still very ordinary to below average ) This game would be, 2 to 0 or very least , 2 to 2 Now last opportunity, do we make it 3 to 2 down, or do we go 0 for 8 pp. We have 3 key players ( weber, price, petry ) all over 30. We have 2 young players at 20..
  5. Well, I brought out my habs Jersey from when I was 4 years old. I took it out of the frame, and held it, well too small to fit into it, haha Last time I did it was the 93 cup run and the OT wins... I am not superstitious, but sentimental as life long Habs fan. Suzuki is coming of age fast, with Danault penalties, he stepped up with the PK's Solid effort!! Great to have hockey back!
  6. Keep in mind, Domi may not play subject full medical review and weighing in on the risks. He is in a higher risk group. ( Type 1 diabetes). Bergevin has also confirmed that Max wouldn't be put at risk. End of day, will be Max, his family decision.
  7. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/canadiens-agree-to-terms-with-defenseman-alexander-romanov/c-316861758 TBD start depending if and when season continues, or 24 team playoff option or season canceled. And if he and others signed can play this season if comes to that. Either way he is Team bound.
  8. Brian, Goalie has to be Tretiak for Habs Team Russia 😉
  9. First hope everyone is staying safe!! continued health to all. As it appears we will have a " virtual " NHL draft in June before and if and when we have a regular and/or NHL season. Details emerging with NHL memo circulation to all teams for discussion starting today, on final format. According to TSN and link below, Looks like the older format taking place is on the table by NHL with no more than a non playoff team moving 4 spots if they win the draft lottery. Only the bottom 5 teams can win the top position to select first overall. Which unfort
  10. Geoff actually is a director of Molson Coors since 2009, besides also being current 'ambassador' and shareholder. From June 2015 to May 2017 he served as chair of Molson Coors.. Currently he is responsible for key strategic areas. Now from My own end and access to Liquor board data, and dealing with SAQ... Labatts has gained significant market share in Quebec.. So think it out and Geoff and Molson connection.. More Important to have main stay branding in team, to ensure market share. He isn't just a shareholder... much more He is
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/hockey-canada/video/when-it-comes-to-caufield-there-s-no-such-thing-as-a-bad-angle-shot~1745579 What else can you say ....
  12. Or get creative again and pick up a contract a team at cap limit or to clear cap space, and get a draft pick and or prospect. ( much like Mason / Armia last year ).. Use it to your advantage if there is an opportunity!
  13. Background from article December 2014 and Chariot junior roots and pro beginnings: https://jetsnation.ca/2014/12/15/defying-the-odds-the-chiarot-chronicles/ From above article quote : "..... Chiarot has NHL size and he knows how to use it to his advantage, something that’s a real big plus to be a successful NHL player. He’s your typical shutdown defender and while he is on pace to score 19 assists, his expected NHL output should be limited to his defensive abilities and any offense is considered a bonus. Think of Ladislav Smid without the odd defen
  14. I Hey, I do not subscribe to athletics, it showed up on my phone thinking would be a preview, and long and behold the full article popped up. I know strange, ( must be a good sign , right ) so I copied and paste for myself and emailed it, and decided hey, for those who don't subscribe.. But yes received it even when I never subscribed. There you go! I figured for window of time now it's " free domain" but made share to credit the athletic.
  15. Caufield it is.. Scorer, risk / reward pick Pure scorer , elite level with potential shortcomings... but that's the draft.. Maybe huge pick for the habs: ( as just posted I thought Krebs would have been it, more complete safe pick ) but hey don't mind this pick either, had to be one of the 2. Both final rankings consensus top 10! " ....USNTDP teammate Jack Hughes said: “His shot can find the smallest openings. He can catch a pass, with no stick handle, and put it bar down. You give him two good looks, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll score
  16. Krebs if available, take him! Complete game and compete!
  17. First practice, KK on wing . https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/platform/amp/latest-news/2019/4/1/18290574/canadiens-lines-at-practice-jesperi-kotkaniemi-moved-to-wing-montreal-tampa-bay-oh-no-not-again
  18. It's simply stating in today's world we tend to " pamper ", it's not an overreaction, but simply stating all players and people deal with adversity, and stress, and exhaustion, champions and leaders dig deep , and go beyond... How can a player or person learn when they are taken away from such situations, regardless if it's being tired.. Just being on bench, and feel the intensity and isolate the athlete to be in position to succeed is experience mentally and " feel " that is worthy if the athlete has the inner fabric and is wired to succeed, better than watching from " the press b
  19. Healthy scratch again! Peca in, KK out https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/jesperi-kotkaniemi-will-healthy-scratch-critical-game-jets/ Carolina Svechnikov is playing, In midst of the pressure of playoff The " if scared of being hit by a car " don't leave the house mentality, leads to this team to miss playoffs, Keep playing the grinders! For team sake , hope Julien looks like a genius here and they win tonight!!!! And this doesn't have KK lose his confidence. To many examples in past that Habs have hampered the developmen
  20. https://www.hobeybaker.com/vote Top 10 will be announced on March 10 to go to next round. Given his performance to date. Lets all vote him into top 10 fan vote ? and he would be the top NCAA goalie for the Hobey Baker finalist Just also wins the Beanpot's MVP award and Eberly award for Best Goaltender, after he stopped 59/62 shots through two games last few days. https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2019/2/12/18221175/habs-headlines-primeau-beanpot-mvp-weise-nate-thompson-christian-folin-ann-sophie-bettez-team-canada
  21. His article says it all.. total character.. the right type of character this team needs. Without reading into it. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/nhl-max-pacioretty-were-going-to-vegas This team has very little identity left and first time ever..i have been a Habs fan since I was 2 years old. Even when I started kindergarten in Toronto I wore a Montreal jersey. And as an 11 year old in Edmonton. Not wanting to see Oilers win the cup. As I always was hoping was the Canadiens. When the team won in 1986 I gave it to my friends in Edmonton.
  22. " Team need " us what MB and this management team and scouts have been directed to search. Obvious by this draft year and all the C And 2017 and the D They are hitting darts at a target hoping that some will be the home run. That maybe so.. If they are lucky. Now few 100km's away.. Check what Toronto and their GM is doing: " NOT team need " BUT elite talent..and in draft choosing best players available. .. https://sports.vice.com/en_ca/article/xwmn7k/kyle-dubas-helps-toronto-maple-leafs-land-star-free-agent-john-tavares-f
  23. Unbelievable!! We are becoming the laughing stock.. Max Domi..36 goals in 222 NHL games at 5'10 LW 23 year old.. For Alex , 24 year old 108 goals in 418 games LW ( watch him be a C in Arizona now )...6'1 with higher skillset.. Another 1 for 1..as MB has his biased and attitude and stubborn ways that will destroy this team! I had saved this article long ago..and this is why MB needs to go as he holds grudges and is stubborn, old school mind set..NO ROOM in today's world and the NHL with Millennial age players! Habs are now in dark ages..simply unbelievable.
  24. As it appears below top 2 consensus with Dahlin the obvious number 1 and number 2 Svechnikov Zadina, Hughes, Tkachuk... are close according to the recent feedback post Combine. And the more I am looking at it the more I am guessing MB will take Kotkaniemi. Fits what MB pattern has been despite his average skating. He appears mature and according to MB line of character fit his mold to the mark: https://www.nhl.com/video/combine--jesperi-kotkaniemi/t-277350912/c-60521803 I would go for the elite skater in Hughes and that D that is standing out or th
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