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  1. My problem with Drouin, even before we traded for him, is that he has yet to prove ANYTHING at this level. Sure he had a good junior career but so did lots of guys (see Angelo Esposito, Alexandre Daigle, there is a long list). Tampa was happy to get rid of him - and they got a real star for him. Then we signed him to a huge contract. Yet he had done NOTHING at this level to prove he deserves it. To be honest, I'd rather have Galchenyuk. Hope I am wrong and he finds a way to get it together but I really don't think that is a realistic expectation. One thing is for sure, he will never live up to the expectations placed on him in Montreal. On the flip side - K-Man looks like he could be the real deal.
  2. 36-38-4-4 80 points 5th in Atlantic 10th in the east 243 goals
  3. Wild thought. If we find a young D who fits under our cap (we've got lots of room) and shows great promise. Why would we worry about getting him ice time? I'd be more than happy to sit Alzner of Schlemko in the press box if that is what it takes. Sure it sounds radical to have a guy making Alzner $$ sitting, but it isn't like it will be hurting our cap and I'd rather move on - anyway I could.
  4. OK. Not disagreeing. But who do you get?
  5. Well said. I am not against fighting in hockey but completely agree with MOLG.
  6. Seriously? So you just used your keyboard to 'sucker punch' a young hockey player? I wouldn't even call what Domi did a sucker punch. He was looking Ekblad right in the ey (or at least the chin) Ekblad, the much bigger player, could have defended himself. So we have a young hockey player, who is willing to play tough and we call him human garbage? Wow! Welcome to Montreal, where we throw Habs players under the bus!!! Terrible.
  7. The Habs certainly need help on the blueline. They have plenty of Cap room. A little over $7m. With room for bonuses, etc, even conservatively we can say $5m. But who is out there? What could we use to pull off a trade if one even existed? Do we take on a large salary to land a D (using the cap space)? Or do we look at what is left from Free Agents? The pickings are slim! Are older guys even worth a look at this point? That is mostly what we are left with. Kevin Bieksa (37 years old), Dennis Seidenberg (37) - or somehow convince Markov too come back (highly doubtful)? Can Cody Franson be brought back from the KHL? Why bother? Or is Luca Sbisa worth a shot? Like I said the pickings are slim, but we need some help! And are any of these guys better than Alzner and/or Schlemko? (Ugh) Why do I think/fear that one of these days we are going to sign Brandon Bollig? What am I missing? (I didn't consider RFA's)
  8. Subban (You did say Who SHOULD be Captain? Not who could be captain?)
  9. So much talk about our third line centre. I've always been of the belief that the third line centre is a 'key' defensive role - think Bob Gainey or Guy Carbonneau. That is where Pleks fits. Always has, and still does. And he doesn't fit anywhere else. Where most of this discussion seems to be trending is about which player is our third best 'offensive' centre. That is a very different discussion, and a very different role. The fear is that the 4th line hardly ever steps on the ice - making the 4th line centre almost a waste. In this case, maybe you put a tough guy there to add a little sandpaper to your team, and that is what contenders often did in the past (not as much today, but it still happens). Now on a rebuilding team (or retooling - whatever you want to call it - we suck right now and are building for the future), you roll four lines. When that is the case, your 4th line centre should be (and often is) a younger player trying to make the most of his opportunities with hopes of moving up to the second line (same for the 4th line wingers). IF the team (and with the Habs that is a big if, even if it is what should be done) rolls 4 lines - then 4th line centre is the perfect place for a player like DLR. A totally different role than 3rd line C (Plekanec). More like a line 2B. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if we actually had a legitimate 1C or 2C!
  10. Good catch. Yes, it is Pacioretty on the first line (not Plekanecs). And I don't want Been or Schlemko either, we are just stuck with them until their contracts run out, unless we can trade them somewhere.
  11. I always get roasted for projected lineups, but what the hell. And I know landing Tavares is a long shot, but does the Galchenyuk trade actually give us the cap space to finally do that? Here are my thoughts (tear themn apart). The projected cap hit for next season is between $78-82 million, so let's round it to $80 million. As of right now, the Habs have $61.438 million committed for next season. That includes 22 players (see below), but doesn't account for RFA's - Danualt, Des LaRose, Carr and L. Shaw. My scenario keeps Danault, adds Tavares, Filip Zadina and Plekanec. And, although it doesn't trade anyone we currently have, it doesn't deal with DLR, Carr and L.Shaw. With my 'fantasy' scenario (or nightmare for some), we would spend $77.938 million, leaving us a little over $2 million for contingency plans. (I would love to get rid of A. Shaw, Alzner and Shlemko freeing up another $10.625 million but that is another story). Here is my projected lineup (it is far from perfect). Can we get Tavares for $12, or do we try Statsny, or someone else)? Can we sign Danault for $2.5 as an RFA? I am not sure? But here goes... Pacioretty ($4.51) Tavares ($12) Drouin ($5.5) Domi ($3.1) Danault ($2.5) Gallagher ($3.75) Byron ($1.16) Plekanec ($1) Zadina ($1) Deslauriers ($.950) Froese ($.650) A. Shaw ($3.9) Extra forwards - Hudon ($.650), Lehkonen ($.925), Scherbak ($1.063) Mete ($.870) Weber ($7.857) Alzner ($4.625) Petry ($5.5) Juulsen ($1.063) Reilly ($.725) Extra D - Benn ($1.1), Shlemko ($2.1) Price ($10.5) Niemi ($.950) RFA's not accounted for De LaRose, L. Shaw, Carr. I'd still like to find a place for DLR... Anyway, rip it apart. Certainly switch up lines and D pairings, but this is what we have right now, assuming we draft Zadina at third overall. The only additions are Tavares and Pleks (who seems to want to come back). I'd also love to add another D - but we need to find a way to get rid of Alzner or A. Shaw to even start thinking about that.
  12. As far as I can see we have 8 defencemen for next season (right now). Weber Petry Juulsen Reilly Alzner Schlemko Benn Mete My question is - how do we know who is a Right Defence and who is Left Defence? Now I know Montreal can't even figure out who is a centre (rolls eyes), but in making D pairings who goes where? And, I guess, am I missing anyone?
  13. What no Pacioretty? (Tongue firmly in cheek)
  14. I agree and disagree. Tavares isn't the only C out there, but he is the one who is most readily available. And, I think he does change this team drastically. The reason is that we have way too many forwards playing out of position to make up for the lack of a 1A Centre. Put Tavares there and everyone else moves a little closer to where they should play and all have a better chance to succeed.
  15. You did read the post? The math is there to do both.
  16. I would love to be cap constrained and have Tavares on our team...
  17. I have seen stranger things. And isn't that what a message board is for to throw out all kind of scenarios and discuss them? Why would a GM not consider all options and go after them? Those GMs win championships. Negative to everything leaves teams out of the playoffs.
  18. How does this look then" (Not necessarily lines and D pairings as I haven't factored in left and right) Galchenyuk, Tavares, Drouin (4.9, 15, 5.5 = $25.4) Byron, Danault, Gallagher (1.167, 1.5, 3.75 = $6.417) Lehkonen, Pleks, Scherbak (.839, 2, .863 = $3.702) Zadina, Froese, A. Shaw (1, .650, 3.9 = ($5.55) Deslauriers, Hudon (.950, .650 - $1.6) ($42.669) Weber, Karlsson/Doughty (7.857, 7 = $14.857) Petry, Jullsen (5.5, .863 = $6.363) Mete, Benn (.748, 1.1 = $1.848) Reilly, Schlemko (find a way to buy him out or move him) (.725, 2.1 = $2.825) ($25.893) Price, Niemi (10.5, 1 = $11.5) Total = $80.062m (Even with Schlemko) so we are $62,000 over... (Sign Pleks at $1.9 or Danualt at $1.4 and it works. Of course, if we somehow get Karlsson instead of Doughty it works too.) The only question I have (assuming this could actually happen) would be our 2C. Is Danualt strong enough? He is an RFA, can we land him for $1.5m? Probably closer to $3.5 which is why we need to find a way out of the Schlemko deal). Of course, the cap may actually wind up closer to $82 million... And maybe Tavares can be had for 14M? Worry about signing Karlsson/Doughty in a year. We would have faced the same fate with Pacioretty anyway. (Carr, DLR and L. Shaw are all RFAs - if we move Hudon and/or Danualt we can slot one of these guys in)
  19. Here are some numbers t think about: Estimated $80 million dollar cap for next season. Committed now for Mtl. = $55m (That includes - Price, Weber, Drouin, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Pacioretty, Petry, A. Shaw, Byron, Scherback, Lehkonen, Deslauriers, Hudon, Froese, Benn, Jullsen, Mete, and Reilly.) Add $1m for a back up goaltender - (Niemi, Lindgren, whoever.) And add $2m for Pleks. = $58 million. So, $22million in cap space. Leave $2 million for wiggle room means we (could) have $20 to spend. I say could have because I conveniently left our the $6.75m owed to Alzner and Scherbak. At that point we have $13.25 to comfortably offer Tavares. (Even if we can't get rid of Alzner and/or Scherbak) Sign Tavares at $15m and then offer Pacioretty, Alzner, picks for either Karlsson or Doughty. (You most likely need to throw in another player or two - Danault and DLR?) $13.25 plus $4.5 (Patches) and $4.625 (Alzner) = $22.372 remaining. After Tavares = $7.372. (Doughty is signed for a year at $7m and Karlsson at one year for $6.5m). And with the wiggle room above, you can sign Zadina and keep him up with the Habs. You then have a year to figure out where to get the extra $5m for Doughty or Karlsson the following year. But by then maybe you are able to move A. Shaw or Petry. (And of course the cap will most likely go up a little more for 2019-2020 anyway). It is tight - but doable. (FYI - I know I am dreaming, but a good GM puts all his options on the table and does everything he can to make it happen).
  20. So you are ok with only having 16 players on the bench during a game? Every player on the roster costs money. The league minimum will be $650,000. That being said, if he gets $2 a season - it is $1.35 more than the bare minimum. $10.5 to Price is huge. $$ to Shaw, Alzner, Schlmeko are the real problem in Mtl. Getting Pleks for $2m is actually a bargain, not just for him but for any 3rd line C. And yes, i know there are other examples out there. Offer $14, to Tavares. Activally go after Doughty or Karlsson - and budget $12 for either of them.
  21. Haha. Just thought he could be an affordable option... I don't profess to be an expert, just love discussion and want to see the Habs find a way to have a chance to win another cup!
  22. Metallica brought this up in another thread and I think it is a great discussion. I know some would want us to do a complete rebuild, but wouldn't that mean our cupboards are completely bare? That certainly isn't true. We are having a tough season and have a lot of holes, but are certainly not a complete mess by any means. We have Price, Weber (when he gets healthy), Pacioretty, Drouin, Gallagher, Galcheyuk, Byron, Danault, Lekhonen, Jerabek, Mete, even Petry if used in the right spot (#3 or 4 D). Amnd some solid pieces for a 4th line. That is a pretty good start, so a complete rebuild is not necessary. The problem is a lot of those guys are being played out of place. What we also have though are some pretty big holes - some would say starting with our GM. From a players standpoint, we know we need a #1 and a #2 centre, we need a #1, #3 D. We also have some trading bait and a lot of cap space. Plus will have a decent pick in June, in what is a pretty good draft. If we end up picking top 8 we should get a solid prospect. Moving Plekanec is a no brainer, even if we resign him over the summer. Finding a way to get someone to take Karl Alzner or Andrew Shaw would be a blessing, but is doubtful. The thing is, I believe we need 4 key pieces. We don't have a lot to trade to acquire those pieces via trade so management has to get creative. Here is a wild scenario, just to show it is not impossible: We will have the $$ to throw at a big name free agent, so Tavares is not impossible. Of course, the questions remains - would he come here? Do we bring back Eller for #3C? Is there any chance of getting Karlsson from Ottawa? A stretch I know, but stranger things have happened and the braintrust better be looking at it. Ottawa is in complete rebuild mode, so picks (1st round) and prospects and maybe players like Mete plus Lehkonencan be worked out? Tavares AND Karlsson won't happen without both Alzner and Shaw's contracts disappearing - but we can dream... $6.5 m in cap space now, another $2.5* this summer = $9M Plekanec - $6 gone = $15 Hemsky gone - $1 = $16 Tavares + Karlsson = $23M (Someone has to go the other way to land Karlsson so add - $3M in savings - maybe more) That means we have about $19M to land $23M in players. Can we find $4M - sure we can IF we can get rid of Shaw and/or Alzner... I didn't count any $$ for Eller in this, because if we could land Tavares and Karlsson we would stop there. Also, the estimated cap increase is between $5 and $7M. Because of the Price contract increase I only put $2.5, which pretty much splits it in the middle. It won't be easy, but I think a retool is what we need. Now, if we can just find the GM who can do it!!!!!
  23. Everyone keeps talking about the lack of effort from the Habs. And with good reason. They look, for the most part, like they are collecting a pay cheque and that is it. Problem is, how motivated would you be when the coach and GM keep throwing players under the bus one at a time? MaxPac, Galcheyuk (over and over again) and Drouin are just three examples. Honestly, why would anyone want to play for this team - let alone feel motivated to give any effort. The Habs are a train wreck right now - with no leadership off the ice, let alone on it. Truthfully it is an embarrassment to the long history of the team. Imagine if your boss spoke about employees at work they way these guys do? They obviously know that no one in management has their backs, so why would they go to war for them. Even Price looks like he doesn't care half the time. At least the Superman logo tattooed on his chest makes even a subpar performance from him look pretty darn good most nights.
  24. Leave the guys wife out of it for crying out loud. That is one of the worst posts I have ever seen on this board. I am not a fan of Bergevin ads Habs GM either, but come on...
  25. Swap Debrincant for Saad. S0: Saad Anisimov Crawford (maybe a pick) for Price Galchenyuk
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