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  1. 1st-MMPL....your pic looks alot like George Parros. I agree 100% that we need grit-aka a fighter,goon,policeman,enforcer. I guess they'll wait until our guys start to get run.
  2. Just re-freshing this.....I think we will be talking about this come Monday!
  3. Smarties to be more precise. I just think that there are too many people bashing the Habs and I felt it was time to speak the ~truth~. I guess there is some hope in my words but seeing as my basement is a shrine to the Habs, I really........really............really hope that they play way above there heads for 3/4 of the season. Go Habs Go. Smells like CupFever has set in for me(heavy early)
  4. 1- This line WILL work. 2-Price will stay all year and play amazing hockey. 3- will have a "decent" year 4- Can you say "career year" 5-Pleks will move from line to line(filling voids) except the 4th line 6-FLAT OUT WRONG 7-See #4....career season....finally 8-Ryder will be moved at his peak value-Go Bob Go. 9- cut it in 1/2....we'll finish 5th.
  5. Komi did go with Brashear last year. It was a crap fight and Komi pretty much jumped him. I do think he CAN throw 'em but I also think he's NOT the guy you want in the box for 5 minutes. WE NEED A GOON. EVEN IF HE SEE'S 25 GMS A YEAR.......WE ARE WEAK WHEN IT COMES TO SELF DEFENSE. REMEMBER ORPIK'S HIT ON KOIVU AND NOBODY CAME TO HIS DEFENSE.........
  6. The Nazi's at work won't let me see videos but judging by the title it couldn't be good. Everyone loses....even Brashear( I even saw him lose in the NAHL) but if all we want is a guy willing to drop the gloves, pay any ###### to drop his gloves and lose.....big thrill there!
  7. Couldn't agree more with you Saint. Getting your ass kicked may be "admirable" if you're sticking up for another guy but if the other team puts out their goon and we do the same but our guy takes the beating of a lifetime, what does that do to the team. Nothing....deflates them actually. Watch the bench of the team that wins the fight compared to the guy who gets a beatdown.....BIG DIFFERENCE.
  8. Cube will scrap too. I'd take Bou over Not-so-Dandy any day. I think when Dandy came here BG expected alot more from him. He makes big cash in my eyes. Trade him if you can for either picks or even a HEAVYWEIGHT.
  9. Hammer isn't a fighter. Nor is Kostopolous- more of a presence. Some of you will say a presence....what's that mean? It means some guys will stick up for others while there are still some(un-freakin believable)that won't come to anothers defense. Team toughness is graded on the "presence" ie: not necc. a fighter but willing and able. We pretty much have NO team toughness.
  10. being 6 foot isn't enough. Name me the last 6foot goon that was just that...a goon. Please don't reply with guys like Tootoo. I'm talking a straight up killer. I'm not saying play him every game. Play him when we either a) Play at home....give em a show or B) we paly a "tough team". BTW...the only real answer is Domi(for the smaller goon). We need to bring in a guy from the NAHL...they fight.
  11. Saks....right on. We haven't had a real good fighter since Nilan/Kordic days. I guess when we had Blouin and Dave Morrisette we were "somewhat tough" because they actually won fights. I still have Blouin pounding Rob Ray to the ice with 3 consecutive rights!!!! All of you posters who say " lets wait until the season starts.....or We don't need a goon" are crazy. We need a guy to go against a guy like Laraque or a Chara or a Boogaard. We had a guy like that and let him go. I still say that a guy like that comes cheap most of the time. No more Vandemeer's or Downey's.....get a huge guy. Someone that when he's on the ice, NOBODY goes near him!
  12. Seeing as how we don't even have a "policeman", who do you think is going to fill that role this year. Downey was NEVER the answer.....need a big guy....not a smallish punching bag! :hlogo:
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