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  1. Just got back from the game. The last texas goal was brutal. Pk got his stick ripped out of his hands in the corner. No call. Biggest gripes from me was that we didn't win enough offensive zone faceoffs and we fanned on too many passes on the PP (which led to texas clearing the zone). PK is mind blowingly awesome!
  2. Christ this sucks.... I'm going to try and make it out to the game 7!
  3. I hope our OT luck will turn around in this series!
  4. I dont know, as I only saw the second half of the show. I do know that Dutchy was laughing at the Moen goal in the SC right after the philly game. GR33STER, I am looking forward to your next video...HALLLLLLAAAAKKKKK!
  5. On Sportscenter reset (the second half of the show, so its not on tsn.ca), Dan O'Toole yelled "HAAAALLLAAAAKKKKK" when they were showing his stats when facing elimination. The way he said it, it sounds like he saw your video!
  6. Not great execution, be the idea is gold!
  7. God, I hope so. Metro will bolster our PP greatly! How many PP goals does he have in the reg season?
  8. I dont see where you're coming from. We have the home advantage in a best of 5. The ball is in our court.
  9. I am so ######ing livid right now.
  10. you were saying? haha jk Wow, Im so pumped. It going to take me a while to fall asleep...
  11. Im going to try and make it for the game on the 17th! GO DOGS!
  12. Anyone seen this? My friend sent it to me:
  13. ...and there is the soft call, so the pens can go on the PP in the 2nd.
  14. PP in overtime? This is going to be tough! survival!
  15. The Gazette (via dave Stubbs twitter) is reporting that the MRI was done yesterday, and we probably wont hear anything until tomorrow. http://twitter.com/habsinsideout1 Dags has the flu...Who are we going to call up now.
  16. Im listening to CJAD. Is pleks ok? CJAD havent said anything since they came back from a TV break. Im dying here!!! Ahhhhh, hes back out there. Thank you Jesus! Habs on the PP again!
  17. I would rather allowed the goal, because now its going to be a period of make up calls and blind eyes! I hope Im wrong... ...boobies!
  18. C'mon boys, complete the trifecta! Canadians win in Davos, Canadians win in Saskatoon (pretty much), and the Canadiens win in Toronto!
  19. Holy Hell! Ovie has one more point than pleks and has played 10 games less.
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