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  1. 4 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

    Sheesh, could they have done a more low-if, amateurish presentation? Can’t Bettman even afford a teleprompter, for God’s sake? 🤨


    The one with Bettman is not really meant to be a presentation. Its videotaped for proof that the the lottery actually occurred and nothing went amiss.


    The one with Bill Daly on ESPN/Sportsnet is the presentation meant for TV. Still not that exciting though 😕 

  2. In an ideal world a team dissappears from the 12-16 range. Would take a lot of stress away from the announcements knowing we didnt win but still draft #1. Very slim chances of that happening though.  


    Most likely 3rd overall so anything outside of that would be great. 

  3. Brett Stapley opens up the scoring in the first game of the final four (Michigan vs. Denver). Technically still a prospect even if the plan is not to sign him. Game can be seen on ESPN2


    Rhett Pitlick plays later tonight at 8:30pm (Minnesota vs Minnesota State). That game will be on ESPNU. 


  4. 21 hours ago, dlbalr said:

    Well...that was quite the finish to the season.  Too bad the Nationals couldn't hold a lead, the tiebreak game would have been fun.


    Definitely added some excitement. Was hoping for a four way tie as we were coming down to the end of the season. Hopefully the Jays can build off of this year and be back in the race next season. 

  5. Decision time Saturday coming up. I've been back and forth on this many times and I really don't know the right answer of whether to match or let him walk. It is an extremely tough decision to make. 


    Where I struggle with is whether he will ever be a true second line player? To this point he has not shown that he is capable. He is still young however. For some reason he gives me Sean Couturier vibes. I think they are somewhat similar players and both were brought in at a very young age. At the start of Couturier's career he did not put up many points and really not until his seventh season did he break out. Today he is a very good defensive player who puts up just under a point per game that any team would take. This is the player I would like Kotkaniemi to become. 


    I think you only match if one of these two scenarios:

    1 - You think he has the potential to be a good second line player. The team should be the best judge as they have all the info on him and have seen him develop. 

    2 - You talk to Kotkaniemi and see what a long term contract would look like after this one year. If you have to go slightly higher then what Carolina is offering and its a reasonable cap hit then he's worth the risk. You'll get the sense of whether he will sign long term or if he'll expect the high 1 year qualifying number next year. 


    My Prediction: The Habs let him walk and fill their needs with a trade.


    My Want: Match and hope he becomes Couturier.


  6. Bettman finally congratulated us on reaching the final. Didn't do it during the Stanley Cup presentation like he usually does for the runner up. Seemed like this was something he was told to do since I'm sure there were some complaints. 

  7. Activity starting to pick up in the NHL:


    1. Shayne Gostisbehere to Arizona as a salary dump

    2. Alex Nedeljkovic to Detroit for a third and Jonathan Bernier's rights

    3. Mike Smith 2 year deal with the Oilers


    Number two makes no sense to me. I understand the cap implications and arbitration for the Canes but he signed for 2 years at 3 million per year with the Wings. That is a pretty cheap contract for a young goalie who was third in Calder voting last year. Carolina finally found themselves a goalie and weren't willing to pay him. In my opinion you find a way to fit him into your cap situation especially seeing how much he signed for. Great trade for Yzerman and the Wings though. 


    Bergevin announced during his presser that Drouin is expected back next season. That is great news that he has dealt with whatever was keeping him out. Maybe some might not like it from a hockey perspective but from a well-being point of view you have to feel good for him. Myself personally I'm excited to have him back and can see him having a great season next year. Maybe 55-65 points. He showed pretty good chemistry with Suzuki last year. 

  9. I think it was always between him or Kulak from Seattle's standpoint. Based on their selections they are planning on going for cheap contracts unless it's the guy they really want. It really is unfortunate that all these leaks are happening. Kind of adds no excitement for the reveal at 8pm. Same thing happened with Vegas though. You knew the team ahead of it.

  10. Tampa Bay deserved it. They really are a great team with next to no weaknesses. I really like John Cooper as a coach. Such a well spoken individual who seemed like a genuinely nice guy. 


    A hell of a run by the Habs that I'll always remember!  Loved being the underdog and surprising all these teams. Price was amazing and showed that he is still a top goalie in this league.

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