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  1. You would hope that the NHL will talk with the refs ahead of game 4. I am sure they are not oblivious to the media talk surrounding game 3. The players and coaches did a good job of not saying anything in the media but I'm sure Bergevin has made a private call to the NHL. Something has to give.
  2. Was it actually a high stick or was it the puck? It's really hard to tell but I'm leaning towards it being the puck. Irregardless there were many missed calls throughout this game all seeming to go against the Habs. Huge win for the Habs. Decent third period and a great OT.
  3. Don't get Romanov coming out. He played decent last game and added a physical edge. I guess they really want their PP specialist in there.
  4. Glad that period is over. Let's regroup and get it tied up in the third!
  5. So Habs never trailed in a game at any point in this series. The Habs killed off every penalty they took (8) in this series including scoring 3 shorthanded goals themselves. The Habs scored 3 powerplay goals on 13 opportunities for a 23% success rate. The Habs outscored the Jets 14-6. The Habs dominated that series!
  6. Okay time for the picks again. Mon - Danault Win - Wheeler
  7. Pretty good period for the Habs. 2-0 is never a bad result after 1. Romanov with 2:43. By far the lowest of all D-man. The Big three still took the majority of the minutes but Kulak and Gustafsson (PP) getting some decent minutes.
  8. I believe it should of been evened up as well since Lowry looked more aggressive. Guess they figure Anderson was the reason the scrum started though by poking at the goalies glove (the puck did come loose but not sure if it was covered fully).
  9. Really strange seeing Edmundson and Chiarot on that last powerplay. Down Petry but wouldn't think those would be the guys up next. Be a good time to get Kulak some more minutes.
  10. Looking at it more there is no way the NHL does not suspend him. Principal point of contact is the head, player was in a vulnerable position and the player made no play on the puck. Praying that Evans is okay
  11. Scheifele dirty ass play! Hes gotta get suspended for that. Respect for Ehlers (at least I think it was him) trying to keep people from falling on Evans.
  12. Exactly. That's really the only reason he is in so if they cant trust him there anymore, bring in ROMANOV!
  13. Definitely a good start but the shorty takes a bit of steam out of things. Hopefully they can keep it
  14. Bring on the Jets! Have this song playing on repeat. It really does make you feel good!
  15. Perfectly put. Agree 100%. Hopefully we can reproduce game 6 in GAME 7!
  16. Agreed! Habs need to get playing again. All game leading in shots but now the Leafs are up 35-29
  17. I guess it time for the picks again. Tor - Mathews Mon - Petry
  18. Kulak deserves more trust. If you're only going to play Gustaffson that much (2 games in a row) then Romanov should be in. At least a pairing of Kulak and Romanov you can trust out there together. Over burdening the top 4 for no reason.
  19. Pretty good period by the Habs there. Would of been really nice to of gotten one of those early opportunities. Hope we can keep this up for the rest of the game but need to capitalize on our chances
  20. Great play by Caufield to read that play and take advantage. Very happy they didn't overthink that 2-0. Guess we survive and get to see some fans in Montreal!
  21. Very disappointed to still be playing but let's make some picks. Tor - Hyman Mon - Gallagher
  22. Nice! I guess being the most pessimistic about the Habs paid off. Was hoping I'd be wrong but I'll take the win! Hoping I'm right as well. Don't think it would be fun having to live in Ontario and deal with all those Leafs fans if they end up taking the series.
  23. Don't really like that our first two home games are back-back. Kinda takes the home ice advantage away slightly since anything can happen in those. I guess home ice advantage isn't as big of thing this year at least.
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