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  1. That's harsh. He made some legendary plays in these last playoffs and was a reliable positive contributor. Not relative to his contract value of course, but he still helps the team win. The problem is how many decent middle to bottom-6ers we have making a million more than their production is worth.
  2. Drouin isn't a centre. He's not even a consistent one-way winger and he just sat out our most important run since '93 for undisclosed personal reasons. Let's just hope the lineup is actually better with him in it.
  3. Yep our D is still our weakness. We have plenty of top-9 forwards, maybe not at centre though.
  4. Yes I understood it. I think we overpaid.
  5. We're sending the Better of the two picks??? Feels like we overpaid because we had our backs against the wall. It's happened a lot with Bergy the last couple years.
  6. Oh well, I thought there was no way that we could do worse than we did with Chucky at #3 overall but we somehow managed to. If we hadn't just made the finals this would be a fireable debacle for Bergy. On the other hand, there's a good chance that he's just Lars Eller at best and it's not a huge loss when you don't take his draft position into account.
  7. If it was a formality it should have been done already. Unless KK was asking for an unreasonable raise, I see no use in haggling over half a million on the cap for our #3 overall prospect.
  8. I'd put Romanov with Savard and try to roll three more even pairs for the regular season. Go to a top 4 if you have to in the playoffs. I also don't see Wideman taking Kulak's spot out of the gate.
  9. Yes that's a part of the debacle. KK has been brutally mismanaged from day 1, when we drafted for position over talent at #3.
  10. What a debacle this has turned out to be with KK. I expect we'll match because we can't let our #3 overall pick just leave for nearly nothing. Either way we're screwed. Bergy's asinine offer sheet comes back to bite us.
  11. Likely his last deal with the team with all the money we have tied up in the bottom-6. A true warrior and beast on the PK.
  12. Damn, I thought for sure we'd bring Perry back. Will always be a legend for this playoff run.
  13. Decent signing if we make the playoffs, but it doesn't help us be more than a bubble team in the Atlantic. What's our transition game going to look like? We're relying on Chris Wideman to be a top-4 solution right now, because I don't see any of our 3.5 guys sharing a pairing.
  14. I don't really get it from LA's perspective, unless they're looking to move off of Kopitar soon.
  15. KK has to finally show he's a top-6er and not another Eller. Drouin will definitely not be beside Paquette, might as well not have him in the line up in that case. I do like the look of our PP - Suzuki Caufield Hoffman Drouin can wire the puck
  16. Danault consistently drives possession against the other team's best players, and is an underrated passer who can chip in 40 points over a full year. He is a truly elite shutdown centre while not being a minus on offense, which in my opinion is more valuable positionally than a middle-6 wing and merits 2nd line money. The C position has gone from a strength to a weakness unless we make a major addition, Suzuki and KK will no longer be sheltered.
  17. I'd rather pay Danault that money over the next six years than Gallagher or Anderson.
  18. Gutted to lose Danault. Not sure that all these defensive defensemen will be nearly as effective without the stud defensive C.
  19. He had 48 over the last four years, I'll say he hits that in 3 years barring major injury or shortened seasons. He strikes me as entering his prime at the end of his 20's, as power forwards often do. Same contract as Byron, size is the major difference which makes him moveable.
  20. Not a bad deal, I knew he'd be getting a raise after his strong playoffs. I predict he pots 20 goals at least one of the next four years.
  21. It's ridiculous that the top-earning clubs in the NHL can't even pay as much net salary as many of the bottom-feeders, and have to send a cut of their profits away to those clubs to boot. There should at the least be cap compensation for the various tax rates of the different jurisdictions, so that the net salary cap of each club is closer to equal. Unfortunately, nothing franchises like Arizona and Florida have as much say in Bettman's league as Montreal and Toronto.
  22. We'd all love Hamilton, but where do we put our chances on actually getting him, 10%? Who do we think is most likely? I'd say DeAngelo and Savard.
  23. If the market is deflated for Eichel, maybe the Habs have a shot with the four quarters for a dollar approach. It would lock us in to a Leafs-like salary cap situation, though.
  24. Hey if he can plank and box as well as JT, that's a good start!
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