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  1. I sure hope that we implement a competent developmental program. Under Bergevin it seems like we were clueless with young players.
  2. Someone who's been an agent for the past two decades has more relevant experience for management than someone who's spent that time being a player.
  3. I agree with others' sentiments that he's probably a more qualified candidate than an ex-player. I hear he has connections to the school where Harris and Struble play, hopefully he can get them signed. Still seems like a kind of ceremonial post with Gorton calling the shots - I'm surprised that someone with a more francophone name wasn't chosen.
  4. Ducharme is doing his job of getting us to keep our pick, and hopefully making it #1 overall baby! As long as he's not actively damaging players' development or the overall culture then I'm fine with him riding out the season. Besides, the team and the league as a whole have lost a lot of money since covid so we don't want to be paying three coaches at once. As for next season, I hope Gorton is planning to implement more of a systematic approach to organizational development - more philosophical integration between the farm teams and the NHL. I look at my other favourite team, the Raptors, and they have a program - players are happy to come there because they know they'll get better and the organization will work with them to maximize their skills and value, even if they end up with another team. The coaches and management are all on the same page and are open with the players about expectations and what to work on. I get that basketball is very different from hockey, but we seem like we're miles away from this modern approach.
  5. Hey we get cheer for a good hockey team this year, that's fun. I wonder if Carey will be back. Just seeing the new look best-on-best teams from all the hockey powers will be awesome. USA will be almost on par with Canada talent-wise (I'm giving us the edge mainly because of centre depth). Luckily only the good NHL teams have to worry about losing players to injuries or covid, we get to avoid that stress. Hey, maybe Canada will win gold and the Leafs will lose Matthews, Marner and Reilly hahah.
  6. I wouldn't trade him unless we get a lottery pick or top prospect coming back. But I don't think his game will age well, and he has an extensive injury history.
  7. I wonder what value Anderson could fetch on the market. We have too many RW's and he might be the only one who could return us some positive future assets. But once again, the crazy term will make it much more difficult to move him. I think we might find that we're locked into Bergy's unbalanced team for the long run.
  8. Thankfully I did not watch, but Savard-Chiarot must be one of the worst top-pairings we've dressed this century, right? As long as we don't get shutout in these losses, I'm fine. I just pray that we don't get shafted with the 6th pick after a season from hell. Can't Bettman throw us a bone with the draft in Montreal? If Quebec City will never regain its team, he can give the province 1st overall.
  9. I really hope we're rewarded for this suckage with 1st overall. Props to anyone actually watching these games.
  10. I don't know most front office personnel around the league. I heard the assistant GM in Washington mentioned as having a good track record. Boston and Tampa always have more talent coming through than us. Most top talent evaluators aren't household names. Gorton seems to have a respectable track record but I have no idea of his stature as a hockey mind. He sure looks like Molson's type of guy, though.
  11. Gorton shouldn't get credit for Panarin and Fox wanting to play only for the Rangers, or for double lottery luck that resulted in two consensus picks that aren't looking so hot right now. What are the biggest moves he made besides those, the Zibanejad trade? He certainly personifies Molson's preferred meathead mould.
  12. That would also be Therrien at every media session with a rebuilding team. Lots of funny soundbites.
  13. It would be so funny to bring back Therrien.
  14. The first acquisition of the Gorton era. Momentous.
  15. It'll be tough to do a full rebuild with all the big long term contracts This is pretty much what I'm hoping for. It'll be tough to move off of our big contracts - how much salary will we have to retain to move Price or Gallagher? Anderson has crazy term, and Drouin, Toffoli and Hoffman aren't looking very alluring right now. If we're able to get valuable assets back rather than just salary relief is key to accelerating our way back to contention, otherwise it'll be more like 5-6 years rather than 3 before we're contending again.
  16. To VAN: Gallagher Petry To MTL: Boeser Myers Hamonic Win now move for VAN, we get longterm cap relief and a potential building block in Boeser. Our D becomes even more of a tire fire in the short term.
  17. I haven't watched much lately but Basu said that Romanov has been a bright spot recently since sitting out a game. If so, that's encouraging for his top-4 prospects down the road.
  18. Does it matter who the GM is? They'll be a figurehead with Gorton running the show.
  19. We won thanks to the Fix You intro. Will the Fix You intro lose us our pick!?
  20. C'mon boys, keep it respectable. One, two goal losses, not six goal whoppings. And at least get on the board so our stats are decent when trade time comes.
  21. It seems like whenever Drouin is having a nice stretch for us he gets injured - this puck to the head, and the Ovi hit a couple years ago occurred during good spells for him. Hopefully he can pick up where he left off (and build his trade value!).
  22. Sergachev always struck me as mistake-prone, but he would sure help our powerplay. I wouldn't call him a stud D yet, with Hedman and McDonagh and even Cernak doing a lot of the heavy lifting for that team. His flaws would be a lot less well-hidden if he stayed with the Habs.
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