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  1. Locke and Ryder will both get hat tricks and tomorrow will be traded straight up for Ovechkin.
  2. Bah, I'll probably miss this game. And it doesn't look like there's any Canadien Express on tonight or tomorrow for some reason. JUST TO SCREW ME OVER.
  3. Gawddamn. Having a big guy like O'byrne on the back end was really helpful. He was playing better and better. Stupid fighting.
  4. Keep in mind this is what, Higgins third season? The first one where he's going to play an entire year (if things go well)? He's improving, and I predicted about 30 goals out of him this year. His potential is higher, and he will reach it one day if things keep on going well. He will get forty goals one year, and that season the Habs will win the cup, and during the parade he'll sing Paradise City from a rooftop while the crowd gets naked and fireworks go off with jets flying over head and Kovy parachutes in for the guitar solo. On that day he will reach his potential.
  5. I had an odd dream that the NHL had decided to expand to Hamilton and Houston.
  6. This was such an awesome game! The first period made me giggle and laugh with glee!!! Higgins was SO FREAKIN AWESOME. Man. So many guys pulled through, Gorges had his best game of the year (right after I criticized him in that other thread). Komisarek was his usual beastly self. Kovalev didn't get on the score sheet but he was great as well. What an awesome game. I didn't care too much about Huet not getting the shutout, he was good but kinda lucky that a few of those other chances didn't find the back of the net. The shot totals really don't tell the story, we were dominant in this game. On to New York! And what's the record with Cataclaw making the game day thread? We might have to make this permanent.
  7. C'est important pour la majorité du public et le média.
  8. Le coach doit être capable de parler francais à cause des médias. Le CH c'est le plus grand show en ville, en province, c'est important qu'il s'exprime dans la langue des peuples. C'est lui qui parle plus aux médias. C'est aussi plus facile pour le public de blamer le coach quand il n'est pas francais, c'est triste mais c'est vrai.
  9. Très vrai, particulièrement le premier point. C'est frustrant quand on entend que le jeu est commencé mais ils n'arrêtent pas de nous montrer leur graphique où reprise. Mr. Cole peut seulement réussir à être impartiel quand c'est 4-1 Montréal! Jim Hughson est probablement le meilleur commentateur. Chris Cuthbert est bon aussi, mais je trouve Gord Miller tenant. Il dit toujours 'stepped into' à place de 'hit' et plein d'autres choses. Et Glenn Healy et Pierre Mcguire sont tellement cons c'est ridicule. Mais cela est parfois drôle.
  10. I wouldn't bank on getting another veteran/quality d-man, they're not too easy to come by and we can't afford to dish out another contract like Hamrlik's. We most likely gotta hope for continuing improvement out of Komi and Markov and the emergence of O'byrne or Gorges. I also disagree on dealing Kovalev for a top 6 forward. He's our best top 6 forward! I also think he might bring it next year because it's the contract year.
  11. Man, if only we had drafted Lucic instead of Maxwell... I WILL NEVER LET THIS DROP.
  12. I see him make at least one forehead-smacker almost every game. Some of them aren't all that costly, but they occur pretty often.
  13. Ten games is a start. But then there was that terrible game where he missed all those beautiful feeds, it was against Dallas I think, maybe Atlanta. Lots of chances have come his way recently, he's starting to cash them in.
  14. gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em gotta beat em
  15. Sergie Kostitsyn is impressing me night after night. He makes some brilliant passes and setups. I hope he can keep it up. Andrei is playing well overall, but we haven't really seen consistency out of him. I do think he'll catch fire at some point in the next month or two, remember how he was playing at the end of last season?
  16. Nah, I wouldn't want Larose. He's another small and chippy guy, we have Lapierre for chippiness and plenty of guys for smallness. If we were going to give him up for an unskilled player, we should at least get an enforcer.
  17. Gorges has been ok, but from what I've seen he's not very good under pressure. Sometimes he just waits too long until someone takes the puck from him, or he does his signature whiff or stumble that invariable result in a good scoring chance. He's young so we should be lenient with him, but I hope these 'caffouillages' aren't ingrained in his game like they seemed to be with Souray. I do like how he stands up for his teammates, but Boullion does that too. So far I'd put Bouillon slightly ahead of Gorges in terms of level of play.
  18. We should get the best possible return for him regardless of where we send him, even if it's in our division (that would have to be a lot though). I have no problem sending him to Carolina. Besides, I think Ribeiro had a lot more potential to increase his scoring than Ryder does now. He would score more in Carolina anyway, they're more of an offensive team.
  19. But that is vintage Ryder! He just needs three of those for every one he manages to put in. This season maybe five or six. I missed the game, and only managed to catch the end on Canadiens Express, where we already had five goals and had decided to stop trying. Good win though! We HAVE to beat Florida this time, seriously. I like having Latendresse with Koivu! We always seem to get the most production out of Lats when he's with the captain, he'd be the first one to agree. Higgins with Ryder on the third line seems like a decent idea too, to try to go for three offensive lines. That might be even better with Chipchura up the middle. Was Chips the one sitting out tonight? I couldn't tell from what I saw. I also didn't see Koivu at all, apparently he wasn't feeling well in the third and Carbo was resting him.
  20. Yeah, our young guys should be playing better at the end of the season. I mainly disagree that we should be 4th in the second half seeing that now we're 5th. That doesn't take into account all the other teams that are improving or are flat out more talented than us but are behind us in the standings. I think we'll do well to finish with a playoff spot, but that we'll get there.
  21. I agree. We shouldn't just sit him out indefinitely, he wasn't terrible in the last few games he played, and the team wasn't tearing it up without him.
  22. Except players don't improve in a linear fashion. And it doesn't look like the team is improving at the moment.
  23. Of course, someone should poke him in the eye now, get him going.
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