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  1. There was talk somewhere (can't remember where) that Petry could remain longer-term if the Habs could manage to trade Gilbert. He's stated an interest in checking the market, but that doesn't mean his mind will change since he's no longer playing for an AHL team. Time will tell there.

  2. Apparently as late as possible today (cap reasons) the Habs will consummate a deal for Wayne Simmonds (McCarron +young D)

    Just a twitter rumour, though. And IMO, that's too high a price especially when you consider the rumours that Tonordi is in play today.

  3. Patrick Kane's girlfriend and Duncan Keith's wife. It's a Twitter rumour (so take what you will of that), and directly after hearing it TSN starts talking about Sharp being on the block where previously the vast majority of people were saying there was no way he'd be dealt.

    Again, take it or leave it; the interesting point to me is that he's mentioned by TSN as potentially being on the block after this news was tweeted. I suspect it's all bunk, but it's a rumour nonetheless. As Habs fans we should all be aware of this kind of thing happening. ;)


  4. Apparently - and take this with a grain of salt - one Mr Patrick Sharp has been sleeping around with teammates wives and girlfriends... including that of one Mr Kane. Which is the reason he's being shopped despite the latter going down with significant injury.

    Which I find most amusing.

  5. The Habs have someone at tonight's LA-ANA game. This is the 3rd time in a row apparently that they've had someone following LA. I don't know if it's just very thorough advanced scouting or if they're watching someone in particular. They also have someone at DAL-COL.

    I think I read somewhere that LA will potentially be tight to the cap and a guy like Tiffoli may be troublesome to resign. Now, I don't even know if he's RFA this coming year, but there you have it.

  6. Go back and watch the replay of DLR's first goal. Watch the camera that follows Eller after the goal. The one where Eller turns away with an almost disgusted look on his face - while the rest of the team goes bananas for DLR (which was pretty awesome to see). Eller had been demoted to the third line after starting on the second line. There are countless rumours about him leaving town. Therrien obviously has little confidence in him - and Eller has very little confidence in himself.

    Honestly, it looked the reaction of a player who perhaps resents the person who scored and who has usurped his place, and possibly the reaction of a player who may very well know he's in his last days in Montreal.

    I know, I know, complete speculation. However...

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  7. Packaging some combination of Eller, Pateryn, and a 2nd round pick/prospect (Andrighatto or McCarron?) for either Eberle or Yakupov would be fine by me.

    I'll be honest here, moving McCarron makes me squeamish at this point. Big guys take longer, and he's a big big guy. I'd be very hesitant to move him until he's been in the AHL for a year at least.

    As for Yakupov, I think he could be a good fit, but I don't see us able to pay the price without doing what Bergevin has said himself he's reluctant to do - deplete his coffers - and yes, I know Yak is young enough to make that kind of call with less impact because of his age.

    From the other side of the equation, I'm not pulling the trigger on that trade as the Oil unless there's a high quality defensive player involved (or a goalie). Perhaps Tinordi with Eller and something else. Maybe Fucale. Pateryn, though is 24 and, let's be honest, could be very close to his ceiling. A reasonable 3rd pairing fellow (yes, I know he can still mature into something more, but watching him play has me feeling pretty solid about this being near his ceiling).

  8. Reasons why they are positioned for success in the future:

    Carey Price: 27

    Max Pac: 26

    PK Subban: 25

    Alex Galchenyuk: 21

    Brendan Gallagher: 22

    Nathan Beaulieu: 22

    Jarred Tinordi: 23

    Jacob De La Rose: 19

    Lars Eller: 25

    Christian Thomas: 22

    Michael Bournival: 22

    Dale Weise: 26

    Greg Pateryn: 24

    Dustin Tokarski: 25

    That's 14 players currently dressed for the 1st place Montreal Canadiens all under the age of 27. I don't think I need to elaborate.

    Interesting. Please elaborate on why you don't think you need to elaborate.

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