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  1. Is it bad that every time the Leafs lose another, I laugh for about five minutes? I'm starting to watch them more and more often so I can see how they manage to lose their next game.
  2. Plex had a quiet night. He didn't stand out. But wait, didn't get the typical Plex treatment of new wingers? Again? Still managed to score the winner. I dunno, I'm not really into moving Plex at all; I think he's too important to the team. DD, on the other hand...
  3. Maybe he should use some of the bills in those stacks to buy himself some better clothes. Nice hoodie, millionaire.
  4. I have now convinced my 7-year-old that any combination of the words "Toronto" "Maple" and "Leaf" constitutes cursing. He looks horrifyingly guilty when he says it, though admittedly does it just to get a reaction. I'm prepared to ban that colour of blue in this house as well. We're currently discussing the burning of all Leaf hockey cards (and a few Bruins as well), though he likes to play with them "as the losing team, daddy!" My nephew has a Maple Leaf tuque which he's not allowed to bring in the house. When he comes over, it must remain on the front step.
  5. I think TSN's examination of his coaching (in depth with Fenwick and Corsi) is fascinating. What it tells me is that those stats are heavily influenced by certain types of players when coached by someone like MacLean: Spezza was obviously a huge factor. One wonders if, here in Montreal, he'd find his number one centre and ride that player. And that makes me wonder if maybe MacLean is the kind of guy who would better bring Chucky to the next level. Not saying I'd like to see him as coach, though he's definitely a Montreal-style coach (firewagon hockey). I'm very interested to see where he does end up to see if he has the same kind of impact with players at his disposal.
  6. So glad I turned in for the refs to make that call on Subban. Bush league riffing as usual.
  7. He needs to open a moustache grooming shop. Talk philosophy as he guides Montreal - or wherever he ends up - into a new, moustache ruled future.
  8. The problem, of course, is that hockey, while still 'culture' to Habs fans (franco or anglo), is merely a business to those in the sport. The language of business in North America, like it or not, is English. Would Montreal be able to attract top notch players if they insisted these players learned French? I'm sure more than a few would scoff. It's a sad reality, and one of the little things that, in my opinion, tarnishes a little of the glorious history of les habitants, but it unfortunately is the reality. And that, HW friends, demonstrates the depths of my cynicism.
  9. Just a thought, but is the French thing with regards to the coach more a guideline when people are bitching? If we have a winning team that is clearly getting better and better every year, can MB go out and prise high calibre coach even if he speaks Swahili and makes the Habs better? Or does the Media still have a veto? My guess is that the French population would prefer the Habs running for a Cup yearly over a French coach. Just saying. I'm of the impression that the French thing is a media construct because: selling papers.
  10. 25-year old defender who is still learning. A lot. So they reign him in a little after a tough start to the season. And are slowly allowing to spool out as he makes better and better decisions. Just because one earns a huge contract and has a great season does not mean one knows it or nor that one is godly at his job. In a lot of respects, Subban is still raw. As he puts things together - and defenders take years to find all their tools and how they properly work together - we'll see all the Subban we want. And more.
  11. I'm just tuning in again after a while... Carbo? Really? If it's all the same, I could just get a bunch of chickens, chop off their heads, and let them run around the ice. That's a Carbo team. Including the bloody mess. And as for Therrien sitting out after Pit dumped him, where is Carbo again? He became coach for a Q team and... resigned? Carbo has a *lot* to learn. Not to say Therrien is all that, but Carbo?
  12. Does this question come up when we're winning six in a row? In other cities where hockey is less a "thing" does this question come up after a couple of losses? I don't get it, seriously. Is there some kind of need to drum up controversy and drama? You just have to think that, even if the Habs win 10 Cups in a row, someone will come out and point to the GM as deficient because we lost two consecutive games. All due respect, but this thread doesn't pass muster. Seriously, with a little more luck and a less hot Enroth, the Habs beat Buffalo 7-3. Or so. And we're the cats meow again. If there was really a lack of leadership, we'd fold like a cheap tent when we got down. Ahhhh. That's where this comes from. Dave Hodge and his thumbs down to the Habs because when they lose, they lose big. Except the giant hole in Hodge's theory is that Montreal generally comes out with huge bounce back wins and long stretches of victories after a tough period. And Hodge is trying to sell hits. And keep his tenuous position as a respected journalist.
  13. Why no bridge? Bridge deals are for superstars who are continually improving. While I think Gally still has some room under his ceiling, he's never going to be THE guy, so when the opportunity comes up to sign him so incredibly cheap (and with the cap as it is, with more potential to go up in the future) for long-term, how could you not? This deal, IMHO, is a home run, grand slam style.
  14. Gotta believe the odds are growing that the Habs are going to trade one of the kids perhaps with an eye to more size up front.
  15. Gilbert to make way rather than Beaulieu/Tinordi/whichever is Therrien's man'o'the'moment?
  16. Holy crap did anyone hear what Gallagher said during the interview at intermission when asked about whether he was getting different treatment by the refs out on the ice? He said he was tripped and the ref said it was a penalty but not against him! I don't care what the reality is, there's going to be some good fallout over that! Huzzah!
  17. Oops. We don't like our kid defenders.
  18. Decline the penalty. /power play fixed.
  19. The Swedish Chef has left the building. Bork bork bork.
  20. We have such faith in the kids! I love that we're allowing them to grow into their positions, giving them opportunities to learn and experience. Wait.....
  21. I think the best teams are teams and that leadership comes from every corner - each in his own way. These four are going to be the media darlings. (Plus, you can say it's tryouts for Subban and Patches.) I much prefer to see this than a 'C' who may or may not be ready. Markov isn't vocal enough - particularly with the media - to really handle the PR of the 'C', and Plexiglass isn't much more vocal either.
  22. Therrien says DD is a candidate because he wants to boost the kid's confidence so DD comes to actually play the first quarter of the season, rather than slack off like last year. If DD is named captain.... that's ALL political and completely ridiculous.
  23. A true hero. My hero. If others played with his intensity and showed his class, the NHL would be worth watching all the time.
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