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  1. I love the enthusiasm, but could there be a more pointless thread - particularly with the way Therrien coaches? Haha. No line will last a game unless its a head-scratcher!
  2. You've just signed one of the best players in the NHL to a long-term deal. Make him the captain and build the team around his firewagon-style hockey. Subban for C.
  3. On. The. Cheap. That is a great hometown discount, IMO. I was expecting between 9.5 and 10 because, really, his type of defensemen is rarified air.
  4. This is either an unmitigated Houle-ian disaster bordering on a Harald Ballard Titanic sinkage, or an act of sheer vintage Pollock laced with Lamoriello genius.
  5. "My uneducated opinion from afar: MTL likes, maybe really likes, Subban but doesn't LOVE him. And you have to LOVE someone at 8 x $8-9M+ per." Bob McKenzie. "More importantly, I guess, IF Subban doesn't feel the love from MTL, how eager is he to re-up there for eight years? Gonna be interesting." Ibid.
  6. Subban not sounding happy. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Too many games played with this one and it's likely creating bad feelings. MB had better change his tune or PK's going to want out.
  7. One size fits all. *smirk* Now: I was perfectly calm. There was no panic or irrationality I said. I merely stated that it was a fine line that MB was taking and that I didn't particularly like it. Which was subsequently blown out of proportion where I was called a chicken little who was essentially panicking because I didn't like the route taken. Whereupon I took the time to explain exactly where I was coming from, which requires no proof because I wasn't giving any specific example. But if you want proof, then fine. YOU are going into your next contract. You are the best there. You believe you're worth $40/hr and the next best guy at your site who works with you makes $35/hr. So the boss offers you $30/hr. Now, you probably can't put yourself in the moment to feel that situation, but I suspect many people - particularly those with larger egos - are going to look at that $30/hr offer and pretty much say '###### you'. But to reiterate, it is not a panic on my part, it's merely a dislike of the method MB chose on this occasion. If you feel the need to name-call and assume I'm panicking, feel free.
  8. You guys are acting like it definitely all means nothing to Subban. Like whatever is said is just that. How do you know Subban is going to feel the same way? How do you know Subban isn't going to say next year if he's RFA again - hey, remember when you thought I wasn't as good as Markov last year? Well I'm going to take a 1/2 year contract now which takes me into UFA then bu-bye.
  9. Maybe re-read my original post. Then ask yourself about over-reactions. Also, your assertion that Subban leaving at this offer is ridiculous: that's words. Where is your proof? That is your emotion talking, nothing more. You have zero clue what his reaction is at being offered this amount. So your assertion of ridiculousness epitomizes the world perfectly. Also, "when push comes to shove, MB is not losing PK" precludes the fact that, if he feels slighted enough, PK is well within his rights to take a couple of one-year awards and then leave. Which would therefore mean PK will be lost to MB. I'm not saying any of this happens either, what I'm saying is that it's a low-ball offer which borders on the disrespectful and could very well be cause for concern.
  10. Ha. One of the perfect reasons this community dwindles. 5.25M is *less* than Markov is making. I understand the arguments and counterarguments and the hoopla and hyperbole. But we're not dealing with Lars Eller here. Nor are we dealing with Morrison, Johnson, or almost whomever you prefer. It's Subban. Larger than life, ego the size of a planet, and probably one of the best players in the league now - and he's young. I get what MB is trying to do, but I don't agree with it - with due respect to all those who know more than me on this site - probably the vast majority. There are lines *drawn* in arbitration, and there are *lines* drawn in arbitration. This is the latter. Had the price offered by Montreal paid Subban as the number one Canadien defender, at least on a par with Markov's cap hit (i.e. 5.75) then I'd have no problem with it. This offer tells me - and Subban - the Habs still see him as #2. Now, it may very well amount to nothing. You all could probably be right, as you usually are, but the potential consequences of this decision being wrong, by a mere 500k, because of ego, because of pride, could potentially be costly. There's a fine line between low-balling and insulting, and I have to think Zoot is tippy-toeing that line a little too closely. Perhaps I'm not cutthroat business like many would feel the need, but there's a certain amount of respect you should show, even in a arbitration situation. I'm not sure this shows Subban quite the respect I feel he deserves. This, for me, smacks too much of business and not enough of person. And in the end, you still have to deal with the person. Maybe he'll be signed by Friday to a long-term deal and I can take my chicken-little ass elsewhere, or maybe he'll have that 5.25 contract signed after arbitration if the Habs win. I ask you this, though, non-chicken-little-and-far-more-knowing-of-business-and-the-human-condition fans: if the arbitrator awards our #1 Subban 5.25 and he goes out and plays more than Markov, which is almost assured, how do you think the man with a very large ego is going to feel? Particularly since this is the second contract in succession which has been too difficult? Now, you argue, the arbitrator could award Subban's number so shut up chicken-little this'll all work out. True, you are all probably right, but still, I can't see that 5.25 being forgotten next time around. Tell me, do any of you enjoy being low-balled? No, no. I'm sure Subban will sign a long-term and everything will come up roses. But one has to wonder *if* the numbers are true what the effect is on the man, and forget the business. But you GM-types who would surely have Stanley Cups mere years after taking over the Buffalo Sabres would know better. Probably, I'm wrong and there's nothing to this at all. Just a stupid comment from one of the many chicken littles who sometimes come to read the site hoping for intelligent discussion on the Habs. We should be ushered out the door to bring our utterly useless and without merit comments elsewhere, because disagreeing with the majority constitutes chicken little-ism and isn't worthy to this burgeoning site. Humblest apologies for my most useless argument which has zero merit.
  11. This would be troubling if the news were true. 5.25 is, in my opinion, insulting and irresponsible. And if Subban really is asking for 8.5, then I can't for the life of me understand why Zoot doesn't take that number and multiply it by 8. Or, more likely since that's Subban's arbitration demand, give Subban 8.25 over 8! Honestly, though, this smacks as totally untrue; the kind of news that came out last week with Eller and the apparent huge difference there before the kid signed his deal.
  12. Please stop reading Eklund. When traffic for his site is down, he posts ludicrous rumours regarding Habs and Leafs. That's how he keeps traffic high! Do not fret at reading what was there. Captain Zoot will inquire about many great players because he's a GM and it's his job to do so; there is nothing more to this story. EDIT: yes there is: GM's know Eklund's status as rumour-bearer and *use* him to test the waters and to unsettle players/teams. Eklund knows he's used in this political game, but it's fine by him because he makes money out of it. EDIT #2: Allegedly. Everything I say is allegedly. It's all my opinion. There, no libel.
  13. Look young. Habs are a continually developing team. A short-term captain seems short-sighted to me. Patch, Subban, Gally. They're all reasonable choices. The real captain is Price, of course. I don't see an older vet getting it, to be honest. Subban would be my choice, for exactly the reasons everyone thinks he shouldn't get it. Young, brash, but insanely talented. Make it his team, build the team around his abilities. Flying Frenchmen? No, but flying and making a statement all the time. I like that. Plus, he works for Sportsnet and they paid an assload of money to broadcast. So, perfect choice.
  14. 15 pounds of beer fat. Vladimir Krutov here we come!
  15. With an extra centre available here, is it possible Montreal could be in for Yakupov in Edm? They're weak down the middle...
  16. Havlat signed for $1.5M? Lou steals home.
  17. Gonna buy me a NoNoPro I'm so excited with Zoot's moves.
  18. Early days, but I really like what the leafs have done. Makes me very happy to think they're improving while actually slowly becoming the worst team in hockey. Good times. Celebrate!
  19. I would imagine Leaf fans are, as usual, ready for the Stanley Cup with Robidas and their other acquisition today. Good times, good times.
  20. Vanek played himself out of $30M!!!
  21. Stock drop after his pitiful performance plying his puck in Montreal. Alliterational doom
  22. We've known for some time that Bergevin has been interested in an impact top line guy. I dunno if Kane is that, but he has all the skills to get there. His cap manipulation today has left a lot of room for consideration.
  23. Ryan Miller at the end of this season, "My contract sucks."
  24. That Orpik deal is da bomb. First buyout candidate for next year! *snicker*
  25. So, Eller to sign, take the third line C role and run with it. Plex packaged with Beaulieu or Tinordi and a pick for Kane? Spitballing, spitballing.
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