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  1. I like that with Murray, Parros, Prust, White and to a lesser extent Moen, we are alot meaner than last year. Hopefully should translate to allowing our skilled guys like Briere, Galchenyuk, Gallagher and co to do their business. I also like that we have another person who can clear the crease which we have been short of over the last few years imho. Good signing I think.
  2. Im going to make a left field call and say that Bourque will stay healthy and lead the team in goals. (Im going to guess 37 goals) Im picking Gallagher will be targeted this year and will suffer injuries drastically reducing his points production. While his style of play wont regress, the above mentioned injuries will mean fans will be dissapointed in his season. Those are my predictions, feel free to dredge this up when Bourque scores 7 goals and gets traded and Gallagher leads the league in scoring lol
  3. Im not sure if its the right way or not, but I would say it must be exciting to be a flyers or rangers fan. Every year they are in on whatever big name free agent seems to be available. Obviously you can point out the flyers problems in goal and on D and the rangers just sacked their coach so like I said, it may not be the right way, but its exciting to watch. Saying all that I was on board with what MB did last season. At the moment I am a little confused with the Briere move but am willing to give the benefit of the doubt and see what happens this season. But I do understand your frustration.
  4. Dosn't October 1st seem like forever away? Sigh.
  5. Doh, sorry I forgot your site, I go there alot especially before the draft - great player profiles and reviews. There's a free shameless plug to go with your shameless self promotion. Lol Thanks everyone for the other sites too.
  6. I know this is the wrong thread (feel free to move it) but seeing we're on the subject, what other sites do you guys read regularly? Besides here, I read Spector, NHL.com, and puck daddy. I also keep an eye on hockeybuzz but before you all start laughing I like some of the non hab bloggers like cloutier and yost that are there. I used to like four habs fans, but four hockey fans isn't as good. Anyways, just wondering what hidden gems I could be missing.
  7. Any chance we bring back Lats? I always kinda liked him and he would add size (although it may be a stretch to say he adds toughness)
  8. I see Benoit Pouliot wasn't qualified by Tampa, any chance of a second time round with us? He has size, but not exactly gritty
  9. Sure, the goal is to win every year, but realistiically that is a long shot (and what we've tried and failed at over the last 10 years) I think MB is targeting when we have the best window of winning and building towards that. Anyone who dosnt fit that model either via dollars or term is out. Personally Im fine with that.
  10. I don't think the plan is to win the cup next year so talking about not winning with pleks and dd is probably not an issue. Galchenyuk will be our top centre when we win. We are 2-3 years away from that and our young d maturing. When you look at it that way, Vinnie would be well in decline when we have the best shot at winning. I always thought chasing Vinnie was a marketing move, not a hockey move. Saying all that, who's to say MB didnt offer him a similar or better deal and Vinnie just didn't want to be here? It's a bit harsh to say MB dropped the ball without knowing the facts.
  11. I hope Im proved wrong, but I can't help feeling dissapointed by this draft. I thought project guys should be picked in round 3 or later, not 1st round. I'm glad we got our goalie depth but other than that, not planning parade routes anytime soon. As I said at the start, hopefully Im proved wrong.
  12. Ok cool. Thanks for the info. There goes my career as a CBA consultant. Lol
  13. I know teams can't buy their own bought out players back, but is there anything to stop say Tampa Bay buying Briere and Philly buying Lecavilear at reduced rates and then trading them back to their former teams? Left field question I know, but I'm curious if teams could circumvent the system.
  14. MB only said hes looking for guys with character, like Gallagher, you have extrapolated that to mean that only small guys have character. He has stated he wants a balanced team of size and speed, but with a common denominator of character. That's my interpretation at least. In summary, you don't have to be small to have character.
  15. Well one change I would like to see is Markovs ice time managed better. In this shortened season, he came out fast and faded badly. I don't believe we can use him as a time eating work horse next season. It'll kill him. As for the other changes mentioned above, some are no brainers, but obviously we won't be trading 9 or 10 guys away, Alot of those guys listed may be on borrowed time, but no way theyre all gone
  16. The great thing about habs fans is their passion (there's probably someone on a bruins site typing the exact same thing lol) The downside of that is we don't always react rationally when things go wrong. When a player makes mistakes we say he should be traded for a bag of pucks, yet when he scores a game winning goal we "always new he was going to turn out great" The truth is in the middle. This is fine for us fans, the real danger is when management start acting like fans (a situation that occurred last season I believe) I am encouraged that the current management seem to have a plan and are sticking to it. Who knows if it will be the right plan, but its far superior to no plan and reacting to fans/media hype. PS: IMHO the reaction to Carey Price after game one was way over the top. He is an elite goaltender still to reach his peak, to trade him away now would be madness and set our development back 3-5 years. Who would you trade him for? Dont dare say Luongo either lol
  17. Great point there Commandant. One thing I noticed about our team this year is when they're on, they allow way less shots than last year. Last year we were consistently outshot. Lots of people said (especially early on) there were lots of bad shots from the perimeter, but I think over a season if you're consistently outshot you will consistently lose. I hope we can play like that during the playoffs and we have a chance to go deep Edit - when I say play like that, I mean this years A game effort, not last years lol
  18. My 2 cents worth is I'd rather play the leafs, but only because Ottawa is a team Im fairly neutral about (dont hate them, don't really like them either) and for me a habs v leafs playoff round would be more exciting. If we had lost again today I would have said screw the excitement I'll take the Sen's lol
  19. Just on a glass half full theme, 2 positives I see are that a) since we clinched the team has slumped. Hopefully when we get to the playoffs they can lift their intensity and play like they were for most of the season. B) If there were any delusions in the front office that this team is a cup winner, hopefully this slump will give them a wake up. For me personally, I think our defensive depth is poor and it's no coincidence that we've gone backwards since Emelin was injured. Diaz, Weber and Kaberle are all puck moving D, and Markov is not a big hitter, aside from Subban there's nobody opposition forwards would be worried about. (Boulion and George's aren't big enough to worry opposition forward IMHO) Anyways started off with glass half full, seems half empty by the end lol
  20. Great to get another win over the B's. I sure hope it hasn't come at the cost of Emelin Markov and Subban have been getting all the accolades on D (and rightly so) but Emelin has been a rock for us. Hope it's just a sprain.
  21. Bruins loss is a great chance for us to open a gap in the standings. Go Habs Go
  22. Back to the rumors, I've heard the Morrow rumor alot but next to nothing about Jagr. I would have thought Jagr was a much better fit for this team if they are going for a deep run. Anyone else have any thoughts on Jagr, if he'd be worth it, and what he'd cost us?
  23. I didn't see the game, what are your guys thoughts on tinordi?
  24. I guess to complete the ex habs rebuild we should expect Gionta to Anaheim for Koivu and a 3rd? Or maybe Kaberle to Toronto for Komisarek and a 3rd? But seriously I'm not sure about this trade and will reserve judgement till I see what we get with our extra cap space. What I'd really like us to get is a big nasty winger along the lines of Lucic but I guess so would most if the league.
  25. I'm kind of stunned that people are talking of trading Markov. After everything this guy has been through, his first full season back and people want to move him. The guy is a top 10 defenceman in the league which is not something we have been overendowed with over the last decade (or more) What about being a classy organisation and looking after our players? Everyone says we should build a team like Detroit, well you didn't see them trading Lidstrom and look at the loyalty he gave them both in sticking with the club and taking a home town discount. I for one would like to see Markov here until he decides to retire, as stated earlier his game is not built around speed and I think he would be an excellent player and mentor for a few years yet. PS: This does not mean I don't support building a team through trades, just I don't think Markov should be traded
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