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  1. http://habsinsideout.com/main/18252

    Sergei not making Long Island trip

    The Gazette's Herb Zurkowsky reports, without bitterness, that the media outnumbered the players on the ice at this afternoon's optional practice in Brossard before the team was to board a flight for Long Island and tomorrow night's game vs. the Islanders.

    Sergei Kostitsyn, who left Tuesday's game in the first period after being splattered into the end boards by Chicago's Aaron Johnson, will not make the trip. Upper-body injury, the report remains. Defenceman Roman Hamrlik, who left the game in the second after a weird collision along the Blackhawks bench, will travel to Long Island.

    The hardy few on Brossard ice: Matt D'Agostini, Ryan O'Byrne, Gregory Stewart, Georges Laraque and Jaroslav Halak.

    • • •

    Mark Streit has a wonky groin and is a Maybe on the Island tomorrow.


  2. 100Glass1.gif


    2008-09 Regular Season Record:

    39-27-10 : 88 Points
    (8th Place in the Eastern Conference)

    25-41-9 : 59 Points
    (15th Place in the Eastern Conference)

    Projected goalies for this game are:


    # 41 Jaroslav Halak
    GPI: 31
    Wins: 16
    Loses: 13
    OTL: 0
    SO: 1
    GAA: 2.85
    Save%: .913

    New York

    # 34 Yann Danis
    GPI: 26
    Wins: 9
    Loses: 13
    OTL: 3
    SO: 2
    GAA: 2.66
    Save%: .916

    Montréal Player Stats

    New York Player Stats

    Projected starting lineup for this game:


    (27)Kovalev - (11)Koivu - (13)Tanguay
    (46)A.Kostitsyn - (14)Plekanec - (21)Higgins
    (84)Latendresse - (40)Lapierre - (6)Kostopoulos
    (17)Laraque - (15)Metropolit - (70)Stewart


    (79)Markov - (8)Komisarek
    (44)Hamrlik - (25)Dandenault
    (26)Gorges - (24)Schneider


    Meetings This Year:

    Nov. 1st, 2008:glasssmall.gif5 IlandersGlassSmall.gif4

    Nov. 24th, 2008:IlandersGlassSmall.gif4 glasssmall.gif3 (SO)

    Mar. 12th, 2009:IlandersGlassSmall.gif3 glasssmall.gif2 (OT)




    This game can be seen live at 7:00 pm eastern on;
    rds.gif, tsnlogo.gif& 250px-Msg_plus.png

    Listen to the game live at 7:00 pm on CJAD 800 AM


    Listen to the game live (In French) at 7:00 pm on CKAC 730 AM </div>
  3. Canadiens vs. Blackhawks All time Record


    The Chicago Blackhawks joined the NHL to start the 1926-27 season. Since then, the team from Illinois has captured the Stanley Cup on three occasions, with the most recent championship coming in 1960-61.

    The Canadiens and the Blackhawks faced off for the first time on December 11, 1926 at the Montreal Forum, with the visitors heading back to Chicago with a 3-0 win over the hometown Habs.

    The Hawks took part in their first Stanley Cup Final in 1931, only to see Howie Morenz and the Montreal Canadiens steal the series 3-2, hoisting the Cup for the fourth time in team history. It was only the start of the trend, though; Montreal went on to win the next four Finals between the two rivals, most recently in 1973.

    In 1938, the Blackhawks had a subpar regular season, but surprised everyone in the playoffs when they ousted the favored Habs in the quarterfinals en route to capturing the team’s second Stanley Cup. The 1937-38 Hawks, led by Bill Mosienko’s 38 goals – including the fastest hat trick in NHL history (21 seconds) – to this day, still remain the league champions with the worst record in the regular season.

    The Canadiens took the league by storm in 1944, finishing off the season without ever suffering a loss at the Forum. They capped off the dream season with a 4-0 sweep in the Finals, led by Maurice Richard’s 12 goals and 17 points.

    The 1950s and 1960s provided additional fuel to the fire, as the Chicago-Montreal rivalry grew more and more intense. The two teams faced off against each other in the playoffs for four consecutive years from 1959 to 1962. The Blackhawks’ stars, Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita squared off annually against the Canadiens’ Jean Beliveau, Bernard Geoffrion and Henri Richard.

    The Habs won the series in 1959 and 1960, before the Hawks repaid the favor in 1961 and 1962.

    Since the NHL expansion in 1967, the two teams have only crossed paths in the postseason twice.



  4. 100Glass1.gif


    2008-09 Regular Season Record:

    40-23-11 : 91 Points
    (4th Place in the Western Conference)

    38-27-10 : 86 Points
    (8th Place in the Eastern Conference)

    Projected goalies for this game are:


    # 38 Cristobal Huet
    GPI: 39
    Wins: 19
    Loses: 14
    OTL: 4
    SO: 3
    GAA: 2.50
    Save%: .910


    # 31 Carey Price
    GPI: 48
    Wins: 22
    Loses: 14
    OTL: 9
    SO: 1
    GAA: 2.81
    Save%: .904

    Chicago Player Stats

    Montréal Player Stats

    Projected starting lineup for this game:


    (27)Kovalev - (11)Koivu - (13)Tanguay
    (36)D'Agostini - (14)Plekanec - (74)S.Kostitsyn
    (84)Latendresse - (40)Lapierre - (6)Kostopoulos
    (21)Higgins - (15)Metropolit - (25)Dandenault


    (79)Markov - (8)Komisarek
    (71)Brisebois - (44)Hamrlik
    (26)Gorges- (24)Schneider




    This game can be seen live at 7:30 pm eastern on;
    rds.gif, tsnlogo.gif& VersusLogo.jpg

    Listen to the game live at 7:30 pm on CJAD 800 AM


    Listen to the game live (In French) at 7:30 pm on CKAC 730 AM
  5. St-Saku, pray for us.


    Of course Koivu wanted to stay here. He's an underachieving injury-waiting-to-happen 2nd-rate centre whose being paid, protected by the owner and put on a pedestal by clueless fans as if he was a future Hall-of-Famer champion. I'd stay in Montreal too if I had such low expectations to meet to be worshipped.



  6. hey spidey where the hell you been. .

    I've been kicking around, I don't be online as much as I use to be becuse of work but when I am I spend a lot of my online time on HFZ and gohabs.

  7. :rolleyes:

    Yeah, that's so very logical and so very typical of Koivu fanboys. The team around Koivu is never good enough for him. I've heard the same BS for the past 15 years. Nevermind that we had rosters that could have compared to some iffy teams who went on to the SCF. And this year he had one of the best team on paper surrounding him and he still managed to have a front row seat to passively watch this train wreck of a season. We're 72 games into the season and he's only finally starting to show some itty bitty signs of life, mostly due to the fact that Tanguay is dragging Koivu and Kovy's sorry caracasses out of the depth of mediocrity. I guess that's what you meant by being surrounded by quality players: having players so good they can cover for Saku's inexistent game. Right? 

    That's all Koivu fanboys ever have to explain why Saku never delivered anything: excuses. Well excuse me, but that sh*t doesnt fly anymore.

    I'm sure if Saku was french you wouldn't have a problem with him.

  8. I think it's funny that fans are the only ones who question Saku's leadership. Nobody else does. To the point that he was throwing a tantrum at the Hammer for hitting him with the puck. Are you kidding me? How could one lean to that negative side as opposed to what really happened. That makes me question the common sense of Koivu haters.

    As far as Ribs is concerned? I choose to believe that Saku couldn't stand the little bugger for legit reasons in the same way he had to have a discussion with Grabovski for diving on the ice last year, letting him know that's not what a real/honest hockey player does even though he was on the other team. I must add that no player on the Habs or the Leafs had a problem with it because he was right and he was honest. Has anyone ever seen Saku take a dive? and..........Saku never felt he had to tell the media what was discussed. It was between him and Grabs. THAT'S IT!

    Now that is a human being that should be respected.

    Ribs is a puke that's why he was traded and Saku still wears the C because he deserves to. Sorry to the guys who believe points translate to leadership because that's not the case . I hope Saks skin is as thick as I believe it to be and resigns with us. He is a player who truly wears the CH with pride, and I always thought that's what all you guys want in Montreal. It kills me that you can't see it.

    I want Ribs to do two things. Shut his yap and score a bunch of goals against Florida tonight.

    Last time I checked, his name was on the Cup. Get back to me when Saku has his too. 

    last time i checked vin whats nothing to do with coming back to play for the habs...so just bash saku because he stay and give most of his life to playing for the habs and a bunch of loser fans that only care about if he speak french...not the man that give his life to the city of montreal and not just by playing hockey here, but what he does for all the sick kids...

    Long live Saku, the hockey player, the man.....

    you loser make me sick...

    well said guys. :clap:

  9. spidey if you can get Lang to sign at 1.5 million you need o be gm cause that would be amazing.

    I suggested that amount for a one year deal because of his age, Lang will be 40 years old next season and imo thats more that enough for a guy who will proabbly be playing in the final year of his career.

  10. Last time I checked, his name was on the Cup. Get back to me when Saku has his too. 

    yeah, when he was surrounded by quality players he won the Cup, do the same for Saku and he'll win a Cup too.

    btw, a few years back didn't Lecavalc*** have a chance to sign with the Habs? if I recall correctly all he had to do was play out one final year on his contract and he was free to come to Montreal....oh yeah, he thought playing for the Habs was beneath him.

  11. I dont care if we dont make the playoffs.

    the cleanup will just be even more drastical...

    if we make the playoffs, it might give us the illusion that we should keep koivu and kovalev.

    if we miss the playoffs... the only right decision would be to let them walk. i hope.

    no matter what happens I would sign Koivu and let Kovalev walk.

    I would also resign




    Lang( for one year at $1-$1.5 million)

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