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  1. Welcome back Spidey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!

    SPIDEY HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I am very happy Spidey is back. Nobody should have a monopoly over game threads. Who does the thread has absolutely no influence on who wins the game. Welcome back!

    thanks guys, its good to be back.

    Why mess with the success of Maca's game threads?

    I spoke to mac last night because I was wondering what happen to Cat and he gave me the go ahead to make the thread.

  2. 2008SCP.gif


    stancup.gif2007-08 Regular Season Record: stancup.gif


    41-29-12 : 94 Points

    (8th Place in the Eastern Conference)


    47-25-10 : 104 Points

    (1st Place in the Eastern Conference)

    stancup.gifProjected goalies for this game are: stancup.gif



    # 30 Tim Thomas

    Wins: 28

    Loses: 19

    OTL: 6

    GAA: 2.44

    Save%: .921



    # 31 Carey Price

    Wins: 24

    Loses: 12

    OTL: 3

    GAA: 2.56

    Save%: .920

    stancup.gifBruins Player Statsstancup.gif


    stancup.gifCanadiens Player Statsstancup.gif



    (46)A.Kostitsyn - (14)Plekanec - (27)Kovalev

    (21)Higgins - (74)S.Kostitsyn- (73)Ryder

    (84)Latendresse - (40)Lapierre - (25)Dandenault

    (22)Begin - (20)Smolinski - (6)Kostopoulos


    (79)Markov - (8)Komisarek

    (71)Brisebois - (44)Hamrlik

    (32)Streit - (26)Gorges



    stancup.gifMeetings This Year: stancup.gif

    Oct. 22th, 2007:bostonnoisestar1.gif1 newlogo170.gif6

    Nov. 8th, 2007:newlogo170.gif2 bostonnoisestar1.gif1

    Nov. 17th, 2007:bostonnoisestar1.gif4 newlogo170.gif7

    Dec. 6th, 2007:newlogo170.gif4 bostonnoisestar1.gif2

    Jan. 10th, 2008:newlogo170.gif5 bostonnoisestar1.gif2

    Jan. 22nd, 2008:bostonnoisestar1.gif2 newlogo170.gif8

    Mar. 20th, 2008:newlogo170.gif4 bostonnoisestar1.gif2

    Mar. 22nd, 2008:bostonnoisestar1.gif2 newlogo170.gif3 (SO)




    This game can be seen live at 7:00pm eastern on:

    rds.gif& CBC.jpg


    Listen to the game live at 7:00 pm on CJAD 800 AM



    Listen to the game live (In French) at 7:00 pm on CKAC 730 AM

  3. Then I really can't figure out why you hate Price so much. It's actually beyond any sort of logic, because you haven't really made any supporting comments on to why he's going to be a bad goalie. I don't know if he's going to be the next great goalie, but you have no clue how he's going to turn out either.

    he lets in a lot of soft goals....I hope I'm wrong but I don't think hes going to be much of it.

  4. Why don't you tell us what you're basing this opinion on. The 18 games he's played this season as 20 year old? The games you watched him play at Juniors? His play during the AHL level? The WJC? What exactly are you basing all of this on!?

    It seems to me that you're just talking out of your ass. So far, everywhere Price has played (including his play so far this season) he has been pretty danm impressive. Keep in mind that it's incredible that he's even in the league at his age, let alone playing 50% of the games halfway through the season.

    19 games played and most nights he allows 3-4 goals (2 of which you can be sure will be really soft goals).

    he was taken 5th overall...so I expect and want a Patrick Roy/Marty Brouder type goalie.

  5. Born and raised in Victoria, but both my parents are from the islands. Sao Miguel to be exact, in Villa Franca.

    Didn't you learn the last time you got butt-hurt for being a jerk?

    Price is NOT better than Huet right now. No doubt about that.

    Huet is not this team's answer for the future, though. Not even close.

    But, hey. Merry Christmas, Spiderman. Everyone's entitled to their own (incorrect) opinion.

    4 goals on 19 shots (and one really weak goal) yeah, I'm wrong, lol. clean the f*cking sh*t out of your eyes.

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