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  1. Road Trip Finally Over The habs return from the best December road trip in recent memory to play a surprisingly great Sabres team at the Bell Center at 3pm. What a reward for burning through the south like Sherman - the Sabres are coming to town hot on a 3 game win streak and with the second best record in the east. People (including myself) have been starting to talk about this Habs team coming together and becoming a dangerous force as we've gotten our stars back from injuries and Benny Pouliot has joined the formation. The Kostitsyns are day-to-day and will be game time decisions. Over the last 20 games AK46 has outscored Cammalleri... it would be a real sting to lose him for any time. Time for the team to prove its mettle. WIN.
  2. simonus

    HAPPY 2010!

    Congrats! new years babies?
  3. hey! A regulation win! WOO! 12/14 possible points on the december horror trip!
  4. it'd be great if the boys actually finished this game up in regulation
  5. Halak not exactly stealing away the nets tonight.
  6. A Gift for the Snowbirds Martin returns to play his old team. The Habs have no excuse to let him down on this afternoon game to finish the season. With a full complement of players, the Habs should be better than their record. Since the return of Gionta and Hamrlik, we have begun to see the formation of the team we all were hoping for at the start of the season. As of this writing, no word on Goaltenders, but another game for Price would not surprise in the least. No word on the rest of the lineup, but I'd say D'Agostini earned himself another game... which means Pacioretty sits. If D'Agostini can keep playing like this, it might be time for Pacioretty to get minutes in Hamilton... which would probably mean Pyatt or White getting another shot in Montreal. Finish off the year in style, boys! WIN.
  7. I guess I have to start another thread...
  8. when did the habs become offside machines?
  9. Strong 3rd, boys! damnit. time to score more, I guess.
  10. Is it too soon to call Pouliot-Gomez-Gionta the "Goal Per Game" line
  11. interesting to see Hamrlik/Spacek get the top TOI of DMen.
  12. THE GIANT STRIKES!!!! WELCOME BACK I can't wait to see what the Pleks line can do when the Gomez line starts pulling more and more attention.
  13. D'Agostini is playing his best game in a month or more.... not saying too much, but you gotta think the Pacioretty benching has him on his toes..
  14. Smith is saving the Lightning right now... not that the Habs' shots have been the most amazing. I'm about to fly down to Tampa to read the rules on interference to the Refs.
  15. 2nd period is a go! SCORE HABS SCORE can't explain how relieved I am to see Gomez on the ice. good, solid kill. good to see the skill guys protecting Price
  16. not that Metro had any business being on the PP anyways... good period overall... About as happy with that as I could be considering they didn't score.
  17. ... and draws a penalty! that didn't last too long
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