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  1. It would be an impressive statement of financial commitment by the Molsons if they allowed Laraque to be waived and stashed in the minors in the service of icing a more competitive team and freeing up cap space on the big squad. I can't see another team taking on his salary (although maybe on re-entry?) so this is probably the only way to do it.
  2. I'd tend to agree with you, but I think in order for your position to make sense you have to either think 1)you can contend for the cup or 2) you can sign Halak to a multi-year deal after this year is up. Now, while I like to be a insanely optimistic as anyone, it'd be just silly to base one's decisions on a potential playoff run this season. The only way I could see Halak signing a multi-year deal is if he is established as the number 1 by the end of the season. I guess you could do a sign-and-trade, but it seems to me like he's worth more on the open market to a mid-season playoff team in need of a goalie than he would be in the offseason when everyone is healthy and every goalie prospect looks ready to take it to the next level. I like Halak and, like everyone else, have visions of him being a Vokoun, but if you decide to keep Halak past the trade deadline, you have to seriously consider moving Price. I just don't see that happening.
  3. Gomez + Halak for Carter + Boucher + 1 or 2 mills of deadweight they might have? Maybe they'd like a D'Agostini?
  4. To be fair, Kostitsyn has scored 7 of his 10 goals in December. Hopefully he has woken up, but people who were complaining 3 weeks ago had some justification. Habs I/O now reporting that MAB wasn't cut and will be on the plane to Carolina.
  5. Plekanec scored a goal? Doesn't he know he's only supposed to get assists?
  6. I have a feeling the mara-O'Byrne pairing is gonna come back to bite us in the PIM departmet
  7. gomez first forward to put together a decent shift so far
  8. Game on. Markov is with Spacek, O'Byrne on the third pair
  9. Halak in Nets, nhl centerice is carrying the RDS feed. MARKOV IS STILL BACK Puck drops in 4 minutes. GO HABS GO
  10. where have you heard that rumour? Seems like a big overpay for the Flyers.
  11. rds is saying Pouliot is a healthy scratch tonight because of needed rest between games. Seems like a pretty dumb cap move...
  12. hmmm... how much TOI was he getting in those games. Even if he was playing ~10 mins for a few of those games, that is pretty nuts.
  13. I think you picked an easy game, but I'm excited to see what Markov-Pilon mojo can do for the next legs of the road trip.
  14. you better have some good mojo, Monsieur Pilon! Welcome back, Andrei. WIN
  15. it'll have to be stanley's cup... Gui's cup was destroyed in a fire.
  16. is it my imagination or is kostitsyn playing well in the offensive zone without the puck?
  17. FSN's second look PIP feature is one of the worst ideas in hockey history.
  18. and just like that they start putting on some good pressure
  19. is it just me or are the boys skating in molasses so far this period
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