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  1. I guess the kills are impressive, but the discipline on taking penalties is just killing me. This is not how you win games.
  2. jeez, I was worried Hamrlik was gonna take a penalty there
  3. seemed like AK coasted behind the net or he would have been in place for the rebound Lapierre has to be ready to answer the bell when it comes. He is putting his teammates in danger.
  4. not a bad period, but the habs have to stop taking all these penalties!
  5. go to the net = get a PP ANDREI IS AWAKE nice to score on the pp and be able to come back with Lapierre-Gomez-SK fresh.
  6. I guess a schedule wouldn't be the worst thing... but I like the idea of rewarding the good mojo of a winning streak.
  7. No Saskhab, what it says is that there are 12 teams that he would accept a trade to. I'd imagine they are all playoff and/or big market teams, so I doubt the restriction would be too harsh. Hamrlik could, of course, always choose to waive his NTC for one of the others should it become an issue.
  8. We essentially have a few traditions already (especially since the end of the designated threadmaker era), but I thought it'd be fun to codify some ideas on how we should do Game Threads. I'm not talking about rules to be imposed on the community from on high, or even rules that mods would "enforce", but just some traditions for the community to adopt. Another board I post on does this and I think it makes for a better community. Here are some of my thoughts: 1) If the habs win, the same poster starts the next game thread. 2) The game thread should be created no more than 24 hours of the game, but the thread maker should endeavour to start it as early as possible (so much trash that should really be part of the game thread often gets thrown around in other threads, creating a lot of unintentional hijacks). 3) Info as to lineups/goalies/places to watch should - as much as possible - be in the OP, but need not be there when the thread is created. It is easy for the threadmaker and the mods to add this info as the day goes along. 4) Once you have had a run as the thread starter, try to give other people a turn for a while. 5) I'd encourage thread starters to try to personalize their GDT's... maybe make them a bit thematic. Haiku's to start of the game? Spotlight on which player they are expecting a big game from? Images of Gomez not shooting the puck? These are just a few ideas to get discussion going? What does everyone think?
  9. thanks. Missed last game due to holiday party obligations. I'll be around tonight, though.
  10. anybody know why Pouliot doesn't appear on the roster for last night's Hamilton game?
  11. I'm gonna guess that one of them is Cyclone Taylor.
  12. No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
  13. I have a feeling that I'm gonna get pulled away from watching this game tonight. I've had very good getting to actually watch games karma recently.... BTW - Pouliot goes to Hamilton for a conditioning assignment. Prolly a very good idea. Too bad it won't provide any cap relief.
  14. keep the dlbalr game threads going! WIN
  15. I haven't heard anybody complain about Pacioretty.
  16. and don't forget the PIM. Mara is 6th among defensemen with 44... and they weren't all necessary.
  17. well koistinen cleared re-entry waivers... I hope that means that Spacek will be ok to go on Thursday
  18. given White being sent back, I wouldn't be surprised to see Pouliot suit up for the Pens game.
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