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  1. I know that look on Martin's face. It's the look of a man who's trying to calculate just how much money he's going to lose for this post-game press conference.
  2. I think a lot of Hammer on the PP is that Martin wants Gorges and Gill to match up against Ovie at all possible times. Ovechkin doesn't play the PK, so you know he'll probably be the first one out after the powerplay, which means Gorges and Gill need to be ready. That leaves 4 D to take 4 point slots, unless you put a forward back there; probably not the best experiment to try in a playoff game.
  3. I've waited so long for a Habs player wearing #21 to bury a one-timer...
  4. I wonder if he needed a translator to turn down the 'C'...
  5. I'd call it more of a worry; bottom feeders like to give big contracts sometimes.
  6. I would've rather Komisarek broke his stick on Lucic's face, trust me. The suspension will be someone else's problem when they sign him.
  7. He got him in the shoulder which broke his stick and must've caught Lucic. You do not take a crosscheck in the face with that force and have a small cut on your face.
  8. How the hell can you call that a major? He crosschecked him in the shoulder.
  9. I've got a two week exam beard going and you wouldn't think it's been on for more than three or four days. It looks horrible, but superstition is superstition.
  10. Yeah, I was at that game. He looked like he was chlosterphobic, because 22,000 angry Habs fans and one big Habs enforcer were on him every shift.
  11. Another big goal by St. Loius in the Bell Centre!
  12. Tampax Bay just got Latundressed. I love what I've seen from him this year.
  13. Wow, what a terrible play by Koivu. He SUCKS.
  14. It may not be "the" problem, but it certainly is "a" problem.
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