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  1. Predictions. Hart: Malkin Vezina: Nabokov Norris: Lidström Calder: Bäckström Lady Byng: Datsyuk Selke: Datsyuk Jack Adams: GUY CARBONNEAU Masterton: Chelios Leaster B: Malkin
  2. No doubt there's good hockey players in Europe and many has been over looked in the past. Henrik Zetterberg was a late bloomer. I don't think Daniel Alfredsson was recognized by scouts either. Devils Johnny Oduya is another example. Name one late bloomer? Johan Franzen with the Red Wings.
  3. I have seen Brunnström this season in Sweden and I don't get they hype at all. Sure he's a solid Elitserie-player but counting on him as a top six forward in the NHL?! No way. He's nowhere near that good. There's a lot better players in Sweden than Brunnström. Remember Islanders Matthias Weinhandl and Anaheims Tony Mårtensson? Both born in the 80's and was dominating in Elitserien yet there's no hype with them since they allready got their shot at the NHL. Canadiens former danish prospect Kim Staal had 10 points in 15 games during the playoffs. Fabian Brunnström is nowhere near.
  4. Slick move by Streit. And important. But frankly, the B's are outplaying us. Every time Savard and Kessel are out there they create chances. But we have Price... Carey us home!
  5. Was browsing the NHL.com and found some cool stuff. Radek Bonk finished the season with the worst +/- in the whole leauge. -31. Fact is Bonk haven't had a + season since 03-04. Not that impressive for a defensive centre... More +/-: The Super-Bolts Richards (now a Star), Boyle, Vinny and St Loiis finished with a combined +/- of -95! Vezina runner-ups Ryan Miller and Mikka Kiprusoff allowed the most goals. 197 each. Jaroslav Halak had a better saving percentage than both Huet and Price. Just to illustate how bad the Leafs are: Their goalie had more assists than Colaicova and Bell... Buffalos Daniel Paille had 32 points this season, but none of them came of the powerplay. Kovalev scored the most powerplay points this season. And finaly: Peter Forsberg had the most points per game...
  6. Ron Hainsey and Michael Ryder the most interesting names there... But a great playoffs from Ryder and I hope he will be off that list.
  7. Sounds great! But is this just a test or will I be able so watch all the Canadiens games? And how's the quality?
  8. All time favourite Habs: Benoit Brunet, Yannic Perreault and Alex Kovalev Present favourite Habs: Alex Kovalev All time favourite in the League: Sergei Fedorov, Vladimir Kostantinov and Börje Salming Current League favourite: Sergei Fedorov, Vincent Lecavalier and Alexander Ovechkin Player I used to hate: Eric Lindros Player I hate today: Sean Avery and Darcy Tucker Benoit Brunet and Patric Kjellberg... My heroes when I started to cheer for the Habs. When I started to play hockey myself Kjellberg played with the senior team in the same club. He later played for my favourite team in Sweden and then in the NHL. Brunet mostly because I think he scored the GWG in the first NHL game I ever saw. Always been a fan of Kovalev and his stickhandling. Sergei Fedorov, Börje Salmin (even if he had a maple leaf on his shirt) and Vladimir Kostantinov where my idols when I grew up. Fedorov was the most complete player and I studied him and tried to learn everything I could. Lindros for refusing Quebec. I thought it was unsportsmanlike. And still do. Sean Avery for being a jerk and Tucker for being a pain. I watch that clip when Kovalev hits Tucker still sometimes...
  9. Good first period. Latendresse and Hamrlk looks hot(ter) than usaual. Giu will get a goal tonight. Also impressed by Johnny Oduya. Devils best player along with Gionta if you ask me.
  10. Feeling so fooking good. Just got NASN (North American Sports Network) and will be watching the game live. Without and illegal Winamp add-on. Without delay. Without crap quality. Go Habs go! ... And by the way, I was in Montreal last week and saw the game live versus the Devils... I love Montreal. Will visit soon again. And why, has no one ever told me about La ville suterrain before?!
  11. Got my 46 inch full HD LCD TV last night. Just ordered NASN (North American Sports Network) Canal+ Sport. The two networks that sends NHL in Sweden. So happy. Montreal-New Jersey on the eleventh.
  12. #24 Andrei Kastistyn would have as many points as Milan Hejduk.
  13. Yeah, what happend to Jim Carrey?! Came in, won the Vezina and then returned from wherever he came from... Just like he never existed. And what about Drew Miller from last seasons Cup winning team?
  14. I'll sign in this thread because of the name. I will miss Huet. I liked his style a lot and everybody loves underdogs, and I think Huet defines that in a way.
  15. Sure that is true, Roy comes to mind, but I don't like the fact that the Habs are going to the playoffs with two rookies in net. That's doesn't need arguments to understand why. Second, I think Montreal got too litle in return for Huet. Im confused there wasn't a bigger market for him. It's sometimes said that your goaltender is half your team. Therefore it's not a fair to comparision you make with the draft picks. Crosby was also a phenomenon a la Mario Lemieux. Still, Im disapointed. Im glad Gainey didn't match any of the offers for Richards or Hossa but Fedorov, Bäckman, Cooke, Lapointe and Ruutu all came afordable and would have been nice additions for the playoffs.
  16. I totaly disagree. Montreal sold Huet cheap. Are we really putting that much pressure on a rookie goaltender? I have no doubt that Price is the future but right now our goalie tandem has played 28 games this season and 44 games in total. What have the prove yet?! Yann Danis has a higher winning percentage and lower goal against average. The pick is also Anaheims. Don't expect them to finnish in the lower half.
  17. Since the lockout Huet has the fifth best saving percentage in the NHL. Yeah sure he was just like anyone else...
  18. What the fock was that?! Dissaster! We lost one of the best players for a second round pick?!?! Hossa was to expensive, but Washington got Fedorov for Ted Ruth!!! Washington has really got a better team today. Cooke, Fedorov and Huet.
  19. He the hottest player north of the Hudson or that another roster player will be traded? But whom?
  20. That's early! Doesn't use to be later? So the Atlanta game is after the deadline? It could turn out to a bizaree evening for Hossa, sitting in the crowd and not knowing what team to cheer for...
  21. The snowball has star to roll. That Forsberg choosed the Avs can't be a surpise to anyone. But does that take the Avs away from any other sweepstakes? A healthy Forsberg also makes the Avs a legit contender. Will they go after a goalie next? Emery? Jetsniper?
  22. About Sundin. I think it was a class act. The teammates wanted him to stay and I bet the fans as well. Sundin agreed to a lower salary for a no-trade clause and now Fletcher asked him to waive it? If a veteran captains choice is to stay with his team even when they suck (In Leafs case, always), then I think it's admirable. I was thinking of Gainey and his trading deadline history. What kind of deal has he done in the past? He didn't make any big deals in Dallas when they won. He added Houge a few days earlier but that was just a small transaction. I don't know if Im right here but Gainey has never traded a core player at the deadline? Not even a roster player? Since Hawks wants equal talent for Havlat that rule him out. Hossa for Streit and Ryder? Two roster players? Don't think so, Im not even sure he'd do it for Marleau or Richards. The Habs have come a great season thus far, and it would be dangerous to mess to much with chemistry. So what could be realistic? Martin Lapointe? Jeff Halpern? Sergei Fedorov?
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