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  1. Not sure about YouTube, but it’s on the radio TSN 690
  2. Does the name Slyvain Lefebre ring any bells? It is definitely possible for poor AHL coaching to stymie development and for said coach to keep his job in defiance of all logic and common sense.
  3. Obviously it wasn’t, because they couldn’t give Hoffman away. I don’t understand why people are crapping on the finale of the Petry trade part 2. What’s not to like about Petry, Poeling, Pitlick and Hoffman with 2+ million salary retained (2seasons of Petry) for Matheson, a 2nd, two 4ths, Legarre(22); Gustav Lindholm(24 yr old RT D) and DeSmith?! That’s an amazing return for an aging defender who wanted out, 2 4th liners and Hoffman- who most felt would need a draft pick added to get a team to take him. Thats 7 assets for one decent player and three spare parts.
  4. It was well worth the declining draft pick from Florida to see the Leafs implode like this. This exactly what I was hoping for. According to Chris Johnston the leading external candidate for the Leafs GM job is Brad Treliving with the other experienced candidates being Marc Bergevin, Peter Chiarelli, Chuck Fletcher !, and Stan Bowman. I can see why Dubas thought he had more leverage with that candidate pool. Treliving might be ok, but the rest except Bowman have trashed their former franchises. I hope they hire Fletcher😎
  5. That is a much more rational approach but I’m going with bile not reason.
  6. I strongly prefer the Leafs being bounced in the first round. That could lead to a senior management over reaction that could have catastrophic consequences for their team. Also, after much deliberation, I have reluctantly decided to hope for a monumental upset by Florida, draft pick be damned. The only two outcomes that will make me happy this playoffs is both the Leafs and Bruins losing. But in fact, the only NHL action I’m likely to watch is the draft lottery
  7. I could see Allen or Primeau being traded prior to the start of next season, if Les Canadiens are comfortable with Montembault at #1 for next season
  8. The only thing I disagree with here is the statement on the damage to player development. I think that it is very apparent what a disastrous failure Bergevin and Lefebvre’s incompetence produced as evidenced by the rebuilt we are in now and how few players touched by Lefebvre achieved success.
  9. There is no way Bettman is getting fired over the Coyotes. The owners know that their only path to even more money is a bigger US footprint. As for relocation, it would be Houston or even Atlanta again before anywhere in Canada
  10. Ottawa is closer to contention, has cap space and Chycrun, as you said, is a better player, younger and on a better contract. While Vancouver is capped out and desperately trying to unload a declining Boeser and is stuck with a mediocre core minus its former best player in Horvat. My issue is not the price Vancouver paid for Hronek, but that it was a terrible acquisition given their context. We will just have to agree to disagree.
  11. You might be right except that you are counting Horvat and the first that they got back for him as one transaction and one mistake. Trading Horvat was unavoidable given their mistake in signing Miller. IMHO, they significantly compounded that mistake by giving up a first and second for Hronek.
  12. The Capitals are retooling. The Canucks brass are, I will be kind and say, confused.
  13. A 1st and a 2nd seems like a lot for a player who is only under team control for another year or two. It seems like a terrible trade to me and it makes me glad I’m not a Canucks fan
  14. If we could trade Drouin for a 5th or another potentially high reward/low risk deal a la Gurianov, I would be ecstatic. Similarly, trading Hoffman and not having to give up assets or retain much salary for someone to take him would be a major win, bordering on a minor miracle. I’m now hoping that we sign Monaghan to a one year “show me” deal because I don’t think even this brain trust can get a good additional return on him this deadline. In HuGort we trust.
  15. I have never before not been seriously upset by the Habs losing to Boston. I'm hoping this new detachment only lasts for this season. Also, I don't think that I have ever been more wrong about a trade than I was in the immediate aftermath of Romanov being dealt for Dach.
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