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  1. I read somewhere that Madden is very introverted and doesn't like the spotlight. If that is true, I wonder if Molson could spend enough to lure him north as Timmins replacement? It would be another AGM role, but if he had any interest in being closer to home....
  2. Roberto Luoungo? He has some experience with Hockey Canada.
  3. Too bad we weren't in on Eichel since this season seems like its going to be a write-off, but our need on D is even greater. Pain for Shane, here we come!
  4. The way things are going this looks like it might be a SEASON summary😢
  5. That’s what I meant when I said no mushy middle. I want decisive action from Bergevin to beef up or tank before the deadline.
  6. Bubble is fine...as long as they are on the playoff side. If they make the playoffs, I will be happy. If they miss the playoffs and get a lottery pick I will be consoled. If they just miss the playoffs and give a decent pick to Arizona, I will be pissed.
  7. Sloppy? Maybe. Hard to watch? Nope. Also, six games is a tiny sample size. Last season they looked great early and faded. Let’s hope that this year is the opposite. Alternatively, if they are going to be bad, I hope that they are really bad. Playoffs or pain for Shane and no mushy middle, please.
  8. Really? You found a 6-1 victory (to end a 5 game losing streak where they scored 4 goals in 5 games) hard to watch? Are you really a fan of the Canadiens?
  9. Is it too early for a Pain for Shane, campaign?
  10. You are not alone. I think that the only two people on Earth who think those pairings are a good idea are Ducharme and Richardson.
  11. Here’s hoping we score a couple of quick goals, choke the life out of TO and coast to an easy win … and that Steve Dangle’s post game pain is back to being hilarious
  12. A) 45-25-5-7 B) 4th place C) 15th D) 25 goals
  13. Aggravated that Fla was able to get an asset for Juulson
  14. That makes sense…wonder if DD sees it that way?
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