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  1. What about Sonny Milano as a Pitlick replacement? Just asking as I remember echos of former potential.
  2. I like Steve Dangle’s take: “ This is either the beginning of an inspiring comeback story OR the beginning of the end of the Matthews era”. I’m certainly hoping for the latter but with goalies you never can tell.
  3. Ok, the Leafs traded a 1st for a second to get rid of a risky, injury prone goalie with. 2 years on his contract and immediately traded for a risky, injury prone goaltender with two years on his contract who has been trending downward for the last four years. My point stands: this is an incredibly risky move by the Leafs and I’m still not sure why they wanted Matt Murray.
  4. So, the Leafs spend a first road pick to rid themselves of a risky, expensive goaltending mistake. Then they take on a risky, expensive goaltender, signed long term who has been trending down for at least the last 4 seasons-- whose contract is so bad they get a 3rd and 7th-- BECAUSE they have a connection through the Soo? That's wonderful! It means that Dubas isn't as smart as I feared he might be.
  5. Why the hell does Toronto want Matt Murray? Can anyone explain this to me? Anyone?
  6. Even sweeter if it is the pick we acquired in the Chariot deal😎
  7. Pitlick had refused the Habs offer and if qualified was eligible for arbitration. The high end of arbitration would be more than the Habs could afford, hence no offer for Rem. It’s too bad, I would have liked him back- at the right price.
  8. They have traded Debrincat and Dach for low value---especially Debrincat. They have Petr Marezk as their starting goalie and they just released Dylan Strome for nothing and continue to gut the organization. Even if they do beat the odds and draft Bedard, I think that they are screwed for the next 5-10 years.
  9. HuGort have not sold low on any of our players and I don't think that they are going to start with Petry.
  10. I mentioned it for the same reason that you offered up a scenario that will never happen. Your proposal involved what I consider a massive overpay and also removed the possibility of us being in contention for Connor Bedard --a firing offense for a management team in HUGORTs position, IMHO) My proposal offered the opposite, an underpay that might tempt a desperate GM. Like you, I was hoping to stimulate a discussion. I wanted it to focus on how the Canadiens might acquire the number 2 pick without settling back their rebuild.
  11. Good thing our GM is Kent Hughes and not Reggie Houle. That is one horribly ugly trade proposal. Now if they offered Petry, two 2nds and a prospect not listed in the previous proposal say, Mailoux, it might be ok for Montreal, Jersey not so much.
  12. Remind me again why Gary Galley has a job? He is not only a Habs hater, he bring zero insight to the game. This may have been discussed before but is there any way to sync the tsn 690 feed with the video. Galley would sound a lot better on mute.
  13. I for one loved Barron’s play especially when he levelled the Tampa player who hit Caufield after the whistle (Colton, I think) then smacked another Tampa player. I think he is going to be outstanding. You are right though it may take some more time. Harris and Barron should be where Romy is now but the time Romanov is at his peak. Hopefully, that will be with in the next two seasons.
  14. Every team that wins in OT has to get some bounces.
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