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  1. I'm a little shocked by this...I wonder how much input Carey Price had on this decision. Also, the timing strikes me as extremely odd.
  2. Past a certain point, it is almost impossible to distinguish between incompetence and malice. ~an interpretation of Hanlon’s Razor
  3. I sure as &@%#!!! hope so. It was Julien’s refusal or inability to change the D, the lines, PP, PK, etcetera that got him —deservedly— fired. I feel bad for CJ but I love this move.
  4. I agree. In fact, I already said in another thread that Montreal should be considering giving Seattle a pick to lay off Allen. But getting them to pick Byron would be even better.
  5. I think there is a possibility that Ottawa, given that they just cleared a roster spot, or Detroit claim him. He could provide some jam and a veteran presence as these teams are very young. I’m hoping that he clears.
  6. I think that the team envisions Romanov on the second pair dropping Edmunston to the 3rd pair where he belongs. If this happens by the end of the season everyone, with the possible exception of Edmunston, will be happy. If not, I would be fine with Kulak moving up with Petry. He’s already shown that he can thrive in that role.
  7. To be honest, I thought that they might have done this and put Byron on the taxi squad at the beginning of the season. I really, really, like Byron but if he does get claimed it eases the salary cap crunch considerably. If he doesn’t, still great NHL depth on the taxi squad. Win, win for the Canadiens, kinda sucks for Byron.
  8. Sadly, this really happened. That’s why we are called fans, short for “fanatics” and not, rosees- “rational observers of a sports entertainment entity”.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. It is an odd feeling thinking that the back-up will give the team a better chance to win. If this continues, I would be offering Seattle a 2nd round pick to leave Allen alone.
  10. The game plan wasn't the problem. Execution and the speed of execution were sorely lacking last game. This is more about getting back to what works. Also, someone should piss off Josh Anderson just before the game starts. Angry Anderson is awesome!
  11. I was wrong; very wrong... this game. I fearlessly predict that they will curb-stomp the Sens, next game😎
  12. It’s been so long that I barely remember what it is like to have a team like this 😎
  13. This is a different team. They are going to curb stomp the Sens.
  14. If he is their best D- a very scary proposition for Canucks’ fans— then I think pressurizing him is the smart hockey play. Vancouver fans have nicknamed him Tyler Minors for a reason, after his penchant for bad penalties.
  15. I agree, but with one addition: the Canadiens need to dump the puck into Myer’s corner all night and hammer him relentlessly on the forecheck. He will learn his lesson, all the turnovers will produce scoring chances and goals. And, there is not much chance of a Habs player getting suspended for an illegal check to Myer’s head😎
  16. I agree. As long as multiple teams are interested, Columbus’ return will be high. Unless MB can pull off a miracle, I don’t think Montreal gets Dubois at a price most fans would be happy with. Also, Winnipeg makes sense since neither Liane nor Roslovic are playing for them right now so Quarantine is less of an issue for the Jets.
  17. Very true. This is the one time I wish we had a goon that could take on Myers. Where is John Scott when you need him? 😎Also, “execrable suckage” is the best description of Myer’s play I have heard. It’s almost Shakespearian. I hope there is no stupidity that costs us the game but I really hope that Myers gets smashed, repeatedly...legally of course
  18. Happy to see Dell picked up by NJD. There goes Toronto’s goaltending depth and Anderson is struggling 😎
  19. One of these years my optimism is going to match with reality 😎 40-09-5-2 87 points 1st North 3rd 167 goals for
  20. Actually, Stu Cowan mentioned the possibility of Lekhonen being waived on the latest episode of HIO. I didn’t think it was a good idea when he said it either, as noted Leks would certainly be claimed.
  21. I think it is more likely that Paul Byron goes on waivers to the taxi squad simply because his contract makes it very unlikely that he will be claimed. If the Canadiens put Perry on waivers at 750K it is highly likely he will be claimed.
  22. I was just thinking the same thing. It would be great to turn Lindgren into an asset or as you said, just clear the log jam in the crease a little.
  23. Not sure why this deal is baffling. Frolik is a veteran depth guy that will be part of the taxi squad and enable one of the young forwards to get playing time in Laval. In case of a string of injuries, he *might* provide viable NHL depth. This is a cheap insurance deal and good for the development of our young players. Some times a depth move is just a depth move and not a pre-cursor to a bigger trade.
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