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  1. ' Well, we suffered through Carbo's growing pains," as per Cucumber I wouldn't call his stint as coach painful at all. .589 all time is pretty good. I say he deserves a shot somewhere... if its truly what the Habs want to do is hire a new coach I would hope they don't rule out him out of the equation.. Keeping Randy Cunneyworth would be my first choice. My second choice would be to rehire Carbo and let him finish a five year stint and then see where we are at after that. As an aside, should coaches start a union? m
  2. Hey if I were one of the forwards, or even a guy with good shot on defense on this team, I'd be pretty excited. Can you imagine Markov and Kaberle quarterbacking the PP1 and PP2 lines. We have reason to be optimistic here.
  3. I agree with BTH, This is Good News for MTL. A guy with serious PP experience. Media friendly even when portrayed as a heel. Loads of talent, and what seems to be a good head on his shoulders under despite all the negativity he's endured the last couple of years. He's the perfect fit for our team... and a bargain at that!
  4. Thought it would be a nice idea to wish him well. Merci... thanks for everything! ;-)
  5. I'm sooo behind this decision! Hamrlik logged so many quality minutes for this team. I don't even remember anyone on this board complaining of his defensive play this year. Too bad we all are so salary conscienced... this award has nothing to do with it. Guys, we should be setting that aside and giving this guy his due. Thank you Hammer, hope you'll want to come back next year and play for us. Here's my standing ovation!!!!!!!
  6. I don't think its Carey's fault. He can't see jack!... bruins are working hard at making cross ice passes in the Habs zone with a big player in front of him. Alot of puck movement before the big shot! We aren't done yet! Go habs! Out work these guys!
  7. Instead of adding a prediction, I thought I'd add a bit of poetry to help stir up some emotion in our Belarussian Bear. It may even help motivate a squad that may have a bit of fear after what happened the last two games against these guys. I love how the poem ends. I realize that the ice rink is not a farmers field and a hockey stick is better used to hit a puck than to till soil... but the imagery to me still applies. The Ploughman, Араты by Zmiatrok Biadula To the smith go I now, Для Сміта пайсці цяпер я, I've a treasure, my plough, Я скарб, мой плуг, He shall sharpen the share Ён павінен завастрыць доля In the fire's mighty glare У магутнай блікі агню Loud the hammer shall call Гучны малатка будзем называць And the rust-flakes shall fall, І іржы шматкі ўпадуць, Treasured plough, not a jest, Запаветныя плуг, не жартам, Heard and tempered and best. Херд і загартаваным і лепш. On the land's empty spread, На пустой распаўсюджвання зямлі, On fields worked until dead, На палях працавалі да мёртвых, I shall level it plain, Я буду узроўні раўніна, Plough the field up again, Плуг полі зноў, And set free, redolent, І адпусцілі, пахучы, New-turned earth's vital scent. Нью-апынулася жыццёва пах зямлі. There, where fear dwelt of old, Там, дзе жыў страх старых, Where the loud cannon rolled, Дзе гучныя гарматы пракату, There were Sodomish death Існавалі Sodomish смерці Burned to ash with fire-breath, Спалены ў попел з агнём-дыханне, Where the dew would smoke then Калі раса будзе паліць, то With the blood of slain men, З крывёю забітых, Where earth shuddering groaned, Дзе зямля стагнала скаланаючыся, There my work shall go on. Там мая праца павінна працягвацца. Go for naught, days of old! Перайсці на няма, дні старажытныя! My strength grown hundred-fold, Мая сіла вырасла ў сотні разоў, In my heart a fire lies, У маім сэрцы агонь хлусня, And sparks flash in my eyes, І іскры ўспышкі ў маіх вачах, I shall toss back my brow, Я буду пампаваць таму мой лоб, With my arm shall smite now, З маёй руцэ ўдарыць цяпер, Dawn to dawn, singing, pace Світання да світання, спевы, тэмпы Throughout limitless space. На працягу бязмежнай прасторы. Z. Biadula 1922 З. Biadula 1922
  8. Should the game of hockey be so expensive to play? We are sending 7-8 yr olds to out of town tournaments every few weekends. I didn't hear the interview but perhaps money could be raised for more basic needs ie: food, clothing would better serve the needs of the poor. I like his alarming statement... would like to know more about it.
  9. listening to CJAD is just like being at the game. I'm lovin' it!
  10. Who is the defensive pair playing against the Moen, Eller, AK line?
  11. woohoo!!! Canadiens putting on a clinic!!! Way to go to Lars!
  12. My apologies to Mr.Mcguire. This was a childlike jab. Sorry. Matt
  13. Is there not a difference between insight and foresight? Bergie is great as is the rest of the guys at Antichambre. We are all entitled to our opinions even if they are like mine... sometimes wrong. As for Ernie and Bert, I kinda remember learning alot from those guys years ago. and for the record I think Dawes is a fantastic pick up! He's got game! not to mention Pierre Maguire is a fan of this kid. Although I can't think of anyone to compare Pierre Maguire to on Sesame Street... but maybe Dr. Honeydew from the 'Muppets'. After all that guy really knows his hockey. LOL
  14. Yeahh!!! Andrei!!!!, nice read to intercept for the goal, goalie heard the horn before he realized the puck left Andrei's stick..... WOOOHOOO! Who's the man! Oh yeah..hahahaha way to go! Mats
  15. Hmmm... ignoring the issue did not end slavery, ignoring the issue of racism will not put an end to it. At the very least this guys article has got us all talking about a very sensitive issue. Perhaps our discussions, getting our thoughts out on Habsworld could be the start of something very productive in french and english canada relationships... Perhaps only one team in Quebec is good after all. We wouldn't be able to ignore this issue because of another team in Quebec city shares the media coverage. I know this is all a stretch, but one can dream, can't he? Matts
  16. I'm not sure what you mean by wrong. Because the Nordiques have left the Montreal Canadiens are what's left in Quebec... so if their is any hockey angst, the Canadiens will be subject to a high critique level wether we like it or not. Carte blanche is freedom of speech. We Habs fans have to put up with it but at the same time, it would be nice if the french media realized that they are not only writting to the Quebec french speaking population but to the rest of Canada as well. I think sensitivity towards both sides of this is issue is what is needed both by the media and the people who read and/or watch it on tv. I'm trying hard to understand. Matts
  17. Yeah you might be right in that they don\'t deserve an NHL franchise... but that is for the league to ultimately decide. My point simply is that a large piece of the heart of Quebec left when the Nordiques left for Colorado. I could be wrong but Bettman didn\'t give this team much of a chance at staying in comparison with what has recently happened in Phoenix. Perhaps this may be some of the root of the angst you read about in the french media... Quite frankly I don\'t blame them for being upset... if this indeed is a reason. Matts
  18. Bring back 'les Nordiques'!!! Quebec deserves its old franchise back! It would be awesome to see it again... for the sake of Quebec, Canada and Montreal Canadiens fan alike. Matts
  19. Ohh boy.... Someone better have Price's back. The media knives are already sharpened and at the ready. Best wishes to Halak... Better wishes to Price! The pen is mightier than the sword. GO HABS
  20. I think trading one of our young goaltenders for a top six forward is wishful thinking... In recent history goaltenders have provided little in return where trade value is concerned. I say keep them both and develop them more. I think we can appease both goalies with the ample ice time available throughout the season. If I was GM, yes naturally I'd like more scoring punch with size. Who I'd want to fill this role... Andrei Kostitsyn for a start! Hope he comes back to camp fit and ready to kick some butt! Looking forward however to see what Gauthier and Bob as consultant figure out as the right solution to the team's needs. As an aside... I'd like to state for the record that Gomez is a fantastic addition to the team. He's was fun to watch all season long. I love the skill, speed and his game at both ends of the ice. I could care less about his goal production. To dwell on this issue in my opinion is being narrow minded. He made Gionta, Pouliot, Cammelleri better. Dominic Moore was a fantastic pickup. It was nice to see Lapierre back as himself again in the playoffs. Darche is my hero whatever no matter what happens here on out. Gorges for captain! Matts
  21. Pour repondre au question si Benoit Brunet s'ameliore... je dirais oui. Par contre selon moi, j'aimerais mieux connaitre l'aspect technique des partie. Par exemple, il pourra nous informes quelles systems une equipe utilise pour avoir du succes dans les different zones de la patinoires. Ou bien, peut-etre pourquoi un joueur a du succes lors d'une mise au jeux pendant une partie. Il y a beaucoup de petit details qu'il pourrait nous decrire et rendre le spectacle plus interresant. Quand meme, je suis tres satisfait de son travail. Merci Benoit. Au restant de l'equipe RDS je dit merci aussi. Vos effort de rendre les presentations et analyses des matchs Canadien d'une facon plus positive est reconnue et apprecie. Continue le beau travaille. M.
  22. Oooh, oops... Hey, what is the meaning of your name? Which 26 are you talking about?
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