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  1. Kostitsyn has been playing much better on that first line. drew a penalty just now
  2. we have a shot, but this is going to be a big challenge, especially without kovalev and higgins. hopefully kostitsyn and the other young guns can fill the void.
  3. that is very true. maybe gainey just said this to the press to calm his team down. Kovalev spoke to the media earlier and said that one of the factors contributing to the losing streak was that they were playing hesitant and scared because they were thinking about trades etc. gainey might've said this to try to relax his team, to tell them that no deal is imminent so they can just get back to their usual game.
  4. By the way, I just thought i'd comment on Koivu's and Ryder's play tonight. Much improved! Koivu made a gorgeous pass to the tape of Ryder's stick who then shelfed it, and who could forget Ryder's toe-drag and then pass over to Koivu for the goal on the 2 on 1...absolutely embarassed that d-man. Hopefully they gain confidence from this.
  5. Ya, it should be a no-brainer, but i have a feeling that starting Abby is something Carbonneau would do lol
  6. Halak's rebound control was definitly better then Aebischer's...especially against the Canes... :puke:
  7. Who, in your opinion, should get the start Wednesday vs. the Caps and why? I say Halak because he played well enough tonight and I think he deserves another crack at it because he was successful tonight in Columbus and probably would've had a shutout if his teammates didn't abandon him on several occasions.
  8. Colombus actually has an above .500 record at home and has just come off a 3-0 win over San Jose, which would have them carrying a ton of momentum probably. But I do agree that our TRUEST test is yet to come.
  9. WE FINALLY WON however, the game didn't end on such a good note, that may explain the lack of excitement when the team was congradulating Halak at the end of the game. But a win is a win and we'll all take it GO HABS GO
  10. once again, not halaks fault. the team is letting these guys walk into the slot untouched. WAKE UP BOYS, IT AINT OVER TILL ITS OVER.
  11. Not so far.... Halak is still playing very well regardless of that last goal, that was the team's fault.
  12. WHAT A MOVE BY RYDER, AND SICK PASS Koivu a goal and an assist -- KEEP IT UP
  13. If montreal doesnt win this game i am going to shoot myself in the face. i cant take this anymore, we are a playoff team but we are playing like we arent.
  14. RDS reported tonight that Souray will likely be moved...who knows whats going to happen with him ?
  15. I'm going to start wearing my habs jersey when i watch the games...i usually dont do that unless i am actually at the game
  16. Lately this team is playing like CRAP. However, they were playing like all-stars for the majority of the season. a team just can't all of a sudden become 'bad', but they can hit cold streaks and sometimes get stranded in downward spirals. This downward spiral is huge, and i am so unexplainably angry and frustrated and even depressed about this, but once they find their feet (they have been getting better and better each game) were due for good results. Lets hope its not too late until we can get out of this slump.
  17. I agree...same with Julien...now look what he's doing with NJ.
  18. even then, montreal struggles against washington usually... p.s i knew gainey should've gotten Tanguay at the draft...i know he is a winger and we are full of them but at least he is putting up numbers and he was acquired by Calgary for a pretty cheap price. I CANT TAKE THIS LOSING ANYMORE
  19. bob seriously needs to do something, and im not ready to pack the season in yet so i hope he can bring us some FINISHING SKILLS.
  20. that is true, but koivu isn't sundin and never in his career has he came really close to the numbers sundin regularly puts up. Bob needs to get us a REAL #1 center. I love saku to death, fav player, but he should really be our #2.
  21. Pleks goal was really nice, too bad it was too little too late.
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