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  1. Incredibly upsetting as usual to lose to the leafs. however, the good news is, they are in second last and we are right at the top.

    Koivu, although my favourite player, once again didn't play great. We can't just rely on our second line to score goals, Bob needs to pull the trigger on a trade for a player to play on line #1 with koivu, and help him out a little!!

    An absolutely huge game on Saturday against Ottawa, we can't let them run away from us now that Heatley is back

  2. Haven't posted in a while, it's been a busy christmas break...

    Great game by montreal, coughed up the lead but came right back at it. Kovalev is unreallllllll

    Why is it that we don't get the "KOVY! KOVY KOVY!" chants in the Bell? I'm sure it's happened before, but not in a while i dont think...let's show this guy some more love after criticizing him so much last year.

  3. Wow this is all a bit childish guys.

    From what I read, Spidey Critisizes Price, he gets accused by Toren of Folatio and Spidey Quits.

    I'm thinking clearer heads should really prevail here.

    I somewhat agree with this. All it was was a disagreement, and then due to bad moods it got a little uglier. The difference is, it's getting a little blown out of porportion because one of the participators in the argument happened to be our beloved thread maker. Yes, we want him to come back and make his threads (no offence to Cataclaw what-so-ever, those threads of his are really something else) but he was equally at fault in that argument. He had it coming for him for saying what he did about Price, and when he said it, it was only a matter of time before another frustrated poster jumped on him for it.

  4. Just saw the thread and joined both groups...

    Go Plex. Go! I happen to like his style.

    And I'd like to suggest the name...

    "The many faces of habsworld.net"


    Good job Chips. and yes, his style is in fact unreal. Living in Toronto, all those stupid leaf fans tell me he looks like a douchebag but i disagree, and that group is priceless.

  5. I am not centering out you in anyway. I just did not expect to come on here to see people blaming individuals.

    That was a bad team performance. I knew after the Price giveaway they were in trouble. Florida dominated.

    That in itself should be a wakeup call. There are no easy games anymore.

    Look at the Leafs tonight. They let their guard down for 30 seconds and cost themselves a point.

    hahaha I was watching that game..flipping back and forth a little. I was sure the leafs would come out with the win up 2-0 late in the third. I flip back and its Carolina celebrating and the leafs skating off the ice.. :wacko:

    it was great. lol

  6. Why is there always blame? In a game where there was zero effort and lack of commitment a million things can be pointed out.

    If Huet was in would he have won that game? I don't know, but I can tell you that Huet has blown games this year with poor play.

    So why call out Price? Because a 20 year old made a mistake?

    Remember in the Stanley Cup Final when Brodeur cost his team a game when he dropped his stick it hit it and went through his legs.

    The great ones come back with strong performances. He knows he ######ed up. Let's see how he responds to being the goat for the first time.

    It was an embarrasing game to watch. And it is no different than what they have shown all year.

    I'm agreeing with you. I didn't intend my post to seem like it was blaming the guy, but it was simplying stating observations. I was saying IF he stopped that Weiss goal, and IF he didn't mess up that pass to let the Panthers score on the open net, it was a different game. I'm not saying he should've, more so saying he could've. He was capable of stopping the Weiss goal and if he did it would've been a different game. But yea i do agree with you, this team didn't even deserve the win the way they played, and they didn't really help Price out at all.

    I have no anger towards Price after that game, I only have frustrations towards the team effort. I'm really counting on Bob making a move...however, when could we ever count on Gainey to make a big move since Kovalev..

  7. I cannot believe the expectations on this kid. It is not like the Weiss goal was brutal and the first goal was an empty net.

    He is 20 years old. Go take a look at Martin Brodeur's NHL video from when he was 20. Oh yeah, he never played more than 4 games til he was 21.

    Well lets look at Luongo then. oh he was 7-14 you say. Lundqvist? Kipprusoff? Miller? Ward? Hasek? Huet? Not in the league.

    Let's get a grip here. 6 hours ago everybody was gushing. It is 1 game.

    This team has 8-9 players under the age of 25. WTF is with all the panic and hate?

    I have high expectations on him, but I am not saying I expect him to be amazing at this point of his career. He's been playing excellent so far for a rookie. What i was just saying in my post is that we couldve won the game if he didn't have that mental cramp, and perhaps stopped that 3rd goal which was pretty weak. however, when i say that, i am in no way putting the blame on him. he is inexperienced and you should expect goals like that from an inexperienced goalie. Huet is still the number 1 in Montreal, but I like our goaltending situation with price providing competition.

  8. Yes, perhaps if Price the 20 year old rookie goaltender hadn't of had a mental cramp, and hadn't of let in 1 bad goal, we could've been in the game still and perhaps came out with the win. The fact of the matter is, this team (despite the very late effort) did not play for the win from puckdrop. They saved it all till the very end when they had to scramble. Price could've stolen this game for us if he had stopped the 2 bad goals, but that is just a good reason why we can't rely on him every single game...YET. Huet should get the nod next game, and how about we SIT ryder and let Latendresse play as well. Ryder did absolutely nothing out there.

  9. Someone in the Gamethread said they hoped Kostitsyn doesnt go flying around because he plays like he's 4'11" :puke: ...HAHAHAHAHA!!! :unsure:

    I will get to watch him on CBC tonite...I hope I remember the game tho :blink: exams finish tonite


    haha same here bluesgm. Except I will be surrounded by leafs fans, who are gunna be chirping the entire game. Montreal needs to win PLEASE GOD lol

  10. Okay okay, we all know Bob's little plan of "building through the draft". So far we have some core players that we have acquired through the draft like Komisarek, Plekanec, Latendresse, Kostitsyn, Chipchura, etc. We are at the point where we have a substantial enough prospects that we can afford to make a trade.

    If Gainey continues to sit on his hands, and remain quiet, and let us keep going through this rough patch we keep having every single damn year, that is not going to help us. We already have the players through the draft, and although we can still continue to draft players, in the meantime lets make a f***ing trade!!!!!!!

    Ryder - GONE PLEASE

    And by trade I don't mean a little "sale", as in Ribeiro for Niinimaa, or like Ryder for a 3rd round pick. Lets bring in an impact player. We can't continue to have this city rest on Koivu's shoulders, and the crazy media ripping into him for the team's lack of effort. I know Ryder alone won't bring us an impact player, he has lost value, but lets put together a package - perhaps through Huet in there too if we need to, or a 2nd round pick or even a 1st round pick if it's worth it.

    The point of this whole post is that Gainey can't continue to sit on his hands - we can all see it, we head down the exact same path every damn single year. This city is used to winning, and is used to excellence with it's long storied successful history and after 10 years of dissapointing hockey it's about time we let the city have a player who can actually help us out there. We have been building through the draft, it has helped is develop a strong core of young players, but you know as well as I do we don't have "the player", it's time to make the move.

    I just don't know what I'll do if Gainey continues to be quiet, even though it'll be like the 5th year in a row where every fan of this team can tell we are going absolutely nowhere without a move. At least Ferguson has the balls to make a big move once in a while...


  11. http://www.habsinsideout.com/main/1433

    Lines for tomorrow

    by Mike Boone

    If you go by the alignments at an early-afternoon practice in Verdun today, it's Saku Koivu centring Christopher Higgins and Mark Streit, Tomas Plekanec and Alex Kovalev reunited with Andrei Kostitsyn, Kyle Chipchura, Guillaume Latendresse and either Tom Kostopoulos or Michael Ryder and Bryan Smolinski between Mathieu Dandenault and Steve Bégin.

    By the way I hope these lines aren't true. Mark Streit tossed onto the first line??? uhhh this team is seriously sad if we try to generate offense with Mark Streit on our number 1 line. And also, Latendresse has scored 5 goals in his last 8 games, and we are demoting him?

    I'm going to save my bashing of Carbo until I see how they perform tonight, so I dont make an ass out of myself. Just curious, thats all...

  12. judging by your handle you're born in '88 so this how your generation talks to les filles? lol

    No wonder les filles keep hitting on le pierre. Don't tell me she fell for that as you were implying with (le rump in the pillows). good grief, I need a challenge.

    haha and no Pierre I didn't have any...well in your terms.. "le rump in the pillows". We just made out a bunch of times at the bar I met them at and then she gave me her number and email...and then the next time i was at my cottage (about 20 mins from tremblant) she happened to be at Tremblant the same weekend and took her out for dinner and stuff. No opportunities to "le rump in the pillows" (hahhaa nice spelling by the way.) though unfortunately, nowhere to go and on my trip in Quebec City there were no outsiders allowed in our hotel unless they were on the trip so it was quite unfortunate for me. Now im heading back in a month and a bit and she definitley won't be single. IT BLOWS.

    Thanks for the translation help though guys you're the best.

  13. would be more " She's not about to stop playing the field because some guys outhere in some other places (i think it might be you) find her hot".

    Ya this one would make more sense to me.

    Damnit this sucks haha

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