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  1. What an end to that game, I bet you enjoyed it JMMR! And I never knew you had such connections to the nhl...I do okay myself..Sam Gagner is a year older than me and went to my high school, and I used to see him at alot of parties and talk to him etc. he's a good guy....he thought he was going to the kings but ended up with the oilers and I think he's perfectly fine with that. Steve Downie is one of my good buddies cousins and I spent a weekend with him at my buddy's cottage...and Akim Aliu i've chilled with for a weekend at a cottage once. Anyways, I hope you had a good trip...I'd love to hear more about it so when you get a chance update us all here!
  2. I think we are building Lapierre up to be more tough than he actually is. Don't get me wrong, he hustles and throws his weight around when he wants, but a) he really isn't very big, hes prettty skinny and he just gets under the other players skins, and there is no chance he drops the gloves in my opinion. If we are looking for this "toughness", i would probably look for a bigger player willing to drop the gloves instead of lapierre. I like lapierre, this is not bashing him, but even with him in the lineup, i dont feel he provides the amount of toughness that this team needs.
  3. Just a quick update about RIS, according to many posters at HFboards they are showing the game but it will be in an "nhl on the fly" format, so I think we will only see chunks of it. P.S Is Kostitsyn still considered a rookie this year? or did he play in too many games last year?
  4. Wow, pretty stacked roster tonight. If it's on RIS i'll be watching it. It will be nice to see how the second line performs tonight... This means I gotta get my homework done right now in order to watch, so peacee see you guys when the game starts.
  5. http://nhllogos.blogspot.com/2007/09/poll-...s-vs-blues.html We are currently losing to the Blues, we've come along way - VOTE FOR THE HABS
  6. Lost alot of respect for crosby tonight. Sooo sweet ending the game like that, recchi and crosby shooting their mouths off as they go to the box and then kovy skates down right after and snipes. PEACE CROSBY GO HABS GO
  7. woo its been a long time since i have posted. and there isnt much else to say but GO HABS GO
  8. haha pretty old video, saw that almost a year ago, but still a funny/interesting one none the less
  9. Eklund....(says enought) But serious, there are so many nice RFA's, BG should take a look in that pool, and try something. I wouldnt be sad to let Ryder go, and give some extra bucks to land a player like Parise!!(Devils probably match, but they already have about 4 centres under contract. or did Parise play on the wing instead of his normal centre place?) I'm pretty sure Parise would be one of their players they'd do anything to keep...he is like Higgins to us, for them...if you know what i mean
  10. I would definitly be there at the parade in Toronto. P.K's confidence and determination is amazing and he will definitly strive to make the team and when he does i bet he will have a huge impact. I like him even more considering he is Toronto-raised habs fan like me. GO P.K!
  11. Plekanec is a perfect third line centre and a solid player for our team, but San Jose might want him in a package in exchange for Marleau. I would try every option possible to have him not included in that package, and I'm sure Bob will try to keep him as well, but you never know.
  12. Eklund: 75% chance that Montreal lands Briere or Marleau. Take it for a grain of salt if you wish.
  13. Yea I'd probably say the same, but if someone told me that the Canadiens will trade Balej and a pick for Alex Kovalev that one evening, I'd also say that that's not happening. You never know what Bob could pull off.
  14. Eklund says that Montreal is "VERY into the Briere sweeps" and is still trying to pull of the deal for Marleau. Yes, it is in fact Eklund, but he did call the Toskala to Leafs as an e4 and sure enough it happened. I want briere, thats all i can say.
  15. So is Fortier better than Tanguay?
  16. Maybe Gainey is building up the D in this draft because he is going to address our offensive concerns via free agency... who knows?
  17. haha unfortunately, but i dont mind the mcdonagh pick, just wish we coulda got esposito with the 22nd pick.
  18. haha it's funny you would mention that, cause Sam Gagner went to my high school, and is still good friends with alot of the kids a year older and comes to hang out... Just a week ago I saw him at a party, and i just went up to him and said something like "you better fall so the habs can draft you" and he just laughed it was quite weird to see him on T.V...
  19. I wouldn't mind taking Mayorov in the second round.
  20. What I don't understand is that the scouting report on Patch says he is a risky player.... For the life of me, WHY DIDNT WE PICK ESPOSITO if we were going to draft a risky player who makes "risky decisions on the ice" in the way Patch does....?? Timmins said we were going to hit a home run, and so far I feel like we have grounded out to first with that second pick. Gainey could've packaged #22 and maybe a second rounder or soemthing to move up like 3 or 4 spots and nab Esposito. But no, instead we get this other guy and I guarantee you that Esposito will turn out better than Patch. Eposito is going to haunt us for not choosing him, I can see it now.
  21. All I'm saying is that I have a feeling Esposito is going to develop into a star playing in Pittsburgh, and not selecting home or Cherepanov is going to bite us in the ass someday. McDonagh is still a good pick, I'm just saying we should've traded up a couple spots on our second pick to get him.
  22. Might be a good player, but what about these risks we are supposed to take as BTH just mentioned? That's why I wanted Esposito. Hopefully Bob trades #22 and the 3rd round pick to move up a little or something...
  23. This is so painful right now in between picks lol Habs next
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