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  2. If Gainey doesn't take one of them, I'm going to kill myself I want espo, but I'll definitly settle with Cherepanov
  3. YES KEEP FALLING ESPO Trust me on this one guys, he is going to be great
  4. Probably one of the most ignorant posts I've ever read as a member on this board, and that's saying alot. Koivu isn't our first line centre, who is going to score every game, and be our saviour. He is what he is, a very solid second line centre who is good for 70 points if he plays around 80 games. GET OVER IT. He has leadership skills, and he goes hard, and that's why he wears the C. Not every captain can be Jean Beliveau, but Saku is extremely courageous on and off the ice and just because you want him to be a top 10 player in the NHL doesn't mean he has to be or is...as i said, he is what he is, a good second line centre with very good leadership skills and this team is lost without their captain. You don't wear the "C" because you score 100 points a season, it's way more about the personality and leadership qualities of the person over everything. It's not Saku's fault that he's thrown out there first line and everyone expects him to steal the show, Bob needs to find the true first line centre (Marleau) to take some pressure of Saku and that'll help. You probably haven't played on a hockey team before to realise what the true characteristics and values of the captain of the team really is.
  5. Why has there been no talk of Nylander? We are in the market for a scoring Center, and Habs fans have talked about Briere and Gomez, but why not Nylander? He is a great player, and he would help us out in my opinion...
  6. Yea I believe that helps with it, my mom grew up in montreal, but i have been born and raised as a habs fan from my dad mainly. he has no connections to montreal himself, but he just liked them growing up. i know a fair amount of habs fans in my school too, it's probably because our dads would root for them growing up when they won the cup like every year...and they just raised us this way The habs fans in the ACC all live in toronto/GTA mainly.
  7. Be a little easier on the guy, everyone is going to have different opinions on who the habs should take.
  8. I agree as well, the nickname that i have been calling him (his bro actually, but same last name) is Stits. I prenounce it "Steets", but some people pronounce it the other way as well...whatever floats your boat.
  9. first off i just want to say that this is a great thread, good call saskhab...your posts are very interesting and informative. all i can say is that i expect a very fast and youthful lineup this season, and i also expect that bob will spend the cash to improve this team...we have have too many years of "rebuilding" and we haven't gotten past the second round in the playoffs, and we even missed the playoffs this year. We have some sweet prospects, but we also need to blend them in with some well-spent money in the offseason.
  10. I've been cheering on the Sens as well. SENS FOR THE CUP!
  11. The playoffs haven't even come to an end and I am already missing les Canadiens. I will have football to follow (CFL - go ticats and NFL - Go broncos) but theres nothing like hockey. Are you guys in the same boat as me? lol this part of the offseason is the worst...
  12. Me and a few buds were havin some Eric Brewers. One thing led to another and we ended up also having some Jaromir Jagr Bombs. At this point I couldn’t see too Daniel Cleary but I noticed a broad out on the dance floor wearing a real short Guillaume Latendresse.She wanted to take me home to her house in Jason Pominville. This chick definitely had more Doug Weight than I did but I’m a sucker for Andrew Brunettes. I had too many Daniel Brieres to realize she was Rico Fata so I went home with her. She was pretty Ben Eager and went for my Evgeni Nabokov right away. She was Chris Osgood at handling my John Pohl and even played with my Joe Sakic. I waited for her to fall asleep and then I was Sergei Gonchar.the next morning I realized I had a Dan Boyle on my Kyle Wellwood everytime I took a piss there was a Patrick Sharp pain. Guess I should’ve worn a Tie Domi
  13. Quick question - How many straight seasons has it been for the bell centre selling out for habs games? (including the forum)
  14. No internet source, but I was at my good friend's cottage in Muskoka this past summer, and his sister was dating Akim at the time. He came up too, and we all hung out together...when my buddy told him I was a habs fan and I loved Koivu he told me he was shit. lol Don't have to believe the story if you don't want to, but I am not making this up. P.S - Maybe this isn't a big deal, maybe he was just razzing my or something, but it was clear he didn't like him lol I only brought this up because after his comments, seeing him in a habs uniform would personally be weird for me.
  15. Ya...all I was thinking was 'i hope no UFA's see this' lol
  16. I agree with your picks shortcat, although i do think it would be weird seeing Aliu in a habs uni after he said and i quote "Koivu's shit!!" This past summer lol
  17. 2004 playoffs, game 7 Montreal vs. Boston is being showed on ESPN Classic. (channel 161 for me) Montreal won this game 2-0 I think with Zednik getting the game winner. I wish Kovy would of played like that for us this season...
  19. I have never understood the Koivu bashers out there... Koivu is always going to be my favorite player.
  20. Such a frustrating night... GSP will be back though boys....He can TUNE serra
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