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  1. hey, any quarterback is a lowsy bum when they play on arizona. He did well with the broncos though. I wouldn't classify him as that when he gets on a decent team.
  2. I disagree with kovalev on the fourth line.......
  4. THERE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!! :-^ AND WE WANT PAYBACK FOR WHAT THEY DID TO ZEDNIK LAST TIME! series : 4-0 habs! BRUINS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  5. HOLY CRAP THIBAULT ROBS MODANO!! craazzzy save!!!!!!
  6. Ur right habinator33.......... Remember when kyle mclaren took out zednik? you wanna know why too? well im sure you all know why and thats because he was the most dangerous player on the ice. 8 pts in 4 playoff games, led the nhl. We need begin, langdon, quintal, rivet, souray and even bouillon to protect our team, as well as themselves. If they do, and koivu steps up with zednik, kovy, ribeiro, ryder and our 3rd line starts scoring more to provide more offence, we will win the series!!!
  7. Yup, boston first round......... toronto vs. ottawa first round......first round is going to be very exciting this year!
  8. Bos - 3 NJ - 1 langenbrunner just scored. 7 mins left in third at this point
  9. Davis is one of my favorite, AND the best!!! And if you wanna talk tight ends, its all about sharpe!! this year denvers got crazy defence.....picked up john lynch, hearst, champ bailey, and theyve always had deltha oneal, al wilson, john mobley etc. GO BRONCS GO
  10. are we able to see each others rosters once the very last nhl regular season game is done?
  11. He's got size though......If only he hit..........
  12. So why arent people buying yet?
  13. Sure are right you guys! I don't know why those skilled goaltenders are all from the same place..... I say its the poutine!!
  14. Sorry guys, but i have never played this type of fantasy before.....so i may have a few questions later on too.... but my question is : are we allowed to purchase players even as of now, or is there going to be a draft coming up or something like the yahoo - styled one. Thanks!
  15. Same here, bought a griese jersey (fan of denver), and he was on miami the very next season, but good thing i have a terrell davis jersey now......still sucks that hes retired, but hey, its better than being on another team!
  16. For any new joiners for the league, click on the first HW playoff pool, (the one on top) not the one on the bottom, i accidentally created that one, click the wrong button. but just ignore it:)
  17. I'm sure you didn't. This is just a fluke and COMPLETELY UNLUCKY because the habs are the best team in the league, and the leafs suck, thats a fact. were going to the cup baby!:/)
  18. Habs77, your right. Also, the team should win this game to end the season on a good note, and with a little more self esteem. GO HABS GO
  19. Yes, I agree, enough with this juggling lines business. In the playoffs, we cant just sit there and juggle the lines because they dont play well for a game. Most times when you add a new player to a line, they arent just going to click with their linemates, especially kovalev who came from the rangers, totally different system. Leave kovy with koivu and zednik, and if you dont think they play well at first, it doesnt matter just keep them together, and eventually they will find their knack!
  20. Alright, If its good then im in!
  21. Ya I've got a pretty fast internet, so shouldn't take long to load for me.... But if there are any posters out there who know how (spider-man i've noticed you've got one) then pplease post here and explain. I'm sure it wont only help me, because im guessing there are others who'd want this done. :ghg:
  22. The booing is just ridiculous! Okay, in 11 game we went like what....9-1-1 or something? now the team loses a few in a row and kovalev is already being blamed for the TEAMS losses. This is so dumb, the amount of these so called "fans" are going to ruin this team. Who cares if we lose even the rest of our games? (not saying we are, just an example)....we achieved not only a playoff birth, but we reached 40 wins or over, and 90 points. so for those people, shut ur trap! to the rest of us good habs fans, GO HABS GO :ghg:
  23. Oh ya i forgot about that........lol
  24. Clip meaning video clip........just to add that in....
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