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  1. That would be a great addition to the habs. I get excited just thinking about it, not knowing 100% if thats who gainey is going after.
  2. where did this rumour come from again? did pierre mcguire just mention it as if he was saying that it would be a good trade for montreal, or is there some speculation from gainey who's interested in him?
  3. I don't give that fight to marchment. He bled so much more than rivet, and the only reason rivet was bleeding in the first place was that face wash he recieved earlier in another play, as you might be able to remember that his nose bled as he went to the bench. all marchments blood (which was more) was from rivet's punches. Rivet certainly won that fight. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  4. Do you guys really think he will go for a 3rd round pick? he's really going for that cheap?
  5. Ya kasper would be cool....sometimes i think he takes some really stupid penalties though.
  6. I still like him though....i think he could help the habs. you do have a good point though..its a little sketchy because if he takes another hit, his career is done.
  7. zednik needs to get a goal tonight....havent seen him score in a while....and perrault i think is starting to step it up based on last game vs. the bruins. I think the likelyhood of us winning is pretty good... my predicted score: habs 3 canes 1 montreal - ryder, zednik, ribeiro canes - adams
  8. Ya your right about domi...he's a real freak....lol nice work....and that penguin game is sure addicting
  9. Your right......Mike Eastwood isn't a good fit i don't think.
  10. Forsbergs a great hockey player. If he's moving into a swedish league, the NHL will miss him.
  11. lmao...you know what guys? I would laugh so hard if gonchar didnt go the leafs. That would be an embarassment for them after putting that up on their site.
  12. hm...really, i wouldnt mind lindros, hes big, and he can score, and he has playoff experience and is a great leader. I wouldn't think the habs should go after him though IF he was expensive. If he is cheap which mcguire is apparently saying, then maybe. If i was gainey, I would be taking a serious look at O'neill or any player on New York Rangers. They are loaded and probably willing to cut some loose. Maybe a player on that team would actually play well if they got out of new york.
  13. koivu rocks and he should stay in montreal
  14. Koivu's captaincy questioned in Montreal... check this article out from TSN.CA...its pathetic! koivus our captain and this is so ridiculous http://tsn.ca/nhl/teams/news_story.asp?ID=...e=nhl-canadiens
  15. Perfect opportunity, I am hoping we acquire O'neill.
  16. Oh wowee... berehowski is a piece of crap and so is jackman.
  17. Screw the leafs, screw tucker too, that little psycho!
  18. Ya but more players other than zednik, koivu, ribeiro and ryder need to step up. I would also like to say that bouillion is doing great! cant wait till souray gets back and then komisarek/dykhuis can just go back to the AHL. markov is missed too......
  19. WE NEED SOURAY BACK! does anyone know what time he will be back approximately?
  20. Ya....got a point lol. I see where you are going SWIFTYHAB.....and I agree on one thing....you want to acquire a sniper, and I do to. It's just the player you suggested that boggles my mind.
  21. I say a tie too....but I hope to god its anything but a loss. The bruins are red-hot and so the canadiens need to come out flying!! GO HABS GO:hlogo: :can:
  22. Your right, Savage COULD be a good acquisition, but now I think he's washed up and DEFINITLEY not worth his contract cost.
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