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  1. Satan would be really, really nice alongside koivu and ryder. I would still keep zednik on the 2nd line, as i realised that it would balance things out. If i was gainey, i would seriously take a good look at arnott and o'neill also.
  2. Unload youth for Smyth?? that's crazy. Okay, smyth is a great player and is good at playmaking as well as scoring, but come on, I do not think this is the Habs guy they want, especially trading away our youth for him! If we have any hopes for the canadiens to be more developed, trading away our youth is bazarre. also, although smyth is a good player, he's just adding to the small size of the club. a player of O'neill/comrie calibur would be good.
  3. I like sundstrom... he has the scoring ability and everyone just bashes him because he's on the third line. Really, if you pay attention to him on the ice, he gives effort. but everyone has their own opinions :hlogo:
  4. Guy!, you're opinion is very true and I agree, but wouldn't you think that this team needs a little more depth. I would think that it could be filled in just by acquiring A sniper, but nothing major. :ghg:
  5. Bulis=solid player. Bulis is probably the speediest player on the habs, and he gets alot of breakaways. and for his size, he has some talent in throwing his weight around. I'm not saying that he often does it, but he can really lay some guys out, i've seen him.
  6. You know what? you are completely correct. I dont see him go fight brashear...but yes... he comes after smaller, weaker players like Alfredsson and if you can all remember when he went after ARVEDSON......PLEASE!
  7. I would say that the habs should bring higgins up for 3-4 games. I think he could do well on the 3rd line.
  8. Come on guys lets not freak out TOO much about this..if he were to come back to the habs, that would help out the fourth line! I dont really like him either but its not about that right now, and remember, this guy can cream tie domi in a fight in which he already has. The fourth line could look like this: Langdon-Begin-Corson that would be a force to be reckoned with and when it comes time to face the leafs, or any other physical teams, we could actually win fights, and get more energy from the bench. GO HABS GO :hlogo:
  9. To start off on this new thread, i would just like to say one thing. Don't you guys think that Julien should put Zednik along side the first line with Koivu again? as i can remember, they were doing quite nicely as koivu would set zednik up alot. that is not why i mainly made this new thread for though. The habs are on a losing streak right now, and i think that a trade would be great for this francise. whether its a power forward or a solid Dmen, thats up for discussion. what do you people think of this? what are your trade ideas/suggestions? GO HABS GO :hlogo:
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