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  1. Lol Seriously though, if there's any team that can come back form 3 down it's the caps.
  2. I think the rule is incidental contact. It's no goal but not a penalty either. Been a few calls like that this year
  3. Sigh and I expect to see us shorthanded most of the third as well to make up for that
  4. What a pass It's gotta be good Yes now hold your breath. Washington didn't take long to answer the other times.
  5. Come one...seriously man...Ovie has the puck on his stick withing 10 feet who thinks hes gonna pass? You have got to be kidding me. If you were just joking my apologies.
  6. I thought Pricey got that one too Instant replay is a wonderful thing.
  7. McGuire said he was bleeding from the back of his head so I don't think it's his jaw
  8. why do I have the feeling Ovie's gonna have a dozen or so shots before this game is said and done?
  9. Dags seems to have a lot of jump tonight.
  10. Hey I know the Flyers have 3 games in hand, but 6th place. Not bad.
  11. lol it may be the beers but you guys are funny tonight
  12. Gainey would have to have a huge set to make that deal. Especially with the way Halak is playing. If Price were to faulter that would be the end of BG I think.
  13. 1st star Halak 2nd star Halak 3rd star Halak Hon mention Brian Gionta. And this is coming from a Price "fanboy"
  14. I know Halak is probably the only reason we have a point tonight but I do not feel confident going into this shootout.
  15. I know the reffing hasn't been great but Hammer got beat and clearly stuck out his foot there. Watch it again he missed with his hip and stuck out the foot at the last second.
  16. I'm gonna be sick. I have a bad feeling about this.
  17. Man Lucic doesn't seem like the same player from the last few seasons.
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