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  1. As far as I'm concerned BG made the best deals he could today. There are alot of strong teams this year and the habs would have had to trade the farm and the rest of the future to match these teams on paper. Having said that, the combination of youngsters and veterans on this team has me very excited about our chances in the playoffs. While we don't match up well on paper, we do have certain intangibles that, I think, will be HUGE in this playoff run... Montreal is hungry....very hungry...This situation is not unlike 1986 when they won the cup with a relatively young, but speedy team.... (1) Goaltending: Possibly the best 1-2 tandem in the league...The best part of this situation is that they are in a position to push and support each other.... (2) Forwards: Speed, speed and speed. Fantastic leadership, four relatively strong and smart lines who know their capabilities and their roles in Juilien's system...Much improved with the recent additions of Kovalev and Dowd....Size is a concern, but they do not lack determination and grit when motivated....and, they've got something to prove... (3) Defense: Souray will be back and absent his injury would be in the running for the Norris! Markov is back! Brisbois is under control and not overshooting his capabilities..Rivet always plays with heart and he has been using his size effectively....Quital is solid...and no one can argue that Bouilion has been playing very, very well (and battles despite the fact that he's 5' nothing)...You heard it here that Komi, if given the opportunity, will use his size and attitude very effectively this playoff round...
  2. See, this thing with Kovalev is not good at all....Separation to bruise to ????...Don't be pissed when I say this, but this is exactly the kind of stuff that this team cannot afford right now..... How is the injury report supposed to read..."mild bruise"...are you kidding me! Not trying to be overly harsh, but I've got concerns already...as in real estate, this time of year its all about three things... chemistry...chemistry..chemistry......
  3. Whether you like the deal for Kovalev or not over the long term, obtaining Kovalev will certainly set the stage for another, more minor deal to solidify the third line...There just isn't enough room in the lineup for everyone now...(especially after Bulis returns in a couple weeks)....Habs definitely need size and grit up front to get deep into the playoffs.... I'm wondering if Gainey makes another move to solidify the third line by moving one or more of our role players (Perreault, Kilger or Dackell)...I'd love to land a Simon or Barnaby-type...or maybe even another defenseman.... Kind of interesting because I think that Kilger could have filled the role of aggressive agitator, but he just doesn't seem to be into it....not sure what happened there....
  4. I have to admit, I'm in shock! I've been saying for over a week now that we shouldn't sell away the future for a one-year fix...I've got mixed feelings on this one....Bajel will be good, but I can't question Gainey on that one....He knows talent...Kovalev has been and could be great....Gainey needed to get the Habs into the second round of the playoffs to cover this year...Hopefully, Kovalev will realize that he's up this year and light it up with Ribs and Koivu... It should be interesting to see how Kovalev will fit in on team that's work ethic has been winning games....Could be some tension there is Kovi starts to get brain farts on the ice (which happens from time to time).. Only time will tell, but all in all, it looks like Gainey pulled the trigger on a good one! Keep up the good work!
  5. Ok, I love Gainey, but does anyone know what went on here? V. Kozlov to the Devils for C. Berglund (forward) and V. Uchevatov (Defense)? This is a complete coup for the Devils, who gave up nothing in this deal...Kozlov could have filled huge holes for us up front and it doesn't look like it would have cost us very much! Man, this stings!
  6. Don't even say the words "trade Komisarek!" I mean the kids ONLY downside is that he's not Canadian! He's 22 and playing defense regularly in the NHL! And, playing very well.....Everybody on the team, including the coaching staff, rave about his development thusfar and the fact that is a team player who works hard, likes to hit and wants to learn... They'd better come away with something awesome if they trade him away! I mean AWESOME! Huge upside! Who could even suggest trading this guy!
  7. The only reason that we are winning games right now is because the defense is playing really well and Jose has found his groove again....Bouillon has played very physically and chipped in some offense. This is the perfect season to get some of our younger guys some good playoff experience, especially Komi, Ward and Ribs. Thing is, you never know how any new player will respond to the playoff experience...some grow into amazing playoff performers while others fold their tents and go to the locker room....This is a great year for Gainey o evaluate some young talent because (1) the Stanley Cup finals are a stretch and (2) there are alot of experienced veterans who can help them ...Don't trade the future for a rental (e.g., Hill or Gonchar)...let the kids play!:/)
  8. O'Neill for Dackell...In a minute, but byour on crack if ya think that's an option...They'll want something in return, not a defensive specialist on a bum knee... As for Leaf's suck, I'd bet that there are many teams that would love to add Joe Juneu right now...Same goes for Dykhuis...Traverse just plain sucks moose! (exactly my point...who did we trade to get Taverse? Weinrich)....Sometimes, its takes balls (especially in Montreal) to NOT make a move! Especially, when the trade means your adding big salary and losing young low cost talent....Hopefully, Gainey will think things through...I say forge ahead, maybe pick up another good player for a Juneu or Dykhuis and build for the future....Guys, we're not got to finals this year even if we get Leech and Gonchar!
  9. Look, we're winning games...and winning games against good teams without Souray...He'll be back sooner than later... Remember you don't have to have all the "best" players to be a great team (e.g. Rangers)...The Habs ARE playing like a team! I don't think the Habs should make a deal for the sake of making a deal....we've got to stay on track and develop our talent in Hamilton...There is no such thing as a quick fix in hockey, no matter how good the player(s) is/are...Develop the Komis and Hainsey's and trade some of veterans who aren't getting regular time...i.e., Dykuis...He'd be a nice addition on the third line D for alot of teams....
  10. I hate to lose Zednik because I think it will impact the teams chemistry. But, O'Neill is definitely an upgrade because he plays big and hard every single shift. Having said that, Zednik was nothing short of a complete stud the last time we went to the playoffs (before the elbow)...I just think he's hurt right now...I'd much rather see them give up Hossa for O'Neill....
  11. O'Neill is the ONLY "available" guy out there right now I'd be willing to deal any of our young guys for...Juilian and Gainey have us in seventh place without Souray and now Bullis in the lineup! We've got a bunch of really promising players in Hamilton...This franchise should not repeat history by trading away more young talent just to appease our clueless fans! Let's face it even if we got O'Neill, Arnott and Kovalev, we're still not as loaded as Boston, Ottawa, Toronto, or Philly, let along Colorada or Detroit...I say get a playoff birth, use the system, make some money and continue to build slow and smart!
  12. We've got very little that anyone else would want, absent one of our top defencemen (who, aside from Sheldon, would be solid third pairing players, nothing more). Time is running short. Maybe its time to give some of the veterans a rest (Juneau, Dackell, Kilger, Langdan, Dykhuis) a break and get a couple of the kids into the lineup to see what they can do (e.g., Plecenak, Bajel, Hossa, Hainsey). These guys are tearing up in Hamilton. Sure can't hurt at this point! The future is now!:hlogo:
  13. Enough of the Kiovu talk already! What's up with Perrault? already! He's go no heart, speed or desire.
  14. The fact of the matter is that Gainey is way too smart to react to this short term slide. Souray will be back before the playoffs (Hopefully). Truth be told, there aren't any defensemen available that can fill Sheldon's shoes on the blue line. I'd just like to see Gainey give some of the kids in Hamilton a real shot...He's got nothing to lose. Trade away some of the extra parts that still have some value (Kilger, Juneau, Dackell, Dykhuis and Traverse) for some more (youthful) depth and bring up some of the kids (Plekenec, Bajel, Hainsey). Give 'em a real shot already!
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