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  1. I haven't watched any other TB games this year, but would the lightning have played so aggressively if they hadn't been trailing the whole game? I agree we need to turn it up, but I'm not sold yet that Boucher would have us playing like the flying frenchmen of old.
  2. Havlat's reaction to that was hilarious.
  3. If he can stay healthy I think AK46 could crack the 30 goal mark. We seem to actually have some continuity in our top 6 and now that the distraction is in Nashville Andrei could really blossom. A couple games back when Andrei picked off that pass the release on his shot was amazing. If opposing D's focus in on Cammy then AK will eat them alive.
  4. If you think AKost can stay consistent for 6 weeks you aren't really the Devil's Advocate, more like the eternal optimist.
  5. Didn't get to watch the game, but it's nice to see MaxPac contribute. 2A 4 shots and 4 hits is a pretty good night, and I would love to see him stick with the big club.
  6. Can't argue with that choice. Now who wears the A's? I would have to think one would go to Gorges, but Gill deserves one too and I can't see two bottom 3 defense getting them. My guess is it will be Gill (at least to start) and the other A will be a tossup with Cammi, Gomez, and Markov.
  7. I just hope the players vote for who their actual leader is as opposed to PG choosing someone for PR reasons.
  8. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=333690 Sweet justice.
  9. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=333231#YourCallTop "And the 25-year-old Slovak said the right things when he called his phenomenal success with Montreal "a real nice memory," but part of the past. He says he's looking now to the future." I'm hoping those are the reporters words and not Halak's. Phenomenal isn't really how I would describe his career so far.
  10. I thought you just out Eller on the GG line so we could call it the EGG line. The other two had great success with Elias, so maybe they are just waiting for another E.
  11. That could work, I'm not really up to date on Boyd so I'm not sure what all he brings to the table. It would also be nice if this signing put the Moore loss to rest. It seems more people miss Moore than Koivu.
  12. Fair enough, I just thought neither had much offensive upside to compliment Eller so I went with Pyatt because he is faster and has more energy.
  13. My bet would be: Pyatt - Eller - Laps Moen - Boyd/Halpern - Halpern/Boyd Darche in the media box
  14. That's way to low for his regular season production, but way to high for his post-season production. I guess it evens out.
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